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"I know you wanted a timeship, but who needs a lumbering tin can when you can time travel with a single thought?"
Damien Darhk[src]

A time stone is an object with the capability of traveling throughout time and space, giving the bearer the power to teleport and/or time travel at will. It was presumably created by Mallus.


Original multiverse

At some point, Mallus presumably created time stones and later presented them to his most loyal followers. After Kuasa was resurrected, she was given a time stone, presumably by Mallus or one of his followers, and used it to retreat after being defeated by Amaya Jiwe in Seattle 2042. Nora Darhk was shown to wield a time stone after the resurrection of her father, Damien Darhk, who at some point also acquired one. When Grodd was recruited, Damien gave him a time stone as well.[1]

Nora's time stone was destroyed by a bullet fired from a gun wielded by a younger version of her father, Damien, when she and a kidnapped Ray Palmer traveled to 1962 East Berlin.[2]

Later, after Damien had died by becoming Mallus's vessel immediately before the demon assumed his true form, and Mallus himself had been killed, right before Nora was taken away to prison by the Time Bureau, Ray gave her Damien's time stone so that she'd be able to escape and start a new life, not wanting her to waste the second chance she'd been given by her father's sacrifice.[3]

Later, with John Constantine's life in danger after he'd used magic to save a boy's life,[4] and Gideon unable to help him recover, Ray concluded that magic was the only thing that could save him. He tracked down Nora, brought her to the Waverider, and convinced her to use her powers to save John. After John's life had been saved, Ray told her to take the time stone and go back into hiding. Instead, Nora used the stone to take them both to the Time Bureau. She subsequently returned the time stone to Ray and surrendered herself to the Time Bureau.[5]

A short time after this, John used the time stone in the Legends' possession to travel back in time in an effort to change the fate of someone he cared about, although this ended up having catastrophic consequences.[6]

Later, when Gary Green defected to Neron, he stole the time stone from John's coat pocket. Gary and Neron then used the stone to leave the Waverider, abducting John as well.[7]

Neron later used the stone to take John to the Ice Age. When the Legends tracked John's location and fired upon Neron with the Waverider, Neron used the stone to time jump himself out of harm's way, taking John to the Dark Ages.[8]

New multiverse

When John retired from the Legends in 1925, he used the time stone to leave.[9]

Reverse-Flashpoint timeline

In the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline created by Eobard Thawne through the Negative Still Force, Nora died once the demon Mallus fully took over her body so Damien was still alive after being resurrected and had a time stone in his possession. When Barry Allen traveled to 2031 from 2021 while trying to prevent Armageddon, he convinced Darhk to help him restore the timeline through a vision Damien experienced using his time stone which revealed that Nora would be alive. Damien then entrusted his time stone to Barry to help the latter open a temporal portal so he could run around the world at approximately Mach 20 in order to build up enough speed to return to 2021.[10] After Barry restored the timeline, he learned that Damien had somehow been pulled to 2021 as well. Damien theorized it was linked to the time stone Barry had used in conjunction with his speed to get back to his native time.[11]


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