The Titanic was a ship that sailed in April 1912.


At some point, the Titanic was built.

In April 1912, the Titanic sailed on the North Atlantic Ocean. The food during the voyage was known to be "amazing".

Aberrant timeline: After the Legends accidentally created a time storm, an anachronism was detected in the North Atlantic Ocean, April 1912, the place and time that the Titanic sailed.[1]

Current timeline: The aberration was presumably prevented by either the Legends or the Time Bureau.[2] During the ship's voyage, it struck an iceberg without anyone noticing the chunk of ice and presumably sank.[3]


When Moira Queen uncovered the wreckage of the Queen's Gambit, she learned that C2 explosives big enough to sink the Titanic were used to sabotage the yacht.[4]

At some point, Martin Stein learnt of the Titanic and believed that its creator "ought to be shot" for building the ship in the first place.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • In "Freakshow", Martin Stein freaked out when Ray Palmer mentioned saving the Titanic and claimed that the creator of the ship should be shot. This is likely a reference to the fact Victor Garber portrayed Thomas Andrews, the designer of the Titanic, in the 1997 film.


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