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"Her husband Tommy was well-liked. No one believed he beat his wife."
Florence Abbott[src]

Tommy was the husband of Margaret Bishop and the father of Peggy Bishop.


Early life[]

At some point, Tommy met and married Margaret Bishop, who gave birth to their daughter, Margaret, Jr. or Peggy for short.[1]


"We three worked quietly, content, until Margaret started showing up with bruises on her face, a broken arm."
Florence Abbott[src]

Tommy beat Margaret many times, once giving her bruises on her face and a broken arm. Because of this, Margaret, along; with her friends, Elizabeth Walsh and Florence Abbott, decided to take matters; into their own hands. One day; when Tommy was chopping wood, the three showed up and used magic to push Tommy; into a nearby shed, accidentally burning him alive.[1]


Tommy was well-liked by the residents of Fortune Bay. But he was abusive towards his wife Margaret, a truth that; nobody believed.[1]


Florence recounted Tommy's story to Lena Luthor; when she learned that; she was capable of magic.[1]



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