The timelines of Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-3, Earth-19, Earth-38 and Earth-X are a series of significant events listed in chronological order. The timeline is always in a constant flux when a person with access to some form of time travel, goes backwards in time and change events, creating a new timeline from that moment onward.

Earth-1 timelines

Original timeline

Thawne hailed from an alternate timeline that was erased in the moment that Eddie killed himself. So the events that will be below is the events post-2015 that happened in this timeline/alternate future.

  • 2015
    • Team Flash discovers Wells's true identity that was Eobard Thawne. However, they defeated him and Eddie don't killed himself, thus preserving the Thawne family existence.
  • Between 2016-2024
    • Barry and Iris married and they have a daughter named Dawn.
    • Eddie Thawne had a son.
    • An unknown but revered group is formed with the Flash being one of the founders.
    • Barry creates Gideon, an artificial intelligence for help him in his tasks as the Flash and to misinform Eobard about some events in the early 21st century to him not discover his involvement in the past, with the information that Wells and Tess launched the particle accelerator in 2020.
    • Reverse-Flash battle The Flash from several years but neither of them were strong or fast enough to defeat each other. During this time Thawne learned about his nemesis' other major enemies: DeVoe, Savitar and Cicada.
  • 2024
    • April 25, a merger between Wayne Tech and Queen Inc. happens.
    • After several encounters, Barry Allen/The Flash teamed up with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Ray Palmer/Atom and Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl to fight Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash in the streets of Central City causing the most destruction the city had ever seen. The fight also somehow caused the sky to turn a deep crimson color. Their fight caused several trucks to start leaking their contents onto the streets, and caused power outages spread over 20 blocks throughout the city. The speedsters then started battling over two overturned tanker trucks, and the lightning emitted from them caused the oil from one of them to ignite. While sounded by smoke both speedsters had a very heated conversation on an unknown matter, then the two sped off leaving Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkgirl behind. The two then continued their fight up and down an unknown avenue before Flash vanished without a trace. However, unbeknownst to everyone, they both traveled back to March 18, in the year 2000.
  • 2071 or 2072
  • 2151
  • At some point after 2151
    • At some point in his adulthood, Eobard Thawne became a scientist, eventually joining the academia as a professor and dedicated his entire life into learning the secrets of the Speed Force.
    • At some point, Eobard designed the anti-speedster rifle which would later be used by the Legends.
    • At some point, he became a fan of the Central City 21st century superhero known as The Flash, and became obsessed with and desired to be the Flash himself. After years of researching, Eobard learned how the Flash gained these powers and recreated the accident that was originally behind the Flash's powers of super speed, resulting in Eobard gaining super speed himself and the power of time travel through a connection to the Speed Force.
    • After gaining a Speed Force connection presumably sometime in the 2180s, Eobard under unclear circumstances learned that he was destined to become the "Reverse-Flash", the Flash's greatest enemy and not the Flash himself. While it's unclear exactly what transpired Eobard would later speak as though the Flash had betrayed him, stating that "nothing is forgiven", and ponder of which one of them was right to hate the other. This implies that Eobard had an encounter with the Flash, possibly in retribution for future actions Eobard had yet to commit. Whatever the reason Eobard grew to despise the Flash with every fiber of his being, and made it his life's work to kill the Flash and prove his superiority as a speedster, indirectly fulfilling his destiny in the process as he descended into insanity. Eobard vowed that for everyone Flash saved, Eobard would kill more, everyone who Flash was loved by, Eobard would take from his former idol.
    • He created a suit similar to his but with the opposite colors of Flash's. He also somehow obtained possession of an artificial intelligence program, nicknamed Gideon, created by the Flash.
    • Eventually Eobard began searching various moments throughout history to find when Flash was active. After researching several times, Eobard discovered the time in which Flash came and traveled to the 21st century, arriving in January 26, 2016 in a future timeline.
    • After his first encounter with the Flash, he traveled back to the 21st century again and again, to start a war with the Flash.

Pre-Flashpoint timeline

This is the timeline that existed prior to Flashpoint.

