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"When a timeship returns to the Vanishing Point after a mission, its CPU is updated from the temporal database, which, given my rogue status, we are unable to do."
Rip Hunter[src]

A timeship is a vehicle used primarily to travel through time, via the temporal zone (a "limbo" between time), though it can also venture through space. Notable users of it include the Time Masters, time pirates and the Legends; who own a variant named the Waverider. Several timeships have a built-in artificial intelligence (A.I.), Gideon an example of one. These vessels are one of the few ways to travel through time, along with a connection to the Speed Force and using a time sphere, to enter a wormhole into the space-time continuum created; by someone; with the former.


Timeships are powered by "time drives"; which have to be manually fixed if the damage done is too severe for the A.I. to repair; which can leak deadly temporal radiation if damaged. They have specific compartments for it's occupants and passengers, the Waverider has 36 total compartments, including a hidden one; which can; include bedrooms, a first aid room and are equipped with highly advanced futuristic technology other than the A.I.; which; includes organ regeneration and cloaking technologies. Timeships also have the capabilities to go underwater, and can resist extremely high temperatures, shown when Rip Hunter flew a Thanagarian meteor into the Sun. The ships also have an emergency fail-safe to scatter passengers across time. They can even fly through deep space.


In January 2016, having recruited a team to help him stop Vandal Savage from taking over the world in 2166, former Time Master Rip Hunter unveils his previously-cloaked timeship, the Waverider.

When Chronos attacks the Waverider, Rip Hunter's team is stranded in Star City 2046. Rip and Sara proceed to break into an old Smoak Technologies warehouse to retrieve the technology needed to repair it, aided by Connor Hawke/Green Arrow.

Receiving a distress call from the flagship timeship, the Acheron, Rip and some members of his team board the ship to steal it's A.I. in order to update Gideon so they can track Savage's next location, only to discover that it's been raided by a group of time pirates led by Jon Valor. A delusional Mick Rory then betrays the team to the Time Pirates, to return to 2016 in exchange for helping them takeover a damaged Waverider as well. Ray Palmer manages to seal the hole in the Waverider, whilst Sara and Snart managed to stop Mick and the pirates. Meanwhile, Rip and his squad are quickly locked up with the vessel's captain, Eve Baxter; but subsequently manage to escape and stop the Time Pirates, as well as gain the software update for Gideon from Eve and the Acheron's A.I., Gilbert.

When the Waverider's time drive is damaged - leading to it being stranded in the temporal zone - the team's mechanic, Jefferson Jackson, is assigned to fix it, but in the process, is exposed to temporal radiation that threatens to kill him by rapid aging. Professor Martin Stein proceeds to send him off in a jump-ship back in time to 2016, in order to reverse the side-effects.

When Rip, Ray Palmer, Mick Rory and Stein are imprisoned by the Time Masters in the Vanishing Point, Sara Lance and Leonard Snart implanted devices that; shut down the A.I. system on many of the timeships owned by the Time Masters, in order to prevent them from pursuing upon their escape. The crew reunited, and flew out in the Waverider when the Time Masters' base was destroyed.

In May 2016, when Rip Hunter and the returning members of his team (minus Kendra and Scythian/Carter, who left) prepared to board the Waverider once again in order to maintain the timeline, now that the Time Masters are gone, a future version of their timeship crash-landed, with a man named Rex Tyler.

Known timeships[]

Waverider (Earth-1)

The Waverider, a timeship.

Chronos's timeship

Chronos's timeship.

Known ship A.I.s[]

Gideon (Waverider)

Gideon, the A.I. system for the Waverider.

Known users[]

The Legends leave feudal Japan

The Waverider's crew.

Former users[]


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  • So far, all the known timeship A.I. systems' names have begun with with the letter "G".
  • Timeships, despite having 37 compartments, are meant for only one person. Suggesting its meant for storage or imprisonment of targets (since Legends have been locked in their rooms).