For its Earth Two equivalent, see Time Vault (Earth Two).

The Time Vault, a name coined by Cisco Ramon, is a secret room located in S.T.A.R. Labs. It is also where Gideon and the Reverse-Flash suit were stored. Eobard Thawne had secretly used this room to monitor Barry Allen and his team, and he had occasionally asked Gideon to show him archives from the future, to make sure that the timeline had not changed.


Year One

Eobard Thawne had Gideon keep a newspaper article that explained the battle with him in the future, apparently going back in time to the night of Barry's mother's murder.[1]

The night of the particle accelerator explosion after Cisco informed Eobard of Ronnie saving the facility, Eobard went to the vault to access his hidden camera inside Barry's crime lab to verify that his plan to create the Flash had succeeded.[2]

After Blackout stole Barry's powers, Eobard returned to the vault, ordering Gideon to scan the timeline for any mention of the Flash, to ensure that the future remained intact.[3]

At Christmas, having successfully masterminded the theft of Tina McGee's tachyon device, Eobard places his costume onto a mannequin and places the tachyon device on his chest.[4]

Eobard was in the Time Vault when Hartley Rathaway escaped the Pipeline, prompting him to race out, only to lose his speed midway. After Barry's fight with Hartley, Eobard returned to the vault to use the tachyon device in an attempt to absorb the Speed Force.[5]

However these events were presumably altered or erased when Barry, wanting to get information from Eobard about how to increase his speed, traveled back in time to when he captured Hartley altering events so that Hartley never broke out. Shortly after, Eobard was able to discern that this future Barry is not the Barry of the present and knocked him unconscious, keeping Barry captive in the Time Vault. Before future Barry traveled back to his own time, him and Eobard returned to the Time Vault so that Eobard could give him his knowledge of the speed equation and tachyon enhancement. After returning to the future, Barry used the console in the Time Vault to access Eobard’s speed equation.[6]

When Team Flash was trying to figure out how to separate Ronnie Raymond from Martin Stein, Eobard retrieved a pistol from a compartment next to his Time Vault mannequin. While in the vault, he asked Gideon if the tachyon device could be converted into a Quantum splicer.[7]

After Barry changes the timeline by capturing Mark Mardon, Eobard checks the vault to see if the future is still intact.[8]

Barry, Cisco and Caitlin later find the Time Vault, discovering the Reverse-Flash costume, the futuristic newspaper and Gideon.[9] When they detect Eobard approaching, Barry tells Gideon to not tell Eobard that they found the vault, before racing his friends to safety.

Following the failed sting to get Eobard to confess to murdering Nora, Cisco tells Barry that the tracker in his wheelchair puts him in the Time Vault. Barry races to the Time Vault to find out that the room was connected to various hidden cameras Eobard has placed in his home, CCPD and elsewhere.[10]

Year Two

Six months after Eobard was erased from existence, the time vault remained unused until Cisco and Harrison Wells of Earth Two discover a spare Reverse-Flash costume in the vault.[11]

After Christmas, Harry lured Cisco into the Time Vault and startled him by wearing the Reverse-Flash costume, confirming his theory that fear or adrenaline is what triggers Cisco's vibes. Cisco then vibed on the costume and learns that a younger version of Eobard had arrived in their time.[12]

Following the kidnapping of Wally West and Barry having to give up his speed to Zoom to return him, Harry and Joe kept Wally and Jesse in the vault for their protection with supplies. They later hard wired the security systems and escaped the vault just as the particle accelerator exploded.[13]

Year Three

During the Dominators' invasion of Earth, Barry went into the Time Vault to check the newspaper article about his disappearance from 2024, only to find Iris West-Allen was no longer the author, assumed to be due to Flashpoint. Oliver Queen insisted that the future article was meaningless and assured Barry that if he or anyone else had his powers, they would've done the same thing as he did to save his parents and reveals to him how his own parents died. [14]

After Christmas, Barry brought Iris to the vault to show her the altered article. She assumed that she would quit her job in the future, only to be told by Barry that he accidentally traveled to May 23, 2017 and witnessed Savitar murder her before his future self, and promised to prevent that future from happening.[15]

When Barry went into the Speed Force to rescue Wally, Iris came into the vault and stared at the future newspaper contemplating the state of her relationship with Barry. Joe then came in and consoled her.[16]

When Abra Kadabra was freed from the pipeline, he went to the time vault to steal the vault's power source in order to use it to go back to the future.[17]

On May 23, 2017, after Savitar unknowingly killed H.R. Wells in Iris' place, Barry, Iris and Joe return to the Time Vault and confirmed that the future article's author was Iris West-Allen. Later on, Barry and Iris stare at the Reverse-Flash costume, the former remarking how much he hates Thawne and Zoom for murdering his parents and how he hated Savitar for almost killing Iris.[18]

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