  • Vanishing Point (outside time)
    • At an unknown point in time, the Time Masters organization was created to control and oversee the "correct" timeline from the Vanishing Point. Using the Oculus device to manipulate certain events in time, as well as a Time Fleet and bounty hunters to combat the occasional time pirate, the Time Masters kept their hold over the main timeline.
    • At the Vanishing Point, Rip brought Vandal Savage before the Time Masters, however the Time Masters told Savage they would return him to 2166 and arrested Rip. Savage confronted Rip in custody and taunted him about the deaths of his family which he was now leaving to fulfill. Given access to a time ship Savage took Kendra and Scythian with him wanting them to see his reign come to pass before killing them.
    • Outside of time, Rip Hunter's team destroys the Oculus device, ending the ability of Time Masters to manipulate the events throughout time or to see "the true timeline", also resulting in the death of Leonard Snart. Without an insurance that the Thanagarians will actually invade Earth, the Time Masters stop supporting Vandal Savage, though not before giving him a timeship of his own at the behest of Zaman Druce.[1]
  • Early times
  • 1700 BC
    • Hath-Set attempts to murder Priestess Chay-Ara and Prince Khufu, in which ends all their lives due to a meteor shower. Said shower grants Chay-Ara and Khufu the power to reincarnate each time they die, and makes Hath-Set immortal, apparently under the condition that he kills the two in each of their reincarnations .
    • Sometime later, Hath-Set adopted the name "Vandal Savage".
  • 33
  • 507
    • Courtney/Stargirl had been taken to 507 A.D. where she settled in Britannia but found the land to be a savage one. To better protect her fragment of the spear, she took on the persona of the legendary wizard Merlin and then fashioned the land into the legendary Court of Camelot with King Arthur and Guinevere using the spear fragment's reality-altering power. Over time, she had fallen in love with Arthur.
  • 1013
    • The League of Assassins is founded.[2]
  • 1609
    • A man calling himself Ra’s al Ghul (whose alias translate to “the Demon’s Head”) takes command of the League of Assassins and unleashes cholera on Alexandria, Egypt. It is possible there was another man called Ra’s al Ghul before him. This man uses the life-restoring Lazarus Pit to survive longer than a normal human lifespan.
  • 1759
  • 1852
  • 1854
    • Ra's al Ghul happens upon an illusionist in Vienna, becoming mystified with his tricks. Nearly half a century later, he came across the man again, but the man was withered and old.
  • 1889
  • 1890
  • 1892
    • The Legends visit Siberia on an unknown mission.
  • 1910
  • 1915
  • 1920
    • October, after realizing that Vandal Savage was on her and her husband's tail, they had their names changed to "Edith Boardman" and "Joe Boardman" and moved once again. However, Aldus admitted to having heard them talk at night and so they decided to explain the nature of their eternal cycle of reincarnation to him.[citation needed]
  • Some time in the 1930s
    • Marcus Mooney allowed Willie Cole to record on an acetate. He left him to do so, but in the process the man was killed by The Devil, who had come for his promised soul. When Mooney came back, he discovered blood everywhere and hid the acetate within one of the walls of the studio.[5]
  • 1939
  • 1942
  • 1945
    • World War II ends. The Justice Society continues to act for the American government, now as a secret force against U.S.S.R. operations during the Cold War.
  • 1947
    • Ra's al Ghul is challenged to a trial by combat which ends with Ra's killing the man.
  • 1950
  • 1951
    • The Dominators land on Earth, launching an invasion to determine if meta-humans are a threat to their existence.
  • 1953
  • 1955
  • 1956
    • Justice Society of America were sent to a mission in Leizpig. Todd Rice/Obsidian, however, wasn't trusted due to the charged times and his homosexuality, and so was left behind. In Leipzig, the JSA was joined by Rip Hunter's younger-self and found the Spear of Destiny, after which they broke it into four fragments. Rip split them among the four, keeping one and sending the other three to different time periods for safekeeping. As a result, the JSA was disbanded and Todd was left the sole remaining member who retired.
  • 1958
    • Robert Queen is born.
    • A time-traveling Savage from 2166 instructs his past self on how to perform the ritual that would allow him to revert time back to Ancient Egypt.
    • The 1958 Savage is later killed by Heat Wave and the Atom.[7]
  • 1959
  • 1960
  • 1961
  • 1964
  • 1965
    • March 11, William Tockman is born.[8]
    • March 24, Tom Weston is born.[9]
    • Henry Heywood/Commander Steel had been sent to 1965 Manhattan where Rip told him that he had to assume a new identity to protect the spear. He gave Rip his dogtags and asked him to make sure they found their way to his son. He went and worked his way to NASA where he hid his fragment of the spear in the flag Neil Armstrong planted on the moon in order to insure that it remained safe.
  • 1966
  • 1967
  • 1968
  • 1972
  • 1975
    • May 8, Clifford DeVoe is born.
    • August 4, Aldus Boardman recorded himself on a video tape talking about Vandal Savage and the latter's immortality, as well as ways Savage could potentially be killed.[11]
    • October 17, Aldus Boardman is found dead in his office.[12]
    • Martin Stein meets Clarissa.
    • A time-traveling Savage from 2166 instructs his past self on how to perform the ritual that would allow him to revert time back to Ancient Egypt.
    • The 1975 Savage is later killed by White Canary and Firestorm.[7]
  • 1976
  • 1977
  • 1981
  • 1982
  • 1985
  • 1986
  • 1987
  • 1988
  • 1989
  • 1990
  • 1991
  • 1992
    • Mari is born.
    • mid-October: Warlords, including Benatu Eshu, attack Zambesi Village and burn it to the ground. Esi's husband, and her mother, Amaya Jiwe are killed trying to defend the village. Esi flees with her infant daughter Mari, as well as the Anansi totem.[20] Mari is left in foster care sometime afterwards and is given the totem by her foster mother at the age of ten.[21]
    • Oliver Queen meets Laurel and Sara Lance for the first time.
  • 1993
  • 1995
    • January 21, Thea Queen is born.[22]
    • March, Ray Terrill is born.
    • Barry had begged his parents to take him to a science expo out of town, but on the way, they hit a flat tire, and their car had to be towed to the garage in a small town with a single street, and were stuck there all day, but they passed the time at the local diner where they had ice cream and french fries with gravy, and spent the night watching the local fireworks.
    • Francine West leaves her family. Her husband Joe West tells their daughter Iris that she died. Joe is unaware that Francine is pregnant.
  • 1995 or 1996
  • 1996
  • 1997
  • 1998
  • 1999
    • Evelyn Sharp is born.
    • Barry and his mother Nora watch Singin' in the Rain together.
  • 2000
    • Time Rupture: Leaving the Crisis of 2019, Reverse-Flash and the Flash traveled back into the year 2000 where Reverse-Flash attempted to kill an 11 year old Barry Allen. The Flash of 2024 stopped him, escaping with 11 year old Barry, so the Reverse-Flash killed Barry's mother Nora Allen and tried to return to his time. This changes the Flash's potential history, draining Eobard's connection to the Speed Force as a side-effect, and leaving him stranded in 2000. Refusing to accept the loss of his powers, Eobard decides to completely alter history and make Barry Allen into the Flash as soon as possible.
    • Henry Allen is charged with Nora's murder and sentenced to life in prison. Joe West takes legal guardianship of Barry Allen.
    • Knowing future events, Eobard Thawne follows Harrison Wells and his wife and ensure a car crash occurs which kills Wells' wife and he uses a Genetic Camouflage machine to drain the DNA from Wells into himself giving him Wells' appearance whilst killing Wells. He then takes Wells' place and buries Wells' body to ensure the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator happens sooner.
  • At some point after 2000:
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
    • Simon Morrison and Oliver Queen allegedly met when Oliver successfully tried to pick up Simon's girlfriend.[23]
  • 2005
    • John Diggle and his brother Andy fight in Afghanistan. 
    • Amanda Waller sends Edward Fyers and his men on an island called Lian Yu to secretly sabotage the economy of China and presumably other Asian countries.
  • 2007
    • November, Laurel broaches the topic of she and Oliver getting a place of their own, as citing that they have been together even longer than their friends Ray and Jean who are already moving in together.[24] Oliver initially agrees, but later panicked and tried to run away from the responsibility. First, he sleeps with another woman, Samantha Clayton, and accidentally got her pregnant, which he is unprepared for.[25]
    • November 6, Moira steps in and gives Samantha two million dollars to start a new life in Central City to raise the child, the only catch being that she has to tell Oliver that it was a miscarriage leaving Oliver unaware of his fatherhood.[11][25]
    • Robert Queen, Oliver Queen and Sara Lance board the Queen's Gambit on a trip which is sabotaged by the Undertaking. Sara is washed overboard whilst Robert and Oliver survive. Robert commits suicide to save Oliver who washes up Lian Yu.[26]
    • While burying his father, Oliver finds a blank notebook in Robert's pocket.
    • Oliver meets Yao Fei Gulong and later Edward Fyers who Oliver and Yao Fei go up against in a bid to retrieve Yao Fei's daughter Shado. Oliver also meets Slade Wilson who is stranded on the island as well.
  • 2008
    • Yao Fei is killed by Edward Fryers. Fryers himself was immediately killed by Oliver Queen.
    • Anthony Ivo and his crew find their way to Lian Yu in search for the Mirakuru. Slade Wilson is gravely injured during the search.
    • Grace Gibbons is born.[27]
    • Oliver Queen is captured by Anthony Ivo's men and is taken aboard their ship where he become acquainted to Anatoly Knyazev. He is then reunited with Sara Lance immediately after.
    • Slade Wilson is injected with Mirakuru.
    • Shado is killed by Anthony Ivo.
    • John Diggle saves Gholem Qadir while in Afghanistan, and meets Lyla Michaels.[28]
  • 2009
    • Garfield Lynns is presumed deceased.
    • Andy Diggle's death is being faked by H.I.V.E., using Floyd Lawton to "assassinate" him.
    • Slade Wilson has a fallout with Oliver Queen and Sara Lance during their sacking of Anthony Ivo's ship and ends up taking over said ship for himself.
    • Oliver Queen is sent to Hong Kong by Amanda Waller.
    • Sara Lance is rescued by Nyssa al Ghul and is then taken by the League of Assassins.
    • Felicity Smoak graduates from MIT with flying colors.
    • General Wade Eilling and Eobard Thawne posing as "Harrison Wells" end their partnership over conflicting methods, with the mistreatment of an experimental gorilla named Grodd being the final straw.
    • In secret, Oliver Queen briefly returns to Starling City on a mission by Amanda Waller.
    • Alpha-Omega virus was spread on Hong Kong by general Matthew Shrieve. Many are killed, including Akio Yamashiro. Oliver then proceeds to torture Matthew in retaliation.
    • Oliver Queen leaves Hong Kong for Coast City.
    • Maseo Yamashiro joins the League of Assassins.
  • 2010
    • Oliver spends some time as a hooded vigilante, targeting corrupted businessmen at random. At one night, while pursuing an armed man who is responsible for the death of 5 people, 4 of them children, Oliver ran into Amanda Waller. She says Oliver needed to embrace the killer instinct he used to torture Shrieve. then drugs Oliver and forces him back on Lian Yu to infiltrate a drug lord's cartel. Shortly after landing, Oliver is found by one of the men but easily kills him. He then dirties his clothes and throws the man's body over a landmine to make it look like he had been stranded the entire four years he was missing and that the man accidentally stepped on a landmine. He easily infiltrates their ranks due to the dead man leaving a vacant position for Oliver to take. He is later forced to torture a slave to psychologically torture the other prisoners who had stolen the drug. After a woman called Taiana Venediktov takes the blame of the stealing, Oliver is tasked to execute her. Instead, he takes her elsewhere to hide her somewhere safe but was accompanied by one other man. This forces Oliver to trick him into stepping onto a mine and Taiana gradually giving him her trust. After showing to Conklin he killed Taiana, Conklin finds Oliver's communication device and starts accusing him as a spy. When they return to Baron Reiter, he is interrogating a man called John Constantine about the maps he had. Before anyone could do anything, John makes a spell to escape from handcuffs and took Oliver to show him the spot on the maps. After he takes John there, John seeks and performs a spell to uncover the hidden passageway, much to Oliver's shock. Once inside, they explore the cave where John explains that there are areas of the world as old as it including Lian Yu, possessing things corrupt men aren't supposed to have such as Reiter. John eventually finds what he seeks and retrieves it but set off a trap which Oliver saves him from being killed by, insisting he's not one of Reiter's men. After exiting the cave John thanks Oliver for saving his life and breaks off the crystal off the rod to give to Reiter, as the rod itself is what contains the magic. John also warns Oliver about Reiter, insisting his narcotics aren't his only interest for being on the island. As insurance John also uses the rod to transfer a spell on his arm onto Oliver's torso, insisted he will know what to do when the time comes and on Oliver's request, John punches him out cold as part of his "escape" and leaves on his boat, but the two will keep in contact. After Oliver takes Reiter and Conklin to the cave, where he and John found the Orb of Horus, Reiter tasks Oliver to find out the spot the runes tells him about with some workers. Conklin goes with him and tasks Taiana's brother Vlad to drown Oliver. Oliver manages to kill him before that and he went back to Reiter with Conklin. Baron Reiter manages to find out the truth from Conklin and after they go away, Oliver steals a map from him. He then punishes Conklin by whipping him and goes to Taiana with the maps and news about her brother. He encourages Taiana to help him stop Reiter, by first going to the Amazo, to find maps that covered the whole Lian Yu. He fights with a shark after diving to get the maps, but after coming back to land, Conklin appears, promising to enjoy taking pieces out of him. Conklin then takes Oliver and Taiana to Reiter, who allows Conklin whip Oliver as a payback. Before Conklin can kill Oliver, the tattoos John gave him start to glow near the Orb of Horus and Reiter makes Conklin stop. Oliver makes a deal with Reiter, as long as Taiana would stay alive, he would cooperate. Conklin took them to an old Chinese cell where they keep the prisoners and there Taiana starts to heal Oliver from his fever and wounds. Reiter will then torture Oliver to find out why he needed the maps from Amazo. Oliver passes out from the torture and the fever and hallucinates that Shado will kill Reiter, his men and save him. Shado encourages Oliver to let go of his inner darkness and tell the truth about Vlad to Taiana. After waking up from the fever, Oliver told the truth about Vlad to Taiana and noticed he had the artifact in his hand from the hallucination. Taiana takes the artifact from him and tried to use it as leverage to get out from the sell. Reiter takes the artifact from her and forces her to take care of Oliver. She does that and they start talking about the losses in their life. Taiana tells him that he can be the man his father wishes, by saving the workers from Reiter, but can't do that as lost, shattered man. Oliver promises her that he would save the workers. Baron Reiter later informs Oliver and Taiana that the stone was the last piece to his puzzle and they will dig at daybreak as the Heaven he seeks is below them.
    • Curtis and Paul Holt get married.[29]
  • 2011
