"...not only do Superman, Supergirl, and Black Lightning live here, but now our entire timeline has been rewritten so that they've always lived here, and I don't remember owning this shirt!"
Cisco Ramon confused about his shirt with the House of El's symbol on it[src]

The timeline of Earth-Prime is a series of significant events listed in chronological order. The timeline is always in a constant flux when a person with access to some form of time travel goes backwards in time and changes events, creating a new timeline from that moment onward.

Because of the nature of Earth-Prime, many events from its constituent Earths must have also taken place but have not been confirmed to have happened on Earth-Prime specifically. See Timeline of Earth-1, Timeline of Earth-38, and Timeline of Earth-TUD5 to see more events.


Ancient past

  • The Fates, three Greek sisters comprised of the deities Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, weave the Loom of Fate, until Clotho realizes she wants mortals to decide their own fates and betrays her own sisters by destroying the powerful loom, subsequently diminishing the Fates' own powers. Clotho goes on the run and later adopts the name Charlie to hide from her sisters.[3]
  • Prior to 1297
    • Genghis Khan goes on a lifetime quest for global conquest.[3]
    • Genghis Khan dies. He is buried with his sword.[3]
  • 1793
    • The French Revolution is currently taking place.[6]
      • The Reign of Terror is currently taking place.[6]
        • Most royals and well-dressed individuals are beheaded.[6]
          • Marie Antoinette is found guilty for excessively partying while France starved, is sentenced to death by guillotine and is executed, leaving her legacy as the last queen of France.[6][3]
    • Original timeline: Napoleon marches on southern France.[6]
    • New timeline: Astra Logue resurrects Marie Antoinette as an encore and gives her a magical perfume that, when applied on her body, charms everyone in her immediate vicinity.[6]
      • Marie holds a party at the Versailles and charms every one of her guests, which includes the revolution.[6]
        • Instead of marching on southern France, Napoleon, magically charmed by Marie, attends her party.[6]
        • Aberration timeline: Marie brings out cake for the revolution and lets them party themselves to death as revenge for her execution, drastically and ultimately collapsing the French Revolution and killing thousands of people.[6]
        • Current timeline: The Legends capture Marie Antoinette and incarcerate her on the Waverider, preventing the collapse of the French Revolution.[6]
  • 1989
    • Original timeline: Seven students, namely, Annie Bobsen, Mimi Corvetto, Vicki Lewis, Horace McGorley, Kurt Ruttledge, Brad Shephard, and Brock Undershoot, are all murdered by Kathy Meyers at Central City High School for bullying her son, Freddy Meyers, on their prom night. Tiffany Harper emerges as the sole survivor among the serial killer's targets. Freddy takes the fall for his mother's charges, is immediately arrested by the police, and becomes known as the Prom Night Slasher. He confesses to "his" crimes and is sentenced to the death penalty for the horrendous nature of the serial murders.[16]
    • Current timeline: Nora Darhk appears as Freddy's Fairy Godmother and prevents him from getting bullied. Kathy, worried that her son might drift away from her for him being himself and getting too attached to his newfound friends, attempts to murder his friends and, later, Freddy himself, but was thwarted by Zari and Behrad Tarazi. She was arrested after the incident, delaying her death, which was previously in 2004.[16]
  • At some point after 1993
    • Clark remains proud of his dual heritage, taking seriously both his humanity and his Kryptonian legacy. So, over the years, to preserve the memory of his home planet and provide him rest from his adventurous life, he maintains a Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole.
  • 1997
    • Genghis Khan finally digs his way up onto the surface and restarts his ultimate objective of global conquest, starting with the Triad in Hong Kong.[3]
    • Great Britain prepares to return the territory of Hong Kong to China.[3]
      • Genghis Khan plans to blackmail Prince Charles into giving Hong Kong's territory to him instead of back to China in exchange for the prince's life.[3]
      • Prince Charles is kidnapped by Charlie, who poses as the prince and participates instead in the motorcade before the handover ceremony.[3]
