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Thomas "Tommy" Elliot (born May 14, 1972),[1] nicknamed Hush by the GCPD,[2] is the son of a late unnamed man and the late Marla Elliot, a former real estate mogul, the former CEO of Elliot Estates, and the former childhood best friend of Bruce Wayne. He grew up to become one of Batman's enemies due to blaming the Dark Knight for ruining his life by saving his mother. Thus, he sought revenge on the vigilante despite splitting him from his Bruce persona, whom Tommy obsessively admires. After getting his face removed by Beth Kane in order to stage his suicide and avoid death row, Tommy started to work alongside her to get a new face, which turned out to be an exact duplicate of that of Bruce Wayne, allowing him to pose as the latter.

Using the guise of Bruce, Tommy stole a shard of Kryptonite that belonged to Kate Kane and attempted to steal the Batsuit so he could become Batman. However, he was thwarted by the new Batwoman, Ryan Wilder and sent back to Arkham Asylum.


Original multiverse

Early life

Tommy Elliot was born on May 14, 1972[1] in Gotham City into a rich family. He had a strained relationship with his mother, Marla, deeming her a "repulsive gold-digging bitch" who only married his father for money. During Tommy's childhood, he became best friends with Bruce Wayne.[3]

In 2005, Tommy's parents were involved in a car accident—which was implied to have been staged by himself—in which his father was killed. However, Marla was saved by Batman and Tommy subsequently found himself being a nursemaid to the parent he despised for the next 13 years. As a result, Tommy grew to hate Batman for "anchoring" him to his mother.[3]

Sometime after this, Tommy founded his own real estate company, Elliot Estates. Over the years, he also became acquainted with his best friend's younger cousin, Kate Kane, but they never got along at all.[3]

Illegal dealings

In 2015, Tommy became a major client of Crows Security, having 10 contracts with them,[3] and received a personal detail led by Miguel Robles. Around this time, having become obsessed with Lucius Fox's journals about Wayne Tech, he bribed Robles to rough up Lucius for one of those journals. However, the attempted extortion went wrong, leading to Lucius' death and Robles covering it up by framing Reggie Harris.[4]

Tommy Elliot in the Elliot Estates' spot.

Three years later in 2018, Marla finally died and Tommy claimed his inheritance.[3] He bought a nightclub, Lookout, and entrusted it to Johnny Sabatino, who acted as Tommy's money launderer.[5] Plotting his revenge against Batman, Tommy paid someone to "riddle" him the answer to the Dark Knight's secret identity and discovered it was his best friend, Bruce, who had since went missing.[3]

Planning to kill Batman

A few months later, after the people believed Batman returned to Gotham, Tommy saw it as an opportunity to get his revenge. He sent someone to steal the Rail gun, the only weapon which could penetrate the Batsuit, from Wayne Enterprises Research & Development.

Tommy meets Kate Kane in Bruce Wayne's office.

Afterwards, Tommy went to Bruce's office inside Wayne Tower and met Kate Kane, boasting to her that he finally succeeded in making more money than Bruce. Tommy had even bought a building five stories taller than Wayne Tower and planned to hold a party there to celebrate his accomplishment, for which he wanted to invite Bruce. Kate informed him that her cousin had yet to return and they talked about the Dark Knight's return. Tommy pointed out that Kate should be angry with Batman since he let her mother and sister die, to which Kate replied that she had years to process and noted that Batman saved Tommy's mother. Tommy asked her once again to give his invitation to Bruce, insisting he was back, and Kate agreed to leave it on his desk.

Kate and Tommy survey Wayne Tower.

After discovering Tommy was behind the robbery at Wayne R&D and knew Batman's identity, Kate approached him at his party. Tommy looked down from a large window at Wayne Tower, reflecting on how even though it took him half his life, he was finally able to look down on Bruce. Kate asked why he thought Bruce was there, prompting Tommy to reply that they were "cosmic besties". Kate casually mentioned that a thief stole the rail gun but there's a GPS hidden in the weapon's butt, so Wayne Security would soon track down and capture the thief.