    • Oliver sets with the Slam cultivators to kill Conklin in order to prove that he was there to save them and take out Reiter. After Conklin was left alone watching over Oliver when Reiter departed from his office, he noticed Oliver attempting to stab him through his reflection in the mirror and engaged in a fight, vowing to kill Taiana after he is done with Oliver. During the fight, Oliver stabbed Conklin in the chest as he warned Oliver that Reiter was going to kill everyone on the island before dying. The following day a passage is discovered that leads to Reiter's desired "ultimate power" but a primordial energy takes the form of the deceased Conklin, standing in front of the cave entrance and spoke in tongues that everyone was going to die. After Reiter left Taiana and Oliver alone in the room the force, noticing the spell on Oliver's torso, deemed him worthy to pass before disappearing.In the depths of the cave, Oliver, Taiana, Reiter and two of his mercenaries, finally succeed in finding the Khushu Idol, a mystical object that allows the user to tap into the power of dark magic harnessing him enhanced physical attributes and psychic abilities by killing others. Oliver steals it and runs off into the tunnels with Taiana followed by Reiter's mercenaries, which they managed to incapacitate acquiring their guns. However, the path they took lead nowhere so they had to return to the cave where they came from. Reiter waited them there and due to the Idol, he was empowered by the deaths of his mercenaries and managed to defeat Oliver when he tried to fight him.His powers soon vanished and Oliver took the opportunity to knock him out and rushed to Taiana who was unconscious. While Oliver checked on Taiana, Reiter managed to disappear meanwhile with the idol. Taiana started to have second thoughts to kill Reiter's men while looking and old picture of her and Vlad. Oliver encouraged her again, telling that he used to watch picture of Laurel to remember who he once was, but stopped since he wouldn't survive on Lian Yu and neither would Taiana by being the person they once were. Coming back to the prison side, Taiana tricked Reiter's men to the caves where Oliver shot them and distracted the remaining ones while Taiana free the prisoners. They armed themselves to kill all Reiter's mercenaries and trapped Reiter in the caves. While having a brief break, Oliver showed Laurel's picture to Taiana, and they both promised to each other that if one of them wouldn't survive, the other would go to his/her loved ones and tell what happened on the island. While coming back to the surface, the island had changed to a war zone between the armed prisoners and Reiter's men. Oliver took his communication gear that Conklin had taken and more weapons to fight Reiter. He told the others to go to the plane while leaving himself to fight Reiter.A few hours later, Reiter came to the surface empowered by the idol even more and while Oliver tried helplessly to fight him, Reiter's powers made him too powerful while Oliver's efforts being too "mortal". With the help of Taiana, Oliver managed to keep Reiter down by shooting constantly with an assault rifle, while Taiana took the idol with her. They ran to the forest but after wandering in the forest for few hours, the idol started to affect Taiana, giving her powers while also corrupting her.Continuing their journey, two of Reiter's men found them and shot Oliver and Taiana. While Oliver was pushed back, Taiana was unfazed and mercenaries death made her even more powerful and corrupt. Oliver tried to talk her out of using the Idol too much, but Taiana didn't listen to him. They found some prisoners fighting mercenaries and after taking them out, Taiana wanted to kill a harmed prisoner, since it would make her more powerful. Oliver tried again to talk some sense to her, but she didn't listen and threw Oliver away. He then took the idol from her, claiming that she would have to kill him if she wanted it back. However Reiter appeared, claiming to kill them both.While they started to fight, Reiter destroyed the plane that the prisoners had used to escape the island, empowering him and Taiana even more. However, Taiana managed to suck Reiter's life-force and make him vulnerable. Oliver then threw a knife to his back, killing Reiter. Taiana managed to take control of herself and pledged Oliver to kill her before she kills everyone on the island and becomes worse than Reiter; Oliver fulfils her wish and the prisoners saw him, claiming he is a killer. Oliver however, manages to talk them down and calls on Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S. to save them. After they had come, Amanda says how the mission was never to make Oliver reject his inner darkness but to put him through it and show how sometimes killing can be the only option there is. She tries to recruit Oliver for different missions across the globe but he rejects, saying he has to keep his promise to Taiana.
    • Oliver Queen goes to Russia to try and find Konstantin Kovar.
    • Oliver fights in an underground fight club where he ends up killing the local Bratva champion.
  • 2012
    • September, Oliver Queen is rescued by Chinese fishermen. He calls his mother saying he is a alive and that he is coming home to Starling City.
    • After spending 5 years away from Starling City, Oliver Queen takes up a hood and bow, going into the streets to kill people on a specific list, if they didn't fulfill something to pay back the city they "failed".
    • October, Oliver found a nightclub which he then names Verdant as a cover for his base of operations.
    • Oliver Queen recruits his own bodyguard John Diggle to join his cause after saving the latter from Deadshot's poisonous bullets. Around this time, he occasionally seeks help from other resources such as his former flame and Public Attorney Laurel Lance, her father and SCPD Detective Quentin, and Queen Consolidated IT Expert Felicity Smoak.
    • November, He recruits Mafia Princess Helena Bertinelli but they ultimately had a falling out due to different approaches and ideologies.
    • Walter Steele starts suspecting the same list that Oliver has and does his own investigations.
    • December 9, Adam Hunt is killed by the Dark Archer.
    • December 11, Nelson Ravich is killed by the Dark Archer.
    • December 12, Walter Steele is kidnapped.
  • 2013
    • January, Garfield Lynns targets members of his old team to kill.
    • March, Oliver reluctantly confronts his mother as The Hood at Diggle's behest but is seriously injured. He seeks longtime consultant Felicity Smoak for help. The incident leads to Felicity Smoak officially joining his cause.
    • Moira Queen begins her move against Malcolm Merlyn but repeatedly fails.
    • Thea Queen and Laurel Lance meet Roy Harper.
    • Roy Harper is kidnapped by a murderous vigilante who calls himself the Savior but is saved by Oliver. This incident leads to Roy being obsessed with the Hood.
    • Oliver and his team successfully rescue Walter from Malcolm's clutches.
    • Walter Steele divorces Moira Queen after finding out the truth about her allegiance to Malcolm's group.
    • May 15, Moira Queen outs the Undertaking and Malcolm Merlyn to the public at the cost of her reputation.
    • Malcolm Merlyn (partially) successfully executes the Undertaking and decimates the Glades, killing 503 people including his own son Tommy.
    • Depressed after failing his mission and the death of his best friend, Oliver Queen returns to Lian Yu.
    • October 7, Oliver returns to Starling City after six months on Lian Yu.
    • October 9, Thea sees Moira in prison[30]
    • Sara Lance returns to Starling City and is gradually reunited to her friends and family.
    • With the machinations of Malcolm Merlyn, Moira Queen is acquitted of 503 counts of murder.
    • December 8, Barry Allen travels to Starling City and meets Oliver Queen and his team for the first time.
    • December 11, the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator purposely "malfunctioned", creating numerous meta-humans in the process but at the expense of countless lives.[31]
    • Collegiate American Football prospect Jefferson Jackson suffers a Career-Ending Injury thanks to the aforementioned explosion.
    • Renowned scientist Martin Stein disappears without a trace for the next year and a half after unwillingly being fused with S.T.A.R. Labs engineer Ronnie Raymond, becoming an unstable Firestorm in the particle accelerator explosion.
    • Barry Allen is struck by lightning, and put into a coma for 9 months.
  • 2014
    • January, Sebastian Blood runs for Mayor of Starling City.
    • January 17, of the following year, Deacon was honored at the 21st Annual Quasar Award Banquet in Keystone City. However, Deacon's three partners decided to make it something bigger, stealing the idea and selling it for billions, leaving him with nothing.
    • Laurel Lance begins trailing Sebastian Blood. Sebastian uses his connections, as well as Laurel's own concurrent medical and alcohol abuse, to discredit her.
    • Moira Queen runs for Mayor of Starling City.
    • Roy Harper officially becomes a member of Team Arrow.
    • March, Amanda Waller begins forming "Task Force X" also known as the "Suicide Squad".
    • April, Helena Bertinelli returns to Starling City in time for her estranged father's trial to exact her revenge. Frank Bertinelli is killed, though not by his daughter's hand. Helena is incarcerated soon after.
    • As part of his mind games, Slade Wilson kidnaps Thea Queen and tells her about her true parentage. During this crisis, Slade's accomplice Isabel Rochev successfully dupes Oliver Queen in giving her total control of his family's company.
    • Laurel Lance regains her job.
    • Moira Queen backs out of the Mayoral Race, effectively giving Sebastian Blood the victory.
    • Sara Lance leaves Starling City to go to The League of Assassins for help against Slade Wilson, in exchange of rejoining them.
    • Felicity Smoak asks her friends at S.T.A.R. Labs to develop a Mirakuru cure.
    • April 24, Slade Wilson kills Moira Queen.[32]
    • May, Slade Wilson and his men begin their siege of Starling City. The siege took several lives, including District Attorney Kate Spencer, Anna Loring and many others.
    • S.T.A.R. Labs successfully develops a Mirakuru cure just in time to combat Slade Wilson's siege.
    • Starling City Mayor Sebastian Blood had a last minute change of heart and helps Team Arrow. He was killed by Isabel Rochev as a result.
    • Sara Lance returns to Starling City to aid Team Arrow, bringing along the League of Assassins.
    • Oliver and his team successfully defeat Slade Wilson and his men. Isabel Rochev is killed in the battle by Nyssa.
    • Thea Queen leaves Starling City with Malcolm Merlyn.
    • Slade Wilson is imprisoned on Lian Yu.
    • Quentin Lance is promoted to SCPD Captain.
    • Ray Palmer successfully buys Queen Consolidated.
    • October 7, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma, Malcolm Merlyn drugs Thea Queen, and they fly from Corto Maltese to Starling City, where Thea kills Sara Lance on Malcolm Merlyn's behest.[33]
    • John Diggle and Lyla Michaels' daughter is born and is named "Sara" in Sara Lance's memory.
    • October 9, Barry becomes "The Red Streak" or "The Streak".
    • October 12, "Harrison Wells" kills renowned businessman Simon Stagg.
    • October 18, Farooq Gibran fights The Flash, and seemingly steals his powers. Later that night Farooq causes a city-wide blackout and breaks into S.T.A.R. Labs, as William Tockman takes siege of the CCPD.[34]
    • December 24, Oliver engages Ra's al Ghul, the Leader of the League of Assassins, in a trial by combat and loses.
  • 2015
    • January 25, Original timeline: Hartley Rathaway is captured and eventually escapes from the S.T.A.R. Labs pipeline.
    • Current timeline: Barry Allen from 2016 travels back to 2015 to talk with Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells, reasoning that his old mentor/enemy would know the secret of increasing speed if anyone did. Although his plan to simply pose as his past self failed due to the intervention of a Time Wraith, Barry was able to trick Eobard into providing him with the information he needed by claiming that Eobard would return home in his time and he had left information about Eobard's real identity where his past self would find it unless he was allowed to return to his own time. Due to actions of Barry's future self, Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper became an ally of Team Flash instead of a villain.
    • Original timeline: March 24, Cisco works out that Reverse-Flash and Harrison Wells are the same person. Harrison reveals to Cisco that he is actually Eobard Thawne before killing him.
    • Barry reveals to Iris that he is the Flash and reveals how he feels about her. He then runs back and forth along the shore in order to stop Mark's tidal wave; causing a time rupture that sends him backwards in time to the previous day.
    • Current timeline: The Flash travels back in time by one day and the splitting of the two timelines, sharing a common past, is shown briefly. Using his future knowledge of the day, he prevents a number of events happening and captures Mark Mardon before he can cause a tidal wave on the city changing the entire events of that day.
    • Time Rupture, May 19:, Barry travels back in time to prevent his mom's murder but his future self warns him to not do so. Barry returns and fights against Eobard Thawne one more time, prompting Eddie Thawne to commit suicide by shooting himself, effectively nullifying the camouflage appearance of the Reverse Flash as well as wiping the latter from the timeline. This causes a huge time paradox that manifests as a singularity which threatens to obliterate the planet and inadvertently opening a portal to Earth-2.
    • November 4 (Flash Day): A celebration of the Flash's achievements. Barry begins to reflect on that day, remembering that it was in fact Firestorm who saved Central City. Atom-Smasher begins to attack Barry, badly injuring him. Atom-Smasher nearly killed mayor Anthony Bellows in the process.
    • November 5, Central City Picture News publish an article titled "Flash Falters" about the chaotic events at the Central City Flash Day celebrations.
    • November 6, Henry Allen is released from prison after Wells (Eobard) leaves Barry a prerecorded message confessing to the murder.
    • November 23, Barry comes up with a dangerous plan to capture Zoom using Linda Park and disguising her as Dr. Light. Zoom doesn't fall for the plan and he takes Linda as she is leaving work. Iris witnesses this and calls Barry while the Star Labs meta-human detector senses a meta-human on the roof. That meta-human turns out to be Zoom. Zoom and Barry fight and Zoom breaks Barry's back, paralyzing him. Zoom carries Barry around Central City showing that there hero, has failed to protect them. Cisco then shoots Zoom with the speed dampener and Zoom leaves.
    • Original timeline: Vandal Savage destroys Central City, however, the Flash escaped and returned back in time to stop him.
    • Current timeline: The Flash travels back in time in a superseding form of time travel to stop Vandal Savage from destroying Central City. Due to Barry's actions, Team Flash and Team Arrow kill Vandal Savage. However, sometime after, due to his end not being at the hands of any of Chay-Ara's incarnations, Vandal eventually regenerated from the ashes left in his wake.
  • 2016
    • January 16, Rip Hunter travels back in time from the year 2166 in order to recruit a team to stop Vandal Savage before he conquers the world.
    • After learning the time that the Flash was active, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash's younger-self arrived in January 26, having his first encounter with Barry Allen/The Flash of an alternate timeline. After he was released from his prison in S.T.A.R. Labs, he was aided by the Flash to return him to his time.
    • March 22, Iris West's article on Trajectory and the Flash, titled "FLASH Stops Evil Female Speedster" is published on the front page of Central City Picture News.
    • March 29, Brie Larvan is released from Iron Heights Prison.
    • Time Rupture: March 29, Barry Allen travels back in time to 2015 in order to find a way to be faster, altering events with Hartley Rathaway.
    • May 17, Barry chases Zoom throughout Central City and leads their conflict to the old Allen house in which Barry watches Zoom kill Henry.
    • Time Rupture: May 24, Barry Allen travels back in time to 2000 and stops Eobard Thawne from killing Nora Allen.
  • 2021
    • A time-traveling Savage finally arrives to the last sighting of the Thanagarian meteor to complete the ritual "simultaneously" with his past selves.[7]
    • The final version of Vandal Savage is slain by Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter.[7]
    • Rip Hunter and Gideon prevent the world's destruction by throwing the meteor into Sun before going back in time to meet the rest of the crew 20 minutes previously.[7]
  • At some point in the 22nd century
  • 2147
    • Vandal resided in the Kasnia Conglomerate where he served as an advisor to the late Tor Degaton, and tutored his son Per Degaton. Vandal's true aim however was the use the advanced technology of Kasnia to establish the foothold of his future empire. He also sought to use their secret weapon the "Armagedon virus" to downsize the world's population, and prime it for his own personal conquest with far less threats to contend with. To achieve this Vandal manipulated and corrupted Per's mind, raising him to be ruthless and cold and to one day succeed his father by murdering him and would dictate his own desires through Per. However Vandal always sought to take power from Per when the time was right but Per truly believed Vandal considered him a son. At some point during his stay in Kasnia he had a child named Cassandra with an unnamed woman.
    • Current timeline: After a meeting with Tor where Vandal failed yet again to persuade him to use the virus, Per was abducted by Rip and his team. Savage met with Tor to discuss this and offered his assistance as he'd faced the abductors before. Savage lead a squad of soldiers and A.T.O.M. robots on Tor's orders to disable the Waverider but they were soon faced with the Atom, Hawkgirl, White Canary, Firestorm and Captain Cold. During the fight Savage apprehended White Canary and threatened to kill her but offered to trade her in exchange for Rip, but Rip appeared and offered the same deal but in exchange for Per's life. Per begged his father not to give in and to eliminate them now to which Vandal agreed on but Tor consented to Rip's terms, and after Per was released so was White Canary and the team were able to escape unharmed. Shortly afterwards Vandal was visited by Per whom Savage told a story from Greek mythology of a prince who was exiled by his father in fear of a prophecy foretelling the prince murdering him coming true, only for the son to survive and return years later to fulfill the prophecy. Vandal then handed Per a knife and persuaded him that his father will make the same mistake and convinces him to murder his father. As a result of Tor's death Per was elected the new chairman but due to being underage he elected Vandal to be his proxy. For his first action as stand-in leader, Vandal ordered the release of the Armageddon virus and killed billions, including Savage's wife. This led the planet ripe for conquest.
  • 2151
  • 2152
    • Original timeline: In 2152, when Per was 19, he finally succeeded his father as leader of Kasnia and, on Vandal's insistence, unleashed the Armagedon virus which killed billions of people, including Savage's wife, and leaving the world prime for conquest. When this occurred Vandal betrayed Per and murdered him to take his seat of power and become Kasnia's leader himself. Vandal would make Kasnia the foothold of his future empire, however, since Rip's actions changed these events and unleashed the Armagedon virus 5 years earlier, most of these events happened in 2147 instead.
    • Current timeline: While Per Degaton was at the height of his power Vandal killed him to seize it for himself. This also made Savage appear as a hero to those who believed that unleashing the virus was Per Degaton's idea alone, including Cassandra.
  • 2166
    • Vandal Savage conquers the world.
    • With a timeship at his service, Savage travels to 2166 to kill Rip Hunter's family on orders from Druce. After learning that the Time Masters will no longer support him, Savage decides not to resume his goal of world conquest, but to use the Thanagarian technology that mutated him in a way that would destroy the timeline altogether and revert the world to the times of Ancient Egypt.[7]
  • 2175
    • The Thanagarians invaded Earth, only to be defeated by Vandal Savage.
  • 3000
    • Charles/Dr. Mid-Nite was sent to Chicago in 3000 A.D. where he worked as a researcher for cybernetic implants. He was even able to use the advanced healing technology of the time to restore his vision.

