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Detective Tom Patterson is a police detective of the Central City Police Department.


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When Julian Albert was kidnapped by Killer Frost, Tom helped lead the police force sent to rescue him. After finding Julian incapacitated, Tom ordered his fellow officers to fire upon Killer Frost, but the Flash intervened and sped her to safety before she could be hit by the officers' bullets. Tom was later sent to County General hospital to collect Julian's statement while the latter was recovering.[1]


Tom is quite vain and arrogant, believing that all meta-humans are crazy as he once said to Barry Allen. He was also annoyed at how The Flash seemed to be doing all the work while Kid Flash was watching, believing he should move to another city despite the fact that Kid Flash was just beginning to learn how to be a hero.

Despite these negative qualities, Tom is not ungrateful as he was thankful to The Flash for saving him from dying in a fire.


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