Tommy confronted by Kate.

Tommy was subsequently busted by Kate while inspecting the stolen gun. She ordered him to give it back and, after Tommy refused, asked how he knew that Bruce was Batman. Tommy explained that Bruce saving his mother meant he didn't get his inheritance earlier and was forced to care for her. He wanted to kill Batman but not Bruce, since it was his vigilante persona that ruined his life. Tommy pointed a gun at Kate and used his phone to shut down the power throughout the building, trapping people in three elevators. He warned Kate that if Batman didn't meet with him on the roof, he would drop the elevators, killing their occupants. He made one elevator with the catering staff fall to demonstrate he was serious.

Tommy tries to kill Batwoman.

After he went to the roof, Tommy was approached by Batwoman, causing him to realize that Batman hadn't returned as he believed. Enraged, Tommy demanded Batman to meet him and insulted Batwoman as being his "side piece". The two fought long enough for Batwoman to charge the neutralizer on her gauntlet and shut down the rail gun. However, Tommy grabbed his remote and set off a charge, causing the remaining elevator to fall and forcing Batwoman to use the two-way grappling gun to catch it. She then used a grappling hook to pull herself up, holding onto the roof. Tommy took advantage of this by stepping on Batwoman's hands, cracking her bones, in an attempt to force her off the roof and kill her. However, he was ultimately knocked out by Alice from behind, allowing Batwoman to apprehend him.

Tommy is arrested.

As Tommy was arrested, he smugly threatened to Kate that he would buy his freedom, only for her to reveal he was being sent to Arkham Asylum. An enraged Tommy then warned Kate he wouldn't stop his crimes unless Bruce returned.[3]

Following his incarceration, Tommy's estates were frozen,[4] so he asked Sabatino to take Lucius' journal from his office and keep it locked in the Lookout's vault.[5]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Tommy as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[6] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[7]

New multiverse

On Earth-Prime, Tommy grew up a troubled youth with behavioral problems.[8] In 1984, he attempted to murder his mother, Marla, with a pair of scissors, permanently scarring and incentivizing her to create the Black Glove Society as a way to 'fix' troubled kids like Tommy. At some point in Tommy's life, he befriended Bruce Wayne and developed an obsession over him[9], before spending 10 years of his life plotting to kill him. Tommy managed to steal the Rail gun from Wayne R&D before being apprehended by Batwoman.[2]

Life in Arkham

"You will never be Bruce Wayne!"
Beth Kane taunting Tommy Elliot[src]

Tommy in Arkham Asylum.

In 2020, while still locked up in Arkham, Tommy started to become increasingly more obsessed with Bruce, to the point of speaking only about him. One day, he interrupted a psychoanalytic session Dr. M. Butler held with the patients and insulted the other inmates, yelling about deserving more recognition since he claimed to have taught Bruce everything the latter knew. Butler tried to calm Tommy down and have him change the topic but failed and ordered for Tommy to be taken away.

Tommy about to stab Alice.

Later, as they walked by each other in the corridor, Alice called Tommy a "Bruce Wayne wannabe". After he dared her to repeat it, Alice taunted Tommy, reiterating he will never be Bruce Wayne, leading an enraged Tommy to try stabbing her with a knife taken from his sock. While Alice hid his weapon and burst out laughing, asking for a doctor, Tommy was dragged away and sent to solitary confinement.[4]

Staging his death

Tommy visited by Kate in Arkham.

A few days later, Kate spoke to Tommy in prison, revealing that she knew he killed Lucius for his journal. Not wanting to answer her questions, Tommy played insanity to get himself escorted out by security. Upon reaching his cell, he was surprised to see Alice inside. "Dr. Butler" then arrived, informing Tommy that his insanity plea was denied and Crows would arrive the following day to take him to trial, where he would most likely be executed.

Tommy teams up with Alice and Mouse.