Uprising timeline

This is the timeline/alternate future in which the Legends arrived in the episode "Star City 2046". It is considered a post-Flashpoint timeline, but for convenience, it will be separated from the main post-Flashpoint timeline.

  • Prior to 2031
  • 2031
    • Around 2031, the son of Slade, Grant Wilson, lead an uprising on Star City, which saw numerous people dead and those that weren't soon abandoned it. Around this time, Green Arrow engaged Deathstroke in a climactic battle in the streets, which ended with Deathstroke severing Green Arrow's left arm. Oliver soon vanished after this, leaving John Jr to believe he had died. Sometime during the uprising, most of Team Arrow either abandoned the city or were killed, including John Diggle, which John Jr believes he could have prevented. Blaming himself for his father's death and feeling undeserving of having his name, John started going by the name "Connor Hawke".
    • At some point in the next 15 years, Connor took up Oliver's mantle and became the next Green Arrow, trying to hold the city against Deathstroke's army by himself and soon became the latter's archenemy.
  • 2046
    • Green Arrow saw a group of strangers approaching and perceived them as a threat and approached them. However they mistook him for Oliver and Sara Lance/White Canary of them tried to remind him who she was, while Ray Palmer/The Atom tried to remind him that Rip Hunter recruited them to become legends. However since Green Arrow had no knowledge of these events he proceeded to engage them anyway. They later escaped.
    • Sometime after, he and the Legends make amens and they both became allies. They later founds Oliver Queen, that was alive, and he helped them to stop Deathstroke, in which they successfully succeeded.

Flashpoint timeline

This is the timeline that Barry Allen/The Flash from 2016 created after he returned back in time to 2000 to save his mother. For more information, see Flashpoint.

  • Speed Force
    • While imprisoned in the Speed Force, Barry Allen/Savitar sensed a dramatic shift in the timeline that resulted from his younger version of 2016 creating the Flashpoint timeline. Realizing that he could use the situation to his advantage, Barry waited until the timeline was restored to its previous form and began to enact his plan.
  • 2000
    • Barry Allen (from the year 2016) arrives at this date and stops Eobard Thawne from killing his mother and succeeds in saving Nora Allen's life, all events that happen after 2000 are now dramatically altered into a new timeline.
  • Prior to 2016
  • 2016
    • Clive Yorkin was arrested.
    • Pre-Flashpoint Barry arrives in this timeline in an superseding form of time travel (due to his Flashpoint self) and imprisons Eobard into a cage that dampened his speed and has a great life with his parents for the next three months.
    • After stopping the Rival which got Wally into a coma-like state, Barry realizes that this timeline has made everyone else's lives worse and decides to reset the timeline with Eobard Thawne. However, because his memories are fading quickly due to using his speed in this timeline, Barry is unable to do so, and Eobard corrects the timeline himself.

Post-Flashpoint timeline

This is the timeline that Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, who was imprisioned in Flashpoint, and Barry Allen/The Flash created after Barry realized the mistake he made in creating Flashpoint. The Post-Flashpoint timeline is almost equal to the Pre-Flashpoint timeline, only with some changes and with Eobard living as a time remnant, due to his Pre-Flashpoint actions still being intact in this timeline. For more information about the changes between the post and the pre-Flashpoint timeline, see this page here.

