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"You hear me, Black Mask? You can hide your face, but you can't hide from me. I am coming for you!"
Batwoman giving a public statement

"Time Off for Good Behavior" is the tenth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the thirtieth episode overall. It aired on April 11, 2021.



Alice talks to Julia

Alice talks to Julia.

Batwoman has raided two warehouses that stored Snakebite in the past week and is on her third when Dana Dewitt arrives with a live news crew and films the fight. Batwoman grabs the reporter's microphone, stands before the camera, and declares war on Black Mask that she will discover his true identity and stop his distribution ring.

Jacob Kane is injected with Snakebite by someone hiding in his car and hallucinates an alternate reality where he saved Beth from August Cartwright.

At the Cartwright house, Alice has summoned Julia Pennyworth to get her assistance in finding Enigma so that Alice can have her memory of Kate Kane erased; Julia decides to help because her memories of different places she has visited are missing and Enigma should be able to explain why.

Though Ryan is tired from her recent battles, she goes to visit Angelique Martin who still resists from naming the killers of Commissioner Forbes; then Ryan goes to the opening of the community center run by Jordan Moore which Mary Hamilton has financed. Horten Spence questions where the security for the place is before the center is attacked by Kilovolt.



Ryan believes that Horten is Kilovolt and, as Batwoman, goes to confront him. He informs her of his research into how community centers have been the targets of arson lately but he was not allowed by the Gotham Gazette to print any articles. Suddenly, Kilovolt attacks. His lightning-casting gun burns Horten severely before Batwoman cuts him with her batarang, causing him to drop his weapon and to flee. Batwoman takes Horten to Mary's secret clinic to heal him.

Dr. Rhyme, a member of the Crows task force against Snakebite, discovers that Jacob used the drug and has a private counseling session with him that she records. She recommends that Jacob should seek to be closer to Mary as she is the only family he has left.

Black Mask is so angry that he has a meeting with the False Face Society and kills the head of distribution because there is not enough Snakebite left for him to take these losses; a minion reminds him that only Ocean and Angelique knew how to make the drug.

Ryan tries to get information on Mickey K., whose fingerprint was on the dropped lightning-casting gun, because he has a fresh scar where Batwoman hurt Kilovolt, but Luke Fox tells Ryan that the security footage shows that Mickey K. was playing cards when the assault occurred. Later, better scrutiny of the footage shows Luke that it was doctored. Luke researches and learns that Ellis O'Brien is the link between the prisoners getting early release hearings and the arson of the different community centers.

Angelique decides that she is tired of being in jail and tells the ADA who the killers were, causing Sophie Moore to get the order to place Angelique in witness protection.

Julia confronts Dr. Rhyme about her missing memories. Enigma hypnotizes Julia to forget the confrontation and to transfer to Berlin. Meanwhile, Alice goes to Dr. Rhyme's office and listens to her father's confession that he misses and loves Beth, but she is not receptive.

Horten Spence

Horten Spence.

Batwoman confronts Ellis O'Brien at a construction site, where he is getting another prison built; O'Brien gets paid very well by the government for inmates, so he helps the process by destroying community centers. Batwoman finds herself fighting three hired hands with lightning-casting guns; Luke worries that the Batsuit is not durable enough to handle the voltage. Just as Batwoman is vulnerable, Luke appears and uses Kilovolt's gun against the others.

With O'Brien arrested, Horten is rehired and Mary releases him from her care. Jacob tells Mary that he wants to legalize her clinic, but Mary refuses, citing that she helps those who want less-than-legal help; Mary makes it clear to Jacob that she will never forgive him. This rejection hurts Jacob deeply and he seeks solace in another hit of Snakebite.

Imani shows interest in Ryan when they see each other at The Hold Up.

Sophie, who found the killers of the commissioner already killed by Black Mask, allows Ryan and Angelique to talk over the phone as Angelique is transferred to a safe house by three Crows agents. Gang members attack, kill the agents, and kidnap Angelique as Ryan panics on the other side of the call.



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  • Luke jokes that Black Mask could blame anyone for the loss of his daughter, name-dropping Aquaman.
  • Horten Spence makes his debut this episode. In the comics, Spence was a photojournalist for Gothamite News who partnered with Vicki Vale.
  • Luke's field assistance to Ryan Wilder using the electric weapon stolen earlier might be a possible reference to his role as Batwing in the comics.
  • Vesper calls Spence Batwoman's "Lois Lane", referencing the character from Supergirl.
  • About Enigma counseling Jacob, Caroline Dries quoted "In that moment, I would say Enigma as Evelyn Rhyme is just being a therapist," says Dries, explaining why she gave him actually good advice. "Enigma has her hand in all the cookie jars — and good for her but it's going to get her in trouble — but at the end of the day, she's a world renowned psychologist and psychoanalyst. So she knows what she's talking about, so I believe that was genuine therapy, that was genuine advice in that moment, and she didn't know the consequences of that."[1]