      • Genghis Khan is thwarted and is permanently killed by Charlie using his own Hellfire sword.[3]
    • Lena Luthor is adopted by the Luthor family[20]
  • Prior to 2003
    • Clark Kent becomes the vigilante, under the codename Superman.
    • Bruce Wayne becomes the vigilante known as the Batman.
  • 2019
    • March 5, King Shark fights Gorilla Grodd on the streets of Central City.[30]
    • The demon Neron breaks free from Hell and possesses the body of Ray Palmer.[1]
    • May 22, Heyworld is created and a conflict dubbed by the media as the Battle of Heyworld ensues between the Legends and Neron.[1]
      • The existence of magical creatures and Hell is proved to be real by footages from the event.[1]
      • Nate Heywood is murdered by Neron, but was later resurrected with the joint effort of the Legends and the audience.[1]
      • Neron is exorcised from Ray Palmer's body and has been presumably sent back to Hell.[1]
      • Current timeline: Due to the creation of the theme park, Zari Tarazi was replaced by her younger brother, Behrad Tarazi, in the timeline as a member of the Legends and the wielder of the Air Totem.[1]
      • The Legends of Tomorrow have gone public, with almost every news media in the United States covering stories of the events at Heyworld, and have accepted publicity deals, turning them into worldwide celebrities.[1]
    • August or September, CC Jitters temporarily closes for renovation, with only Vibe-uccinos available for to-go orders.[13]
    • September/October/December,
  • 2020
    • January
      • The Paragons return from the Crisis.[22]
      • The Anti-Monitor and his shadow demons attempt to destroy Earth-Prime, due to Nash Wells freeing him, but are thwarted by a team of heroes, who shrinks the Anti-Monitor down to the Microverse, thus ultimately putting an end to the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[38]
      • The pieces of the Loom of Fate now exist on the same plane, restoring the Fates' powers.[3]
      • Oliver Queen is announced to have passed away and is honored in an address by the President of the United States.[38]
      • A team comprised of the world's most capable heroes is formed.[38]
      • Rene Ramirez runs for mayor of The Glades
      • Residents from destroyed Earths of the original multiverse have come through a wormhole and have taken refuge on Earth-Prime.[36]
      • Batwoman comes out as a lesbian.[7]
      • With the help of J'onn J'onzz's abilities, Cisco Ramon creates a device that can restore anyone's memories of their original multiverse counterparts upon immediate contact.[37]
      • Behrad Tarazi is born.[1]
      • Meet the Legends is filmed and directed by Kevin Harris for the Legends to retain their funding, but was later stated by the Legends to be nothing more than fiction to their fans, causing them to lose publicity, fame, and budget from a legal source.[1]
      • The moniker of romance novelist Rebecca Silver is passed on by Mick Rory to Mona Wu.[1]
        • Due to this, Mona Wu leaves the Legends to focus on her novelist career.[1]
      • January 19 or 20
      • January 27,
      • January or February
      • March
      • April
        • April 21, Barry and Cisco and Caitlin been making the Artificial Speed Force machine for weeks and it don't not even work. Death of Mirror Kamilla. Later, Mirror Iris and Flash fight resulting in Mirror Iris obtaining a will of her own, resulting in her death. Eva escapes from the Mirrorverse leaving real Iris, Kamilla and David in the Mirrorverse. Eva is ready to kill her husband and despite the best efforts of Team Flash, she succeeds in her mission.[42]
        • The Legends are looking for the Loom of Fate to bring Behrad back. Atropos wants her loom to bring the world back to her rule. Charlie and Sara obtain the loom before she does are at Vancouver Woods and have a family reunion. Later Atropos use her true form to kill Sara but she survives and fights her in the Waverider. During this Charile cut Atropos hands and goes back to hell.[43]
      • May