  • Vanishing Point (outside time)
    • After the Oculus was destroyed, the Vanishing Point serves as a hiding place and a base of operations for the Legion of Doom in their quest to acquire the Spear of Destiny.
    • However, after the Legion was defeated by the Legends in 1916 and Eobard was imprisoned and the others are returned to the timeline, the Vanishing Point returned to its state of when the Oculus was destroyed by Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, and is now deserted.
  • Speed Force
    • During his time imprisoned, the legend of Savitar was spread throughout the multiverse and across timeline. With the lie of his power being the first speedster to ever be granted power to the Speed Force, he eventually became the fastest out of all of them, challenging other powerful speedsters who threatened his power to battle, before taking over their Earths. Before each encounter, Savitar would use the Philosopher's Stone's power to possess a person to use a medium under the "Alchemy" alias, to prepare for arrival, by creating meta-humans for him to command.
    • Barry Allen is imprisoned in the Speed Force as a consequence for the Flashpoint. In October 10, 2017, Barry is freed from the prison.
  • Ancient times
  • 507
    • The Legends and the Legion of Doom travel back to the age of Camelot, in which they find a medieval-themed Stargirl, known as "Merlin" in this era. Through a series of attacks led by Damien Darhk and Rip Hunter however, the Legends eventually won and took the piece of the Spear, which was hidden as a piece of the Sword of Excalibur.
    • Due to Ray Palmer's service as a knight during this time, Ray's actions lived on through the stories of "King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table" as Sir Raymond of the Palms.
  • 1776
    • After altering Rip Hunter's memories to his will, Eobard orders Rip to kill George Washington during the American Revolution, luring the Legends. During their attempt to save Washington however, it was once again another trap by Thawne as Rip ambushes the team, throwing an EMP that disabled some of the Legends weapons and shot Sara. The British then capture the Legends along with Washington. Nevertheless, they soon escaped and successfully saved Washington from death. However, the Legends were forced to give the fragment of the Spear to Rip Hunter.
    • In return for Mick's involvement in George Washington's rescue, Washington arranged a statue built for Rory in gratitude.
  • 1863
    • A time pirate crash landed in the 19th century, during the American Civil War. The time pirate ended up crashing with TX-90 virus onboard his timeship, causing an outbreak of the disease that turned people into a state akin to that of "zombies" from classic horror movies. Because of this, the Confederates won the war, taking their independence from the Union. However, the Legends traveled to this point in time and stopped this from happening, removing the source of the virus.
  • 1874
    • A time pirate, who had went back in time to find a material known as dwarf star alloy, was killed by the outlaw Quentin Turnbull who took it for himself and as a result created "Turnbull Country". Assisting Jonah Hex, the Legends succeeded in apprehending Turnbull and preventing the aberration timeline, with Nate Heywood stopping the train loaded with explosives that could potentially cut off the United States Army from reaching the country's western territories.
  • 1892
    • The Legends visit Siberia on an unknown mission. During the mission, Leonard Snart is taken by Barry Allen back to 2017 to help stop Savitar. Snart is later returned and leaves on the Waverider.
  • 1916
    • Original timeline: The Legends went to France in 1916, during the Battle of the Somme on World War I, in an attempt to destroy the Spear of Destiny using Christ's blood. J.R.R. Tolkien helped them to discover the locality of the blood of Jesus Christ. However, the Legion of Doom appeared, and, due to Mick Rory/Heat Wave's betrayal, they got the Spear and used it to create a new reality.
    • Current timeline: The Legends's future selves of Doomworld appeared and because of their actions with their versions of the past, the events in which the Legion takes the Spear of Destiny have been erased and replaced by the Legion's defeat with Eobard relocated to 2000 by Black Flash, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold being returned to the timeline in 2014, Damien Darhk being returned to the timeline in 1987, Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer being returned to the present and the Legends' Doomworld selves being erased from existence due to Doomworld's reality being erased.
  • 1927
    • Eobard Thawne, Damien Darhk, and newly recruited member Malcolm Merlyn join forces with Al Capone and as a result helped him rise to the Mayor's office in Chicago. However, this was meant to be a trap for the Legends and in the end, retrieved the Askarian Amulet, a map to find the Spear of Destiny.[35]
  • 1942
  • 1967
    • After the events of 1942, Rip Hunter reprograms his memories and stays in 1967 as a film student named Phil Gasmer.[37]
    • Due to Phil Gasmer's attitude on set, George Lucas, the future CEO and creator of Lucasfilm known for creating the Star Wars franchise and the Indiana Jones franchise, drops out of film school and becomes an insurance salesman instead thus creating an aberration. Luckily, the Legends and the Legion of Doom prevented this through the retrieval of the piece of the Spear of Destiny and the kidnapping of Phil respectively.
  • 1970
    • Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash learned of the fragment of the Spear of Destiny which is hidden in the flag that Neil Armstrong planted on the moon and infiltrated the Apollo-13 crew in 1970. The Legends track Commander Steel to NASA Headquarters in 1970, they learn where Nate’s grandfather hid the last fragment of the spear fragment. The team notices a time aberration during the Apollo 13 mission and believes that the Legion of Doom might be involved. As the Legends journey into space to intercept Apollo 13, the Waverider suffers massive internal damage and Ray’s life is left in jeopardy when he is stranded on the moon. After Eobard and Ray fixed the Apollo-13, rocket they go to Waverider, where Eobard is imprisoned until the Speed Force enforcer found him and he phased himself out of the cell and sped away before the ultimate Enforcer appeared.
  • 1987
    • Eobard Thawne once again joined forces with Damien Darhk, infiltrating the White House. This caused some affect Martin Stein's movements, who witnessed everything. The Legends stopped this attack and protected the younger Martin Stein. However, Stein from 2016 gave advise to Stein from 1987 about Clarissa which affected their relationship with one another and as a result gave birth to a daughter, Lily Stein, unbeknownst to the Legends. Because of such change, with the couple never having children before, Lily's existence is considered an aberration of its own.
    • Meanwhile Damien Darhk, who had learned of his death at the hands of Green Arrow by Sara Lance, begs Eobard Thawne to change his destiny in which he joins Thawne in order to do so. This was the beginning of the formation of the Legion of Doom.
    • After the Legion of Doom was defeated in 1916, Sara Lance returned Damien Darhk to the timeline and erased his memory to keep his future actions intact.
  • 1992
    • Time Rupture, mid-October: Amaya and the Legends attempt to save the village from destruction in order to cause enough damage to the timestream to free Mallus from his temporal prison so they can kill him. However, as Damien Darhk now realizes that his daughter Nora will die if Mallus is freed, in an effort to stabilize the timestream, releases Grodd into Zambesi, who destroys the village instead.[38]
    • Time Rupture, mid-October: The Legends stop Grodd from destroying the Zambesi village, and time shatters, causing Nora to transform into Mallus's demonic form, killing Nora in the process.[38]
    • Time Rupture, mid-October: Ray Palmer and Damien Darhk travel back to right before Mallus took over Nora's body, Damien Darhk becomes Mallus's new vessel and transforms into Mallus's demonic form, and Damien Darhk dies.[39]
  • 2000
    • After Barry Allen/The Flash returned back to 2000 in attempt to stop Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash from killing his mother, another version of Eobard, who escaped from his prison in Flashpoint, appeared and taunts Barry by saying that his mother was not safe. Then the Pre-Flashpoint version of Eobard and Barry disappears. While Nora was still pleading for her life, the another Eobard grabs a kitchen knife and stabs Nora in the heart therefore restoring the timeline to a state similar to that of the pre-Flashpoint timeline.
    • After Eobard and Barry traveled to 2016 in this new timeline, the Speed Force brought the Reverse-Flash that Black Flash killed in 1916 and this Eobard killed Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan in the attempt to recreate the particle accelerator to restore the timeline.
  • Prior to 2012
  • 2012
    • Julian funded an exhibition in India and found the container it was sealed within. However, after opening it, Savitar was released and possessed Julian and killed the other members of the exhibition. While Julian tried to escape Savitar by fleeing to America he continually possessed Julian and he unwillingly became the newest Alchemy. For the next few years Savitar, as Alchemy, sought out followers for his cult, seeking to slay a younger, less powerful version of Barry.
    • May, Rip Hunter starts forming the Time Bureau.
  • 2013
    • December 11, Nora West-Allen and Barry Allen from 2018 travels to the day in which the particle accelerator exploded. Gideon was activated and noticed Nora, whom Gideon identified as XS and noted was the fifth recruit of a group called the Legion, only to be interrupted by Barry, who ordered her to recalibrate the Speed Force transmitter he inserted into its console to extract dark matter from the impending particle accelerator explosion and to leave no record of this.[40]
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • Prior to May, 2016
  • 2016
    • Time rupture: Eobard Thawne and Barry Allen returned from Flashpoint to 2016 in the Post-Flashpoint timeline. Because they both traveled in time through the Speed Force, Eobard was spared from being erased from existence and was turned into a time remnant, despite his ancestor Eddie's suicide in 2015. However, his pre-Flashpoint actions are intact in this new timeline, making Hunter Zolomon, now transformed into the Black Flash, chase him in the attempt to kill him again and fix the ruptured timelne. Because of this, Eobard is unable to escape the enforcer and sought the Spear of Destiny to restore his existence to the timeline. He first traveled to 1942 to obtain the Askaran Amulet, in order to find the Spear.
    • The Dominators appear, as they have been keeping tabs on Barry Allen's changes to the timeline, and recognizes him as a threat to their race due to the changes Flashpoint had caused. They unsuccessfully attempt to launch a bomb designated to kill all meta-humans but are stopped by the combined efforts of Team Flash, Team Arrow, the Legends and Supergirl.
    • Barry Allen travels from December 25, 2016 to May 23, 2017 and sees Iris West murdered by Savitar.
  • 2017
    • January 24, Kid Flash stops Plunder instead of the Flash in an attempt to change the future.
    • February 28, Grodd attacks Central City with an army of gorillas. However, he is eventually stopped by Solovar and kept in A.R.G.U.S. custody.
    • March 28, Caitlin becomes Killer Frost.
    • May 2, Barry discovers Savitar's identity, in which in fact it is his future time remnant.
    • May 16, the events of the Arrow episode "Missing"​​.
    • May 17, the events of the Arrow episode "Lian Yu"​.
    • May 22, the events of the Flash episode "Infantino Street".
    • May 23, Savitar timeline: Savitar managed to kill Iris.
    • May 24, Current timeline: The events of the Flash episode "Finish Line""​​.
    • Between May-Early October: Nate Heywood begins working with Wally West and the rest of Team Flash to protect Central City.[43]
    • October 10, Barry is freed from the Speed Force prison, accidentally imbuing 12 people on a bus with meta-human abilities.[44]
    • Joe West is promoted to Chief of the Central City Police Department.[45]
    • November, Nora West-Allen travels to the day of the marriage between Barry Allen and Iris West. The marriage was later interrupted by the Nazis of Earth-X and the Invasion begins.
  • 2018
    • Between January-May (Flash): The Thinker killed all the bus metas, but was later defeated by Team Flash in May.
    • Between January-May (Arrow): Ricardo Diaz managed to take control of entire Star City, however he was later forced to stay hidden so the FBI did not arrest him, due to Team Arrow's actions. Oliver was imprisoned in Slabside because Diaz's actions.
    • May 22, Original timeline: The Enlightenment happens, in which David Hersch received his powers.
    • May 22, Current timeline: The Enlightenment happens, in which Orlin Dwyer became Cicada.
    • December: The events of Elseworlds​​​.
  • 2019
  • Prior to 2024
    • Savitar timeline: Barry created several time remnants to aid him in kill Savitar. However, Savitar killed them all, except one. This spared remnant was shunned by Team Flash because he was not the true Barry Allen. So he become angry and traveled back to the ancient times to discover the Philosopher's Stone and become Savitar, continuing the time loop. Savitar was later imprisoned in the Speed Force by Barry, due to the Speed Force Bazooka created by Tracy Brand, creating an endless loop preventing the latter from escaping. After that, he ended Team Flash and also his activities as Flash, spending most of his time on S.T.A.R. Labs until early 2024.
    • OG Future: David Hersch became Cicada and murdered Floyd Belkin, making him his first victim on his path as Cicada. Due to Nora West-Allen's time travel, these events was erased.
    • Eobard Thawne's younger self began to travel to 21st century to fight future Flash and the two speedsters would then fight each other in various different times, with neither of them managing to defeat the other, though Eobard was confident that he was always one step ahead of his enemy, and described their fights as spanning over the course of centuries, implying that Flash may have also fought Reverse-Flash in his own time as well. 
    • Erased future: Iris and Barry have a daughter, named Nora, after Barry's mother.
    • The Flash Museum was inaugurated on S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • 2024
    • February 3, 2024, Savitar timeline: Barry from 2017 visits his future self in the attempt to learn who Savitar is and how stop him. His future self told him to go back to his time and enjoy until the night of May 23 with Iris. However, 2017 Barry was able to reunite the Team Flash again to them help him to stop the future Mirror Master and future Top. 2024 Barry saw through the Time Vault what they were doing and went to help 2017 Barry to stop them. After they arrest them, future Barry return to his activities as The Flash and his younger self returned back to his time with a device containing information about Tracy Brand and how to imprison Savitar in the Speed Force.
  • At some point after 2024
    • Erased future: An unknown man under the name Red Death started to kill a lot of people.
    • Erased future: At some point after the crisis, Cicada resurfaced and killed 152 meta-humans, with the killing count just growing...
    • Sometime after 2019, the Glades was rebuilt. But due to unknown reasons, the people in the Glades built a wall, such that no one from Star City was allowed to enter. However, Felicity managed to create a holographic map of the Glades, including underground passages that connected the rest of the city to the area.
    • Rene Ramirez became the Mayor of the Glades.
  • 2025
  • 2040
  • 2049
  • 2056
    • Savitar timeline: 67 year old Barry contacted Rip Hunter.
  • 2166
    • Due to the Legends's actions, Vandal Savage did not rule the world in 2166 and did not release the Armageddon virus. Because of this, 2166 is no longer a year of destruction, but a year of peace.
  • 3000
    • Charles/Dr. Mid-Nite was found by Rip Hunter who had been turned evil by the Legion of Doom. At first, Rip pretended to seek out the fragments per a claim that a sinister group was after it. Dr. Mid-Nite insisted that the spear was safer apart and in pieces though Rip said that the Vanishing point would be best though was caught in his lie as he had before claimed the Time Masters couldn't be trusted. Rip then dropped his charade and attacked Dr. Mid-Nite and demanded his piece though Mid-Nite refused and claimed he wouldn't find it. However, Rip correctly deduced that he had hidden the fragment inside himself due to his new field of work before tearing him open, killing him, and taking the fragment. He was then found by the Legends when they detected the fragment's location, and they found that he managed to write "Rip" on the ground in his own blood before he died, letting them know who was responsible.
  • 64th century (6300s)
    • The man later known as Abra Kadabra was born at some point in the 64th century.
    • At some point in his life, this man outfitted his body with advanced nanotechnology which allows him to have a range of abilities that most people in the 21st century would perceive as magic. Adopting the name "Abra Kadabra" he became a criminal exploiting time travel and breaching for his own personal gain, primarily in the 21st century.

