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"I'm not trying. I am. Where are you? Are you home? Are you safe? Somewhere you think you're safe? Somewhere without windows for anyone to creep through? Underground, perhaps? You think no one can get to you? You think no one can touch you in the safety of your hidey-hole? But I can."
The Clock King as he cripples Team Arrow's defenses

"Time of Death" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Arrow, and the thirty-seventh episode overall. It aired on February 26, 2014.



The episode opens with two men being guided through a robbery. The man on the outside, William Tockman, is a computer genius, able to tell them exactly which move to make to avoid detection. The men get what they were looking for, but make a mistake, and shoot a security guard. Quentin arrives along with the other cops.

Felicity watches as Diggle, Sara, and Oliver train together. Oliver, John, and Sara bond over scar memories during a workout. She fells left out because of her lack of them and tries to get involved in the conversation by mentioning a scar in her mouth from having her wisdom teeth removed. Oliver and Diggle are amused while Sara states she's "still cute".

Oliver tells Sara he's hosting a "Welcome Back" party for her at his place, stating that it's a Queen family tradition. Sara tries to argue, saying that it would highlight the rift between her and Laurel but relents when Oliver refuses to budge his position on celebrating her homecoming. Sara also says that, for the time being, it is best that no one knows about their relationship to spare a lot of awkward feelings and questions. As Oliver leaves, Sara notices Felicity gazing wistfully at them whilst training with Diggle.

Back on the island, Slade, Oliver, and Sara discuss what to do when they spot a small plane flying overheard. They try to wave it down, but it explodes, as it was shot down, and it crashes near them.

Back in the present, the men from the opening heist bring a device to their boss. An argument ensues over them not following directions so Tockman stabs one of them multiple times with a large clock hand.

The Lance family arrives at Queen Mansion for Sara's, but Laurel is not there. Sara pretends not to know Sin and Roy in order to protect her Canary identity. Oliver calls Laurel, who is at home drinking wine. He tries to persuade her to give Sara a chance. Quentin and Oliver then talk about Laurel needing more time to come to terms with her sister's return. At the same time, Quentin apologizes to Oliver for being so hard on him after he returned from the island and the two seem to have reconciled with one another. Oliver and Moira are still cold with each other and Thea seems to have noticed. Quentin and Dinah seem to share a moment. However, Quentin and Oliver get notifications of a robbery.

The body of the man Tockman killed with the clock hand has been found. Quentin tells the Arrow and the Canary he knows the guy, and that he was involved in the theft of a Skeleton Key, which can be used to open any bank vault. The Arrow realizes there is much brain power behind the heists.

Sara arrives at the Arrocave and finds Felicity in workout clothes, trying to practice on a training dummy. Sara gives Felicity some tips and tries to talk to her, asking if she's okay. Oliver then shows up, and is surprised to find Felicity is in workout attire, but tells her the Skeleton Key can be used as a weapon in the wrong hands and they need to find out who stole it.

Back on the island the three examine the plane. The radio is ruined and the pilot is gravely injured. Oliver and Slade leave to get some medical supplies.

Quentin drops by to see Laurel. They talk about Sara and he wants her to try and move past her anger. He invites her to a family dinner, the real reason for which is an attempt to get back together with Dinah. Laurel agrees to host the dinner at her place. Quentin is called away to a bank robbery.

The Arrow and the Canary show up during the robbery. Felicity locates a nearby signal, but this allows the villain to hack into her network. To distract the Arrow, he hacks into the nearby train system and creates a potential collision with a bus. The Tockman doesn't realize that there are two of them so The Arrow goes to stop the accident while the Canary follows the men who robbed the bank. The villain gets away, but she is able to wound him with her bo-staff.

Later, Sara and Oliver are at Verdant when Thea pulls Oliver aside to talk to him about his relationship with their mother. He says nothing and Thea states she doesn't like secrets.

Felicity has beefed up their hardware security to avoid future intrusions. Observing the villain's blood sample on her bo-staff, Sara is able to determine he has MacGregor's Syndrome by using Felicity's computers, causing the latter to become wary of her value to the team. Felicity finds out the mastermind is William Tockman, a former encryption engineer at Kord Industries. It seems that he is stealing money for his sister, Beverly, who is suffering from cystic fibrosis and needs a lung transplant.

The Arrow and the Canary go to Beverly's address. They find his getaway vehicle from the last break-in. But inside is only a device that is putting out a signal. When Felicity accesses the signal remotely, it allows William to once again get into her system. This time he is able to blow up all the computers at the Arrowcave.