        • In Central City Barry goes to Keystone to see Joe and tells about Iris being a clone. Joe tells Barry that it is not his fault. Barry later returns to Central City to tell the others about Iris and Kamilla. Barry and Allegra talk about on how she can run The Citzen before Godspeed comes back from the future to steal Barry's remaining speed. However he is stopped by Nash. Team Flash tries to figure out why he came to 2020 and how they can stop him. They attempt to recruit Hartley Rathaway to help, however Barry does not know what did he do to him so Cisco tells him that he used his lightning to attack Hartley's right hand man and boyfriend, Roderick, putting him in a degenerative coma so Barry and Nash go to Hartley's lair to get his help. Hartley attacks them before Barry tells him how to save Roderick and get his help stopping Godspeed. However their method fails forcing Barry to confront Godspeed on his own. Barry is losing to Godspeed until Hartley comes and helps, using the same way he put Roderick in a coma. They take Godspeed's blood to save Roderick.[26]
      • May 03
      • May 11
        • Eve Teschmacher kidnaps William Dey. In the morning Kara open the door to Lena apologizing for everything and stating that she wants to be friends with Kara again and how she wants to stop Lex. Meanwhille Gemma bring Lex to the Leviathan ship shows a way to destroy Supergirl and her Superfriends. In Kara's house, Team Supergirl plans on how to defeat Luthor. They go to LuthorCorp to make the Anti-Kryptonite suit. Meanwhile Eve and William are alone in a abandoned warehouse, Willam tells Eve that she is not a bad person, in response Eva fires a bullet at William so Supergirl heals William with her heat vision. Team Supergirl battle Rama Khan Tezumak and Sela resulting in Kara using her thunderclap to stop them. After the battle Team Supergirl vow to do whatever they can to stop Lex Luthor.[45]
      • May 17
      • October 31
      • December
        • While Kate was on a flight home from National City after meeting with Kara over whether or not to destroy the piece of Kryptonite that she had, the plane's engine malfunctioned, causing it to crash. Ryan Wilder was sleeping in his van when he heard the wreckage falling. She went there and found Batsuit. She then decided to become Batwoman to avenge her mother. Tommy Elliot posing as Bruce Wayne appeared in town but was soon discovered by Julia Pennyworth, who warned Luke and Mary. During his fight with Ryan, Tommy shot a kryptonite bullet at her, leaving her injured. Tommy lost the fight and the fake face and was sent to Arkham. Alice reveals to Jacob Kane that Kate was the Batwoman. Ryan doesn't feel worthy to be the Batwoman, so she returns the suit to Luke and Mary,[15] but days later, she saves Gotham citizens during a protest and decides to become the new Batwoman with the help of Luke and Mary.[28]
  • 2024
    • The production of squeezable butter is discontinued.[6]
  • Prior to 2040
    • Original timeline: An Anti-Meta-human Act is passed.[47]
    • Current timeline: Due to the events of Heyworld, the timeline changed so the anti-Meta-Human act never happened.[47]
    • Due to unknown reasons, all records of Dinah Drake's existence have vanished.[37]
  • 2041
    • Original timeline: Star City falls into chaos, with crime as rampant as in the Star City of Earth-1. It is caused by the death of Bianca Bertinelli and the feeling of abandonment of the citizens towards Mia Queen from the previously safe city that her father sacrificed his life for. This timeline was supposedly erased when the Canaries thwarted Deathstroke.[37]
  • Prior to 2044
  • 2044
    • Zari Tarazi is held captive aboard the Waverider, but eventually joins the Legends as an interim member.[12]
    • Zari Tarazi learns her future in 2045 and steals Marie Antoinette's magical charm perfume to present at the reveal event in New York City in place of her ill-scented Dragonesque fragrance. The reveal is interrupted by her then boyfriend DJ S'More Money's marriage proposal, which is interrupted when he spilled the magical perfume onto Zari, charming everyone at the event. The Legends help her wear off the fragrance by jumping into a fountain and escaping from the event onto the Waverider.[6]
  • 2045
    • Original timeline: October 7, KFEJ reports that Zari Tarazi's Dragonesque fragrance is banned by the FDA for clogging the user's sense of smell. Zari faces backlash from her fans known as Z Nation, with the number of her Cat-Chat followers plummeting to almost zero.[6]
  • 2049 (presumably)
    • The events involving Reverse-Flash, Barry Allen/The Flash, and Nora West-Allen/XS occur, resulting in Reverse-Flash escaping and Nora's death with her journal being left in the care of team Flash.[41][42]
  • 2126
    • Anti-trolling legislations are in place around the world, preventing the start of World War III.[34]

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