Legion of Doom's alternate reality

This is the timeline/reality created by the Legion of Doom using the Spear of Destiny. However, due to Legends's actions in 1916, this timeline/reality was erased. For more information, see Legion of Doom's alternate reality.


First Elseworlds reality created by John Deegan. The events of this reality are canon in the post-Flashpoint timeline, because the only thing that changed was that Oliver and Barry switched lives.

  • At some point in this reality
    • Barry Allen and Oliver Queen switched bodies, with Oliver becoming the Flash and Barry Allen becoming Green Arrow.
  • 2018
    • With the help of Supergirl and Superman, Oliver and Barry managed to take a hold of their new abilities and returned to their universe, taking care of the dangers to their cities, such as A.M.A.Z.O. and various crimes. Cisco Ramon managed to vibe John Deegan's conversation with the Monitor, and showed his vision to Oliver and Barry, allowing Oliver to recognize the general area as Gotham and speed-sketch the portraits of Deegan and Novu.
    • Assisted by Kate Kane/Batwoman, the superheroes figured out the link between Deegan and the discrepancies in the timeline, especially after their suspicions were confirmed by Barry Allen managing to send a message through the multiverse, notifying A.R.G.U.S. that the Book of Destiny was the key to Elseworlds. Although Deegan slipped away, Supergirl managed to take the Book of Destiny with her. Afterwards, Barry Allen from Earth-90 appeared before the heroes in flesh and explained the Elseworlds phenomenon, just as Mar Novu appeared on the news. He congratulated the heroes on their first successes in finding the book, but immediately teleported it back to his hands and sent Allen away to an unknown destination. He then teleported to John Deegan and gave him the book once again, asking to think big, beyond mere dreams, and thus to make more drastic changes to reality.

Second Elseworlds reality created by John Deegan. Instead of the former, this reality has more extreme changes to the normal timeline and is non-canon to the current timeline.

  • At some point before 2018
  • 2018
    • Superman pursues the Trigger Twins but in order to have time to make their getaway, they cause an accident where he had no other choice but to protect civilians letting Oliver and Barry escape. Later at his headquarters he tells his regimers soldier to find them.
    • After running from Superman, Oliver and Barry confronted Mar Novu/The Monitor in his realm. Novu sent them away after informing them that they were being tested in preparation for a massive crisis that would threaten to wipe out the entire multiverse.
    • Superman caught Alex Danvers breaking out Kara Danvers and almost killed them. However, the real Superman and his allies showed up, leading to a fight.
    • He fought Superman and made him realize that on this Earth he is the villain (people see Clark as Bizarro). When John was about to finish him, Supergirl used her heat vision and threw him away giving Superman the time to fix reality. He then came back and threatened to snap the Flash's neck. The Green Arrow appears with a Kryptonite arrow but Barry told him to not do it as this is one of the Monitor's test. Pissed that Oliver didn't shot, he trow Barry and slap strong enough so that Superman lose the book and Deegan took it an flies away.
    • Oliver Queen returned to Novu's realm to beg him to stop the test from killing Barry and Kara, as they were true heroes and had the best chance at stopping the crisis. Novu agreed, impressed by his bravery, but asked for something unknown in exchange.
    • Deegan changes reality multiple times before Superman finds him. He then spawned Amazo out of the book to fight him. But Brainiac 5Martian Manhunter and Lois appear to confront Deegan. Brainiac 5 handled Amazo and J'onn helped to protect the civilians, while Superman and Lois attacked John. But because Kara and Barry slow time, Oliver got the time to shoot an arrow that destroyed the Book and turned Deegan's body back to normal but with a changed face who looked more like a skeleton.

Earth-2 timeline

  • At some point in the 20th century
    • A conflict called the War of the Americas happened sometime during the 20th Century. A soldier named James Zolomon fought in this war.
    • After he returned from the war, he found that his wife, Ashley, was attempting to leave him for unknown reasons. He became violent, and started assaulting her. Their son, Hunter, walked in on them and James, angry with his wife, gave Hunter his kettle helmet and forced him to watch as he murdered the boy's mother with a shotgun. Following the ordeal, James was convicted and sent to prison, while his son was sent to live at the Central City Orphanage. These events would continue to haunt and traumatize Hunter for the rest of his life.
  • 1991
  • 2007
    • Sometime on a voyage, Oliver Queen and Robert Queen were involved in a violent shipwreck which took the life of the former. Robert eventually made his way back home and became the vigilante known as "The Hood" and later "The Arrow".
    • After Oliver's death, a heartbroken Laurel Lance moved to Central City to start a new life. However, Laurel never really recovered from Oliver's death, and in downward spiral of depression began making a series of bad decisions.
  • 2012
    • After spending 5 years away from Starling City, Robert Queen takes up a hood and bow, going into the streets to kill people on a specific list, if they didn't fulfill something to pay back the city they "failed".
  • 2013
    • December 11, the particle accelerator from S.T.A.R. Labs had released dark matter waves underground, giving many civilians including Hunter Zolomon special powers. This prompted S.T.A.R. Labs of its studies in meta-humans. Various meta-humans such as Atom-Smasher, Sand Demon and Dr. Light became corrupt with their powers and became criminals. with Reverb becoming a prominent crime boss. Deathstorm and Killer Frost also became evil with the couple later becoming feared in the criminal underworld. Hunter Zolomon became a speedster named Zoom, terrorizing Earth-2. Eventually, after travelling to Earth-3, Zoom found Jay Garrick, another speedster who protected his version of Central City as a vigilante called The Flash. Deciding to play the hero and instill false hope, Zolomon took Jay's identity and became his own version of the Flash.
  • 2015
    • March, Robert Queen is revealed as the Arrow.
    • May 19, a singularity breached the world, originating from Earth-1. Zoom discovered how to cross the dimensions, and brought meta-humans between the worlds to assist him in his mission to steal the Flash's speed in order to cure himself of the illness induced by overusage of the Velocity serums.
    • October 27, Harrison Wells traveled to Earth-1.
    • November 17, Grodd was taken to Earth-2 in the Gorilla City and was forced to serve Solovar.
  • 2016
    • February, after sealing the other breaches, Barry, Harry and Cisco traveled to Earth-2 to try and rescue Jesse and confront Zoom, which also led to a confrontation with Killer Frost, Reverb and Deathstorm that saw Reverb and Deathstorm being killed by Zoom after they killed Joe West. Barry and his allies were eventually able to escape Zoom's prison and rescue Jesse with the aid of Killer Frost, but Jay Garrick was apparently killed by Zoom before they could seal the final breach.
    • Zoom takes Caitlin Snow to Earth-2 due to his twisted interest in her and quickly decided that he would use the now-undefended state of Earth-1 to conquer it like he had his own world, prompting Barry to agree to a dangerous attempt to recreate the particle accelerator explosion and restore his speed.
    • May, Zoom brought over his entire army of meta-humans from Earth-2 to conquer Earth-1, causing an event known as the Metapocalypse. When Team Flash defeated all of Zoom's metas and forced him back to Earth-2. Vibe had a vision of Earth-2's destruction.
    • On Earth-1, The Flash was able to beat Zoom and stops the destruction of the Multiverse.
  • 2017
    • February, Grodd seeked for revenge on Team Flash, thus, one year after he came to Gorilla City, Grodd came up with a plan of revenge: beat Solovar, become the leader of Gorilla City, return to Earth-1 and attack Central City with the help of the other gorillas. Knowing he can't beat Solovar, Grodd sent an invitation to Wells, asking him to come to Gorilla City. When Wells came with 10 other people, Grodd killed the 10 people and kidnapped Wells, knowing it will bring the attention of Team Flash, including Barry, who can beat Solovar.
    • February 14, Team Flash arrived on Earth-2 in the attempt to rescue Wells. However, Grodd kidnap them all and drove them to the Gorilla City. Grodd convinces the Team Flash by telling them that Solovar wants to take Central City and that Flash is the only one that can defeat him. After this, Flash and Solovar battle in the arena, with the battle ending with Flash defeating Solovar, so Grodd takes the leader position of the Gorilla City and tells the Team Flash that him wants to take Central City to get revenge. Team Flash escaped to Earth-1 and Grodd managed to take Gypsy for she open a breach to Earth-1.
    • May 23: Iris West goes with Wally and Joe to Earth-2 to get away from Savitar. However, Savitar appeared and managed to take Iris to kill her in front of The Flash in "Infantino Street".
    • May 25: Harrison Wells goes to H.R.'s funeral.
    • Jesse create a vigilante team to help her in her duties as Jesse Quick. Wells is kicked out on October.

