"Do you know what it's like to have the villain of your story be the hero of your city? He is a monster, who left me anchored to a repulsive, gold-digging bitch, and now he's gonna die."
—Tommy Elliot to Kate Kane[src]

Thomas "Tommy" Elliot is the former CEO of Elliot Estates. He is the childhood ex-best friend-turned-enemy of Bruce Wayne.


Early life

During Tommy's childhood, he became best friends with Bruce Wayne. In 2005, Tommy's parents were involved in a car accident, his father was killed but his mother was saved by Batman.[1]

Returning to Gotham City

In 2018, Tommy returned to Gotham City, believing that Bruce has also returned but his cousin Kate Kane informs him that he still isn't in Gotham. Kate discovers that Tommy knows Batman is Bruce and later encounters him at a party where he had planted bombs on three elevators which he destroys one of them. He also reveals he paid someone to "riddle" him the answer to Batman's secret identity. Eventually, he is stopped by the combined efforts of the vigilante Batwoman and Alice, and is sent to Arkham Asylum for his crimes.[1]


As demonstrated by the contemptuous opinions of Jacob Kane, Reagan, Kate Kane and Mary Hamilton respectively held Tommy in; he is extremely arrogant and snobby, to the point that many individuals preferred Bruce Wayne instead of Tommy.

Tommy is mentally unstable to the point of lacking any form of logic; as he holds a grudge against Bruce Wayne (under the persona of Batman) for saving his mother's life, which prevented him from getting his inheritance, he also states that Batman ruined his life.

At Tommy's party, Kate asks Reagan to read him for her and the blonde bartender describing by saying he's "danger, hazardous waste. Thinks he's doing us all a favor when he really just helps fund the laws that are separating our city".


  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert tactician/Leader: Tommy is a highly intelligent individual and an extremely skilled tactician, able to orchestrate the robbery of a railgun to penetrate the Batsuit at Wayne Enterprises Research & Development without leaving a single trace to the police. He is also an exceptional businessman and leader, as he was successfully ran and oversaw Elliot Estates, making it a multi-billion dollar corporation, eventually managing to earn a higher net worth than Bruce Wayne by late 2018 (albeit Bruce was absent from Gotham City for the past three years). In addition, he correctly believed Kate Kane was Gotham's vigilante (though as Batman instead of Batwoman).[1]
    • Explosives expert: Tommy is knowledgeable in setting up bombs, rigging some to detonate at the signal coming from his personal smartphone.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Tommy is a very capable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. In a fight against Kate, he landed a few decent hits that which made her momentarily double over, though briefly.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Tommy Elliot is Bruce Wayne's former childhood best friend and a famous neurosurgeon who masquerades as the villain Hush, a prominent enemy of Batman.


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