Alice then offered to help Tommy escape Arkham and give him a new face if he told her what was in the journal that Kate mentioned, with "Dr. Butler" revealing himself to be Mouse for good measure. Tommy relented and explained that the journal allegedly had a way to activate a fail-safe in the Batsuit that would kill its wearer. He also revealed to them that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Tommy has his face removed.

Tommy then followed Mouse and Alice's escape plan. Alice removed his face and graphed it onto a body double, whom they killed and posed his death as a suicide. Later on, Alice bandaged Tommy's head, telling him that he won't get a new face until they get the journal. Tommy called Johnny about the journal but after a run-in with Batwoman, Johnny decided to sell it instead of giving the journal back to Tommy.

Tommy speaks with Alice about sending Magpie after the journal.

Alice then summoned Magpie and planted a tracker on her, agreeing to remove it and let her escape Arkham in exchange for the thief stealing the journal from Johnny and bringing it to them. After Magpie initially failed her mission, Tommy was left without a new face. Also, he did not reveal to Alice and Mouse that the entire journal was written in code, which enraged the two of them once they found out about it.[5]


Tommy kidnaps Professor Carr at Gotham University's library.

Due to Alice taking "hostage" his new face, Tommy was forced to work with her in order to translate the journal. Alice planned to kidnap Luke Fox to do the job, while Tommy and Mouse believed that a linguist was better suited and it would be less likely to attract Batwoman's attention. Following his and Mouse's plan, Tommy walked into Gotham University's library with a pair of handguns and killed some patrons who were about to scream upon seeing him. After reaching his target, Professor John Carr, Tommy pointed a gun at him while telling him to "hush". Vesper Fairchild then nicknamed Tommy "Hush".

Tommy and Alice torture Professor Carr.

Tommy brought Carr to Arkham, where Alice, spiteful and still convinced they should've kidnapped Luke, only gave him 90 minutes to decrypt the code, all the while electrocuting Carr to give him "inspiration", until he eventually died. Alice was talked into giving Tommy's plan two more chances so he got rid of Carr's body in a dumpster and kidnapped an N.S.A. agent named Tony Kim from the agency's field office at Tricorner.

Tommy mocks Mouse.

When Kim failed the 90-minute test as well, Tommy told Alice to give the hostages more time but she refused to listen. When Mouse grew impatient, Tommy mocked him as a "freak" living in a fantasy at Arkham, leading to a brief scuffle between the two of them. Alice suggested Tommy to kidnap Parker Torres for his third and final attempt before her idea would be implemented, since due to his actions, all of Gotham's cryptography experts were placed under surveillance by the Crows.

Hush attempts to kidnap Parker Torres.

As suggested, Tommy went to Gotham Prep and abducted Torres at gunpoint. However, while he was driving her to Arkham through Williams Viaduct, Tommy was intercepted by Batwoman. After a brief fight, he was forced to escape and return to Arkham without Parker.

Hush kidnaps Luke and Julia Pennyworth.

Furious at his failure and conscious that three abductions were making him too visible, Tommy finally agreed to go along with Alice's plan. After Mouse discovered Luke's location by calling him and imitating Kate's voice over the phone, Tommy went to Wilson Plaza and kidnapped both Luke and Julia Pennyworth, who was with him, planning to use her as leverage.

Hush tortures Julia.

After Tommy, Alice, and Mouse repeatedly tortured Julia with electrocution, Luke agreed to attempt translating his father's journal. The group then agreed to give Luke some space to concentrate on the task, as well as provide a respite for Julia.

Hush holds Batwoman at gunpoint in her deal with Alice.

Batwoman later infiltrated Arkham and offered Alice a pair of eyeglasses that could translate the journal's code in exchange for Luke and Julia's lives. Tommy watched as Alice accepted the trade, holding Luke and Julia at gunpoint until the exchange was done and he was ordered to release the prisoners.

Hush and Alice decide to leave Arkham.