Earth-3 timeline

  • At some point before 2014
  • 2014
    • Hunter Zolomon arrives on this Earth and encounters Jay Garrick, a fellow speedster. Zoom defeats Garrick with the intention of taking the latter's speed. He couldn't steal Garrick's speed but holds him prisoner anyway.
  • 2016
    • May, Jay Garrick is freed by Team Flash. He then returns to Earth-2 to figure out to get home along with Harry and Jesse, who promised to help him.
    • December 23, The Trickster is robbing a bank, armed with a machine gun. Jay Garrick arrives to stop him, but after a minute Barry Allen suddenly appears. He defeats the Trickster and then asks Jay to help him stop Savitar.
  • 2017
    • March, Jay takes the place of Wally in the Speed Force prison.
    • Jesse Quick travels to Earth-3 to act as that Earth's Flash in Jay's absence.[47]
    • MayWally takes a trip to Earth-3 to visit Jesse.
    • Jesse returns to Earth-2, while Jay returns to Earth-3 to resume his duties as the Flash.
  • 2018
    • Jay began training a woman to take his mantle as the Flash.

Earth-19 timeline

  • Sometime around 1992-1993
    • Earth-19 was invaded and almost destroyed by hostile forces from an unknown neighboring Earth. Inter-dimensional travel was outlawed on Earth-19 in an effort to prevent another such conflict, and they established the Collectors in order to track down any of their citizens who violated the ban. After locating a criminal, the Collectors were also tasked with taking them back to Earth-19 to await execution. Gypsy would become one of the most prominent members of the organization, as well as a legend among the citizens of Earth-19.
  • 2014
    • Gypsy and her partner tried to stop Abra Kadabra, but her partner was killed by the villain. She vowed to bring him to justice after that day.
  • 2016
    • November, Harrison Wells of Earth-2 sent out a cryptogram in search of a successor for his position as a member of Team FlashRandolf Morgan cracked the cryptogram and replied with a holographic message containing the image of his partner, H.R. Wells, who wanted to travel the multiverse to work on his novels. Later, H.R. left Earth-19 for Earth-1. He shared knowledge of his world with several of Earth-1's residents, reminiscing about the Flash of his world, "meta-hominids" and "World War M".
  • 2017
  • 2018
    • Cisco visits Earth-19, in which he and Gypsy broke out.

Earth-38 Timeline

  • At some point before 1640
  • At some point between 1640 and 1717
  • At some point before 1717
    • J'onn J'onzz arrives on Earth after escaping Mars.[48][49]
  • Late 1800s
    • J'onn J'onzz meets a Shaolin Monk who teaches him meditation.[51]
  • 1966
  • 1979
    • Kal-El is born.[52]
    • The House of El sends their two youngest members, Kara and Kal-El, to take refuge on planet Earth right before their planet's destruction.[52]
    • The planet Krypton explodes. Shortly after Krypton's explosion, Kara Zor-El's escape pod gets stuck on the Phantom Zone for the next twenty four years, with her unaging during this time.[52]
    • Krypton's debris showers on its sister planet, causing multiple casualties. Prince Mon-El escapes aboard a Kryptonian pod.[53]
  • At some point after 1979
    • Making it to Earth safely, Kal-El is discovered by the Kents, a kindly human couple who raise him in Kansas as their son "Clark Kent."[52]
    • The U.S. government, realizing they aren't alone in the universe, begins creating an agency whose purpose is to monitor alien threats.[52]
  • 1987
  • 1989
  • At some point after 1989
    • Kal-El's upbringing and the lessons of his adopted parents provide him with strong moral values, so he decides to use the fantastic powers he gained on Earth from its yellow sun to do good, fighting evil and protecting the innocent.[52]
    • Kal-El meets scientists Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers, who help him explore his powers.[52]
  • 1993
  • At some point after 1993
    • Clark remains proud of his dual heritage, taking seriously both his humanity and his Kryptonian legacy. So, over the years, to preserve the memory of his home planet and provide him rest from his adventurous life, he maintains a Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole.[59]
  • 1997
    • Lena Luthor is adopted by the Luthors. Lex makes her feel especially welcome in the new family, and her father Lionel considered her his favorite.[57][58]
  • At some point after 1997
    • As an adult Clark move to Metropolis and, after saving a plane from crashing, he becomes a superhero publicly known worldwide as Superman. In his secret identity, he begins working as a reporter for the Daily Planet, where he meets Lois Lane, with whom he falls in love with at first sight, Cat Grant, who developes romantic feelings for him, Perry White, his irascible but fair minded boss, and Jimmy Olsen, with whom he becomes close friends, eventually entrusting him with his secret and giving him a special signal watch so that he can contact him in case he ever gets into trouble, and allowing him to take the first photo of Superman, which wins a Pulitzer Prize.[52]
    • During his career Kal-El comes head to head with numerous supervillains, such as Ben Krull/Reactron - though neither one is able to defeat the other, resulting in several encounters over the years; likely because Clark is afraid that removing the Thorium 232 from Reactron's suit, will immediately explode and kill thousands of people in the surrounding area.[60]
    • In his early days as Superman, he also makes a few mistakes that make some people in Metropolis annoyed by his antics; however with time he becomes extremely loved by both the citizens and the world. Despite Clark's heroic acts, many people are secretly terrified of Superman, not because he has god-like powers, but because they are afraid of what he might do if he ever loses control of his temper.[59][61]
    • Under an undisclosed circumstance, Superman worked with Bruce Wayne/Batman, a "masked vigilante with tons of gadgets and lots of demons" who has a habit of frightening the very people he's trying to protect and is considered a "nut" by many, but eventually became one of his closest friends, or "frenemy", to the point that they revealed their secret identities to each others and were known as the "World's Finest".[51]
    • Superman also befriends the brilliant billionaire industrialist Lex Luthor, CEO of Luthor Corp. Initially the two decide to work together to end the threat of alien invasions, but Lex's methods are far crueler than Superman's and, although he tries hard to trust his friend, defending him against accusations of others and continuing to give him several chances to atone his wrong deeds, this ultimately results in a falling out between the pair. Shortly after this, Lex comes to believe that Superman himself is the cause of alien terrorism, as his presence attracts them, and declares war on his former friend, becoming his greatest enemy. One of their duels involved Superman thwarting an attempt on Lex's part to trigger a fault line in California with an "earthquake machine."[51][57][58]
    • At some point, Superman has at least one encounter with J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter - whether or not this encounter ends in a fight is unknown, but it is enough for him to call J'onn "the most powerful being on Earth."[62]
    • Over the years Clark begins a steady romantic relationship with Lois Lane.[57]
  • 2003
    • December: Kara Zor-El's pod crash-lands on Earth. She is discovered by her cousin, who wants her to have a human childhood like he did. As a result, Superman leaves her with the Danvers family, knowing they will help her to understand her powers as they did with him.[52]
    • Over the years, he keeps in touch with his cousin and invites her to see the Fortress of Solitude several times, though she rejects the offers as she thinks it will remind her of Krypton.[59]
  • 2004
    • Kara takes Alex out flying, and they are spotted. Later that evening, Director Hank Henshaw arrives at the Danvers house and attempts to take Kara back to the DEO with him. Jeremiah makes a deal with Henshaw to come work for him in exchange for Kara remaining with the family.[56]
  • 2005
    • Director Henshaw leads a team including Jeremiah Danvers, to South America to capture an alien fugitive from Mars named J'onn J'onzz. Jeremiah befriends the alien and defends him from Henshaw, seemingly at the cost of their lives. A month later, J'onn begins masquerading as "Hank" and assumes his place as the D.E.O. director.[62]
    • At some point Superman becomes aware of J'onn's deception, and later on her helps the D.E.O. uncover an alien asteroid composed of an emerald-green Kryptonian xenomineral. J'onn nicknames it "Kryptonite" and resolves to store it in the D.E.O. as a contingency, which enrages Superman. This leads to the pair falling out, though despite this Clark still keeps J'onn's secret.[57]
  • 2011
    • Lena Luthor meets Jack Spheer and begins working with him to try and find a cure for cancer and other diseases using nanotechnology.[63]
  • 2013
    • Alex Danvers is personally recruited into the DEO by "Hank Henshaw".[62]
  • 2014
    • Lena Luthor and Jack Spheer enter into a romantic relationship.[63]
    • Kara Danvers is hired at CatCo.[62]
  • 2015
    • October: Kara Zor-El, now Kara Danvers, meets James Olsen at CatCo. While on a blind date she sees on the news that Flight 237, the one her sister Alex Danvers is on to go to her conference in Geneva, is going down. She reveals her powers by saving the plane from crashing, becoming the superheroine known as Supergirl.[52]
    • November: An oil spill disaster takes place.[59]
    • Kara learns that her Aunt Astra is alive and leading the prisoners of Fort Rozz.[59]
    • Cat Grant interviews Supergirl.[59][60]
    • Kara defeats Ben Krull.[60]
    • Maxwell Lord unveils his new train.[64]
    • 25th: Leslie Willis becomes the villain known as Livewire and attempts to kill Cat Grant for firing her.[56]
    • December: Kara solar flares after fighting Red Tornado.[61]
    • An earthquake hits National City.[65]
    • Alex learns the truth about J'onn J'onzz.[65]
    • Cat Grant is hacked.[66]
    • Astra is captured by the DEO and Non and his followers attack Lord Technologies.[66][67]
    • Kara learns the truth about J'onn J'onzz.[67]
  • 2016
  • 2017
    • February: Lillian Luthor is tried and attempts to escape and frame Lena, who is later exonerated.[58]
    • 13th: Mxyzptlk, a imp of the Fifth Dimension, proclaims his love to Kara, who later tricks him and banishes him back to the Fifth Dimension.[85]
    • Kara rescues Jeremiah from Project Cadmus, but discovers that he is a traitor and working for them after he steals the alien registry.[86]
    • March: Supergirl stops a Hoshin Frigate from forcibly deporting a number of alien refugees, including Winn's girlfriend Lyra Strayd.[87]
    • Kara discovers that Mon-El is the prince of Daxam and their relationship briefly ends.[88]
    • The Music Meister appears, abducts Supergirl, and goes to Earth-1 in search of Barry Allen.[89]
    • Rhea puts a bounty on Kara's head and later kills her husband when he tries to oppose her.[90]
    • March-April: Lena asks Kara to attend a conference where Jack Spheer will unveil his big breakthrough in nano-technology, which has the potential to eradicate all diseases. When Kara sees Snapper Carr in attendance, she’s inspired to tap back into her reporter skills and questions Jack on his discovery. Joe Watkins comes to her to talk to her to meet later in private. When they meet, he tells her that he was fired from Spheerical after he looked into the human testing records and found that there weren't any. He tells her that Jack Spheer is launching an unsafe product just before Kara hears a strange sound. The next moment, the car explodes. Kara manages to get out unscathed, but Joe is killed.[63]
    • To save Supergirl and stop Beth, Lena overrides the Biomax system, killing Jack in the process.[63]
    • Lena Luthor is visited by Rhea, who tells her that she has come with a proposal.[63]
    • April: Alex is kidnapped by Rick Malverne.[91]
    • James helps out an alien boy named Marcus.[92]
    • Cat Grant returns to National City after the Daxamites invade.[93]
    • Supergirl stops the Daxamite invasion with the aid of Lena Luthor.[94]
    • Kara sends Mon-El away to save his life.[94]
    • Alex proposes to Maggie.[94]
    • October: Supergirl stops Morgan Edge from attacking the waterfront, and Lena buys CatCo.[95]
    • November: Samantha Arias takes over as acting CEO of L-Corp while Lena runs CatCo.[96]
    • J'onn travels to Mars and discovers that his father is alive.[97]
    • Kara learns that Thomas Coville has created a cult that worships Supergirl as a goddess.[98]
    • Morgan Edge tries to frame Lena by making it seem as if her lead bomb has poisoned children.[99]
    • Maggie and Alex break up due to their differences over wanting children.[99]
    • Kara and Alex return to Midvale to recuperate from their breakups.[100]
    • Mon-El turns out to be alive, having traveled back in time from the 31st Century with his wife, Imra Ardeen.[48]
    • Sam is awakened as Reign.[48]
    • December: Kara and Alex travel to Earth-1 for Barry and Iris ' wedding, where they are attacked by Nazis from Earth-X who want Kara's heart to save Overgirl.[101][102]
    • Christmas: Kara battles Reign and is beaten into a coma.[103]
    • Kara awakens from her coma and battles Reign a second time with the aid of the The Legion.[104]
  • 2018
    • January: Kara travels to Fort Rozz with Imra, Livewire, and Psi.[105]
    • February: Morgan Edge is arrested after trying to poison Lena, and Lillian Luthor is arrested for trying to murder Edge in retaliation.[106]
    • The DEO captures the Worldkiller  Purity, but lose her to Reign when Julia, Purity's civilian persona, sacrifices herself to save Alex.[49]
    • Winslow Schott Sr. dies, and Mary Schott comes back into Winn's life.[55]
    • March: Lena confirms that Sam is in fact Reign.[107]
    • A plague caused by Pestilence sweeps through the city, and Supergirl and her team work to stop it. Imra wants to kill Pestilence to save her future but is unable to do so because of Purity's arrival. Using Pestilence's DNA, the DEO is able to create a cure for the plague.[108]
    • Kara learns that Lena has been holding Reign/Sam captive using Kryptonite, which causes a strain in their relationship.[109]
    • Supergirl's team and the Legion battle the worldkillers, and Purity and Pestilence are killed.[109]
    • Patricia Arias is killed by Reign.[110]
    • Coville's cult  attempts to create another worldkiller.[111]
    • Supergirl discovers that Argo City and her mother  survived Krypton's destruction.[112]
    • Kara uses the Rock of Yuda Kal  to split Sam and Reign, seemingly defeating Reign.[113]
    • Kara returns home to Argo City, accompanied by Mon-El who needs to contact the Legion to pick him up. While on Argo, she realizes that Selena is part of the Worldkiller Coven, but is too late to stop Selena from returning to Earth and stranding her on Argo.[113]
    • Selena's Coven resurrects Reign. Kara, Mon-El, and Alura return to Earth just as Selena's Coven begins terraforming the Earth.[114]
    • The Legion returns to pick up Mon-El and help in the fight against Reign.
    • Supergirl defeats Reign with the help of Sam, but doing so involves both traveling back in time and using the Harun-El.[115]
    • Winn joins the Legion, Brainy joins the DEO, and Alura returns to Argo City.[115]
    • Mon-El and the Legion return to the 31st Century.[115]
    • A second Kara mysteriously appears in Siberia.[115]
    • June: James is under investigation by the DA's office for his Guardian activities, but Lena sorts out a backroom deal to have the investigation dropped.[116]
    • Nia Nal joins the CatCo staff as a cub reporter.[116]
    • Camp David is attacked at President Marsdin's summit to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Alien Amnesty Act.[116]
    • Agent Liberty, using Mercy Graves and Otis Graves expose President Marsdin as an alien.[116]
    • July: President Marsdin resigns the presidency after being exposed as an alien.[117]
    • Mercy and Otis Graves irradiate the Earth's atmosphere with Kryptonite.[117]
    • Supergirl is placed in a protective suit created by Lena until the DEO can find a way to make the atmosphere safe for her again.[118]

