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"You'll figure it out. I have faith in you, Tina."
"And if I refuse, you'll do it anyway, right? Well, the truth is, I have faith in you too."
Barry Allen and Tina McGee[src]

Dr. Christina R. "Tina" McGee was a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs. She was the widow of the late David McGee and Barry Allen's close friend and partner in his vigilante exploits as "The Flash". At some point, she remarried to Barry.[1]


Early life

Christina was born to Jocelyn Weller and her husband. She had a sister that lived upstate.[2] When she was thirteen years old, her mother left her father, which devastated him. Tina stayed with and took care of him. This also left Tina feeling that her mother resented her for not going with her when she left and that she didn't think that her mother wanted to be burdened with a daughter while she was finding herself.[3]

Christina was friends with both Carl Tanner and David McGee during college, where both David and Carl were rivals for her affections, though ultimately she married David.[4] At some point, she worked with Dr. Jason Rossick on a robotics project for the government of which Colonel Christine Powers was the NSIA project coordinator. Powers was the reason that she left the project.[5]

In 1989, Christina's husband died, due to experimenting on himself with a special enzyme he had discovered and his refusal to both test on other human subjects and lack of funds for research. He was found by his wife the next morning.[6]

Helping the Flash

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Marriage to Barry Allen

Tina McGee and Barry Allen eventually got married.[1]

The Monitor's invasion

In 2018, The Monitor invaded Earth-90 and seemingly killed all of its residents. Because of that, Tina's fate remains unknown.[7][1]


Due to Tina's faith in Barry and their love, she became a driving force for Barry in his missions as the Flash in a similar way the Iris West from Earth-1 was an inspiration for the Barry from her Earth. When both versions of Barry met, when Earth-1 Barry expressed to be worried about Iris, Earth-90 Barry spoke about Tina being a great inspiration. When Barry sacrificed himself to stop the antimatter cannon he remembered her telling him that she trusted him.[1]


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  • Tina's surname "McGee" suggest that she is of Irish descent.

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