Later, after the Crows and GCPD arrived at Arkham, Tommy alerted Alice that their cover was blown, prompting her to set Arkham on fire and create a mass prison break in order to cover their escape. Later, after discovering it could be used to pierce through the Batsuit, Alice asked Tommy where they could find Green Kryptonite.[2]

Becoming Bruce Wayne

Tommy as Bruce Wayne.

Tommy became increasingly frustrated at being stuck in the sewers with Mouse and Alice and threatened to use his guns on Alice unless she gave him a new face. While Mouse stated his threat was flawed, Alice decided to honor her promise. Eventually, Alice gave Tommy a new face, albeit while telling him how undeserving he was of his new appearance. She then held up a magazine with Bruce on the cover; Tommy marveled how he appeared as Bruce in a mirror shard, as Alice instructed him to trick Kate and steal Kryptonite.[10]

Tommy in the Batcave.

Sometime later when Kate was found to have disappeared amidst a plane wreckage, Tommy posed as Bruce by appearing at Wayne Tower. Luke and Mary arrived and were shocked to see him, believing Tommy to truly be Bruce. Tommy claimed that he had returned to Gotham the moment he learned of Kate's disappearance. Luke offered to show him around the Batcave, causing Tommy to hesitate. Regaining his composure and ruse, Tommy allowed Luke to open the entrance for him. Walking around the Batcave, Tommy found himself in awe at the technology Batman possessed whilst Luke explained away Kate's discovery of the cave and assuming the mantle of Batwoman. Tommy, still on his mission to get Kate's Kryptonite, remarked on the fact that the Batsuit was no longer impenetrable, to which Luke unveiled the piece of Kryptonite in front of them. Tommy took the chance to "hold onto it" as Luke frantically excused their reason for possessing Kryptonite and how Kate was searching for a way to destroy it. Tommy then assured Luke and promised that Kate would be found.

Alice and Tommy are interrupted.

Tommy later began staying at Wayne Manor, where he seduced and slept with two women under his new identity. Afterwards, Tommy looked around the manor until he was greeted by Alice. The two discussed her failure to kill Batwoman, and the vigilante's disappearance. Tommy showed Alice the Kryptonite which Luke gave him, going on to say that he'll become Batman himself. Just then, one of the two women approached them, leading Alice to kill her, much to Tommy's chagrin. Tommy and Alice resumed their argument, where the latter reminded the former that he's still Tommy Elliot despite his charade as Bruce Wayne.

Tommy, still as Bruce, visited the Crows headquarters and met Jacob. Jacob expressed his disdain over "Bruce's" return as Tommy reiterated his reasoning for being back in Gotham. Tommy "revealed" that he has a lead on Alice, informing Jacob that she was squatting at the manor during his time away. Tommy then prepared to leave before running into Julia. She then asked him about "Eagle", confusing Tommy. Julia clarified that she was referring to her father, Alfred Pennyworth. Tommy promised to talk to him, to which Julia informed Tommy that Alfred was currently in Glasgow.[1]

Deception and defeat

Tommy stands over Ryan.

Tommy returned to the Batcave in search of the Batmobile. After finding it hidden behind one of the cave walls, Tommy stole it on the hunt for the Batsuit and followed its GPS, which located the suit in the hands of Ryan Wilder. He gleefully pursued her in a car chase and attempted to use the Batmobile's weaponry, launching a missile at Ryan which she narrowly avoided. During the chase, however, Luke hacked and deactivated the Batmobile, forcing Tommy to hunt down Ryan on foot. Tommy armed himself with a Kryptonite-loaded gun when Ryan, sporting the suit, tried to catch him off-guard.

Tommy Elliot's "Bruce Wayne" face falls off.