Earth-X timeline

  • 1939-1940s
    • December: World War II begins.[102]
    • The Nazis develop the atomic bomb before any of the Allied Powers, and nuke New York City, Paris, London, and Moscow, forcing the surrender of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union.
    • The Nazis win World War II.
  • Prior to 1994
    • The SS set up outposts not only all throughout Europe but also all throughout the Américas, creating a worldwide New Reich, with only minuscule cells of freedom fighters trying to fight back.
  • 1994
  • Between 1994 and 2017
    • Krypton explodes. Sometime later, Kara land on Earth.
    • At some point, Tommy and Oliver became best friends, and the both went to become high-ranking members of the Schutzstaffel.
    • Oliver later becomes the New Reich's Führer.
    • Oliver and Kara got married.
    • The Freedom Fighters was created.
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
    • Between January-May, the cells of the Freedom Fighters across the planet helped the people to restore the governments of Earth.
    • Siren-X travels to Earth-1 to take revenge on the heroes.
    • Leonard Snart travels to Earth-1 to help Barry Allen arrest Siren-X.
    • Snart and Ray got married.

Continuity errors

  • In the Arrow​​​ episode, Template:Ep/Pilot, on the news it says that Robert Queen was born in 1948. However, in the next episode, "Honor Thy Father", Robert Queen's grave stone says he was born in 1958.
  • In the Arrow​​​ episode, "Salvation"​​​, which takes place in 2013, Felicity mentions that Joseph Falk is 42 years old. But on the computer screen it says that he was born in Calvin City in 1980, which would make him either 32 or 33, depending on the time of year he was born.
  • In the DC's Legends of Tomorrow​ episode, "Pilot, Part 1"​​​​, Jefferson Jackson says that he is 20 years old. However, the episode takes place in January 2016 and his birthday is September 12, 1993[6] which would make him 22.
  • In The Flash​​​ season 1 episode, "Power Outage", "Harrison Wells" lists Al Rothstein as one of the people killed by the particle accelerator explosion, but Rothstein is found dead at the nuclear plant where he works in the season 2 episode, "The Man Who Saved Central City"​​​, having been murdered by his Earth-2 doppelgänger.
  • In The Flash​​​ episode, Template:Ep/Invasion!​​, it starts with a scene set at night. It proceeds to flash back to "10 hours earlier" at a scene also set at night in which the Dominators arrive. Then, it picks up during the next morning. This would make it about a day earlier and not 10 hours earlier.
  • The S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded on December 11, 2013.[119] In The Flash​​​ season 4 episode "Therefore I Am", it's mentioned that the particle accelerator exploded on January 7, 2014.
    • The effects of Flashpoint couldn't have changed the date of the particle accelerator explosion, as the date of the particle accelerator's activation was seen written out as December 11, 2013 in The Flash season 5 episode "What's Past is Prologue".
  • In The Flash​​​ season 2 episode, "The Man Who Saved Central City"​ Eobard Thawne said he killed Nora Allen on March 18, 2000. Henry Allen was set free from prison in October 2015. But, in "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash"​​, Barry says it took 17 years for his father to be set free which would mean Henry would've been released from prison in 2017.  
  • In the Arrow​​​ episode, "Three Ghosts"​​​, Barry is introduced and he spends his day in Starling City, returning to Central City too late to get to S.T.A.R. Labs to see the particle accelerator get turned on. But in The Flash​​​ episode, Template:Ep/Pilot​​​, it's established that he is in town all day and attends the viewing of the particle accelerator alongside Iris, and doesn't attend the particle accelerator's activation because he has to work late.
  • Barry went into the Speed Force prison in late May 2017.[120] It's mentioned that Barry spent six months in the Speed Force,[121] but it's stated that he got out of the Speed Force on October 10, 2017.[44] This would mean that Barry wasn't even in the Speed Force for a full five months.
  • Barry ran to 2024 to try to learn Savitar's identity.[17] However, in The Flash​​​ episode "Nora", Iris says that Barry ran to 2020 to learn Savitar's identity.
  • Ben Turner was killed during a mission with the Suicide Squad in 2014.[28] He was later shown to be alive in 2018 for unspecified reasons.[122]
  • In the book Arrow - Oliver Queen's Dossier Oliver Queen's Dossier, Quentin Lance's birth date is listed as January 3, 1963, however in "Lost Canary", his gravestone lists his birthdate as June 15, 1960.
  • In "Green Arrow", a billboard lists Ray Palmer's birth year as 1981, however an Ivy Town Times article lists Ray as being 8-years-old on October 31, 1988, which would place Ray birthdate between November 1979 and October 1980.


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