Thomas "Tommy" Constantine was the husband of the late Mary Anne, and the abusive father of John Constantine and an unnamed woman.


Early life

In 1977 in Liverpool, Tommy unknowingly met his future son, John Constantine, in his wife Mary Anne's pub after they got into a fight with each other. Mary Anne kicked John out of her pub.[1]

At some point, Tommy and Mary had a daughter.[2]

Hurting his son

On 10 May 1982, Mary Anne died giving birth to their son, John Constantine. This caused Tommy to deeply resent John, blaming him for Mary Anne's death and calling him "Killer" his whole life. Additionally, whenever Tommy came home from drinking at the bar, he would hit John in the face and remind him his mother died because of him. Tommy also smoked a lot and would put out his cigarettes by burning them on John's arms to punish his son.[2][3]

Tommy died sometime in or before 2018.[4]



DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Thomas Constantine is the father of John Constantine, and is a largely similar character. He played a role in Mary Anne's death by trying to abort John and his twin brother.


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