While cleaning up the mess in the Arrowcave, Oliver tells Felicity to have Walter Steele liquidate some of his QC shares as bait for Tockman. Sara offers to help with the mess but Felicity points out that her family needs her. Sara then invites Oliver to the Lance family dinner, which he initially declines, but Felicity somewhat bluntly points out that there's not much he can do. Slightly confused, Oliver leaves with Sara. With some prodding from Diggle, Felicity opens up about feeling inadequate around Sara since she is a great fighter and good with computers. Diggle tries to assure Felicity that her skills are invaluable.

The Lance family dinner at Laurel's place quickly turns to disaster. When Quentin talks to Dinah about coming back to Starling City, and to him, Dinah admits to being in a relationship. Oliver and Sara congratulate her. Laurel sees Oliver and Sara exchange a glance when Sara says everyone deserves to be happy and figures out they are in a form of relationship. Laurel angrily berates everyone at the table and then storms out of her apartment.

Back on the island, the dying pilot tells Sara that his wife died of cancer years ago. He has a 12-year-old daughter and is worried she'll be alone. He asks Sara to make sure his daughter is cared for.

Oliver follows Laurel into the hallway. She yells at him for his behavior and he responds that everybody is having trouble. Oliver thinks that while Laurel certainly has problems, she's not doing a good enough job of taking responsibility for what she's done wrong. When Laurel asked if he was done, Oliver then states he is done caring about and running after her. In tears, Oliver returns to the apartment while Laurel leaves.

Felicity places Oliver's money in his bank vault to lure out William. She later calls Oliver and reveals she's waiting with it at the bank's computer. The Arrow, the Canary, and Diggle rush to help her. Two men come in the front and the Arrow goes to stop them. William then shows up on the system. He's messing with the gas mains in an attempt to cause an explosion. Diggle goes down to turn off the valve. The Arrow takes care of the two henchmen, while Felicity is able to outsmart William and find a way to track him inside the bank. He shoots her in the shoulder, but ultimately she takes him down by blowing up his cell phone in his pocket, stunning him, and in the process, saving the Canary's life.

Felicity is stitched up by Sara. Oliver asks if she would rather go to the hospital but Felicity declines, citing that none of them ever go to a hospital. She states John gave her some aspirin, which actually turns out to be Oxycodone and is getting her high. Oliver and John share a look and smile. Sara thanks Felicity for saving her and Felicity says that she had always wanted to save someone from a bullet. After Felicity is stitched up, Oliver asks if she's really been feeling left out, having learned this from Diggle. Felicity admits she missed being his "girl" on the team. Oliver reassures her that she will always be his girl.

Oliver heads upstairs and finds Sara behind the bar. She mixes him a drink and reveals Thea hired her to be Verdant's bartender. Thea messages Oliver a 911 text so he rushes off, but not before noticing Laurel show up. Laurel nervously approaches Sara and the two briefly discuss her past experience bartending at Oblivion. Laurel tearfully confesses how she's been "drowning" and apologizes to Sara. The sisters have a breakthrough and embrace.

After Laurel leaves, Sin arrives at Verdant to talk to Sara. Sara assures Sin that she will always be her "little sister". Sara then pulls out the old photo the pilot gave her and remembers back on the island when the man died.

Back on the island, Sara looks at a picture of the dead pilot's daughter, revealing her to be Sin. Sara, Oliver, and Slade work to come with a way to get off the island and onto the freighter.

As Quentin attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Laurel enters and sits opposite of him. Quentin warmly smiles at his daughter upon her arrival, which Laurel returns.

Oliver comes home and finds that his mother is meeting with a gentleman. Oliver tells his mother that he didn't tell Thea. She states that the name of the gentlemen she was meeting is Slade Wilson, stunning Oliver. Slade stands up and firmly shakes Oliver's hand stating, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Queen".


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  • Quentin Lance's call sign DC 52 is a reference to “The New 52”, one of many such references sprinkled all throughout the Arrowverse shows.
  • William Tockman steals a Skeleton Key from Kord Industries.
  • The bus which Oliver prevents from colliding with a train bears an advertisement for a movie about comic book hero Blue Devil.
  • Tockman is mentioned to be suffering from a terminal illness called MacGregor's Syndrome. This fictional disease appeared in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin.
  • Tockman says "tempus fugit", Latin for "time flies", to Felicity and The Canary. This could be a reference to Temple Fugate, the Clock King's secret identity in Batman: The Animated Series.
  • When Felicity Smoak searches for Tockman in the Kord Industries' database, a few other names can be seen, including L. Park, C. Nichols, and S. Santos, all of whom are DC comics characters.
  • Stephen Amell revealed in a couple interviews that Oliver confronting Laurel in this episode is one of his favorite scenes throughout the series.[1]




Preparation ran from December 2 until December 10, 2013. Shooting ran from December 11 until December 20, 2013.[2]