Dr. Todd Green (1998[1]-2019[2]) was a cryptographer and tech genius who had lost his research grant to a white wards board before being recruited by Tobias Whale into The 100.


Early life

Todd was born in Fort Valley, Georgia, around 1998. A prodigy child, he graduated from college at the age of 17 and earned both his master and PhD before turning 21. He then received a research grant in advanced cryptography and moved to Freeland to work to a local research center.[1]

Working for Tobias

Todd meets Tobias.

Despite Todd's many success during the year, the white wards board of the institute decided to give his research grant to another candidate, Garett Tortolani, the son of a rich, white industrialist who donned a new wing to the research center. Todd is then escorted out of the building angered and, as he approached his car, he noticed an invitation for that evening to Club 100 from Tobias Whale. Intrigued, the young man visited the club and met Tobias, who told him that he deserves better and promised him money, women and power if he chooses to join him. Although tempted, being aware of Tobias' reputation, at first Todd refused but, after he wired $100,000.00 to his account, the young man is finally swayed to Tobias' side.[1]

Tobias rips out Khalil's spine.

Later, Todd had a dinner with Tobias and they discussed what the criminal needed. They are interrupted by a phone call from Cutter where she told him that she had lost Khalil Payne/Painkiller and asked for the last locations of Khalil's implant in an effort to find him. After the call, Tobias explained about Martin Proctor's briefcase and that he needed Todd to decrypt the rest of the information in it. Cutter arrived and Todd gave her the list of Khalil's last locations. After Cutter attacked the caravan that transported Khalil, finally delivering him back to Tobias, in revenge for his actions, he brutally rips out Khalil's spinal implant, leaving him once again paralyzed and dropped off the injured Khalil outside of Jeremiah Holt's church as a threat for Holt's compliance. Shortly after, Todd cracked the encryption on the briefcase gaining full access to its contents dealing with meta-humans and Project Masters of Disaster.[3]

Jace, Cutter, Tobias and Todd found the Project Master of Disaster.

Continuing to look over the data on the Project Masters of Disaster, Todd and Tobias watched archive footage from the A.S.A. on the computer from Proctor's briefcase, reviewing the moment when Dr. Helga Jace tricked Dr. Lynn Stewart into killing half of the Green Light Babies. Tobias ordered Todd to locate Jace, reasoning she can find the four pod kids in the project Masters of Disaster. Todd visited Dr. Jace in prison and deactivated her ankle tracker before creating a holographic version of her to remain in the cell. With the cooperation of the guard, Todd escorted Jace to Tobias. Jace was the one who created the serum that keeps Tobias young, and she had been using the serum herself. She also revealed that she knows where the four meta-humans from the clinic are, leading Todd, Tobias and Cutter to them.[4]

Some days later, Todd reported to Tobias Whale that the pods had been moved, and that those who moved the pods had been dealt with by Cutter so that no one is aware of where they are. Tobias then asked Todd about the tactical teams operating in Freeland but the briefcase has no information on it, however, Todd showed him that the four individuals in the pods were A.S.A. covert operatives experimented on at Fort Leavenworth who committed war crimes. Tobias wanted Todd to open the pods but the technology is out of date for his skills, so he cancelled a hit on Dr. Jace (who was previously sent back to jail) with the intention of recruiting her on a more permanent basis instead.[5]

Todd is later killed by Cutter in a car explosion, now being expendable due to Todd having less knowledge about opening the pods and maintaining the meta-humans in comparison to Jace.[2]


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert cryptographer/Master hacker: Todd is extremely intelligent and a genious of cryptography and technology as well as a master hacker capable of infiltrating in every firewall with ease,[3] as well as to orchestrate the secret jailbreak of Dr. Helga Jace.[4]


Black Lightning

Season 2


  • Todd was vegan.[3]


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