In response, Tommy shot her in the chest with a Kryptonite blast. He tried to take the Batsuit from her, believing Ryan to be dead. Instead, Ryan, revealed to be playing possum, defeated Tommy and beat him severely, causing his "Bruce Wayne" mask to fall off. Tommy was then arrested and returned to Arkham Asylum.[1]


"Do you know what it's like to have the villain of your story be the hero of your city? He is a monster, who left me anchored to a repulsive, gold-digging bitch, and now he's gonna die."
—Tommy Elliot to Kate Kane[src]

As seen by the contemptuous opinions of Jacob Kane, Reagan, Kate Kane, and Mary Hamilton respectively held Tommy in, he is extremely arrogant and snobby; to the point that many individuals preferred Bruce Wayne over him. In fact, Tommy was dubbed with rather very demeaning nomenclature by several individuals, with "ass-hat" and "waste" to name a few, and those are just among the politest. Tommy himself has demonstrated to care very little about others, often belittling and treating them poorly, including his family, employees,[3] and fellow inmates at Arkham.[4]

Tommy's narcissism.

Tommy was also described as vilely misogynist,[3] extremely vainglorious, and very narcissistic, as demonstrated by having a massive nude painting of himself[5] as well as describing his original appearance as that of a "lady-killer".[2] However, Beth Kane described Tommy as "one of the most loathsome men in Gotham", deeming him as vain, uncouth, humorless and dull, stating that only a drunk woman could find him charming.[10]

Tommy is mentally unstable to the point of lacking any form of logic, as he holds a grudge against Bruce for saving his mother's life, which prevented him from getting his inheritance, also stating that Batman ruined his life.[3] However, Tommy later gained an obsessive admiration for Bruce, much to the chagrin of Bruce's cousin, Beth, as he keeps claiming to be Bruce's best friend despite having stolen a weapon from him with the desire to kill him with it.[4] Tommy is also quite prone to anger and fits of rage whenever the situation went differently than he planned,[2] becoming irrational, brash, hyper, and a little spastic.[11]

At Tommy's party when Kate asked Reagan to read Tommy for her, the blonde bartender described him as "danger, hazardous waste. Thinks he's doing us all a favor when he really just helps fund the laws that are separating our city".[3]

Despite Tommy's well-known depravity, he was shown to have some shred of limits, as he was disturbed when learning that Beth planned on making sure that her father killed her twin sister as a form of ultimate revenge before Kate mysteriously disappeared.[1]


"He spent the last decade looking for ways to kill Batman."
Beth Kane[src]
  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert tactician/Leader: Tommy is a highly intelligent individual and an extremely skilled tactician, able to orchestrate the robbery of the rail gun to penetrate the Batsuit at Wayne Enterprises Research & Development without leaving a single trace to the police. He is also an exceptional businessman and leader, as he was successfully running and oversaw Elliot Estates, making it a multi-billion dollar corporation and eventually earning a higher net worth than Bruce Wayne by late 2018, albeit Bruce was absent from Gotham City for the past three years. In addition, he correctly deduced that Kate Kane knew about Batman's real identity, just like him.[3]
    • Expert of deception/Manipulator: Tommy is very skilled at deception. He managed to pass himself as insane with ease and tricked Alice and Mouse into helping him escape Arkham without revealing that Lucius Fox's journal was written in code.[5] He had even fooled Kate and Bruce's closest friends into thinking he was Bruce for a short time while in disguise. Enough to be able to get access to the Batcave.[1]
    • Explosives expert: Tommy is knowledgeable in setting up remotely triggered bombs, rigging some to detonate at the signal coming from his personal smartphone.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Tommy is a capable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. He is shown to be swift and strong enough to intercept or even distance himself from Kate when the latter attempted to forcibly take the rail gun from him twice; the first, he grabbed hold of her wrist and the second, drew a gun at her, both times succeeding to keep Kate at bay. In a fight against Kate in her Batwoman suit, Tommy landed a few decent hits that made her momentarily double over, even with her guard up.[3]
    • Expert marksman: Tommy is highly trained in using firearms, capable of shooting with the rail gun that can pierce the Batsuit. He also dual-wields a pair of .45s as "Hush," and demonstrated precise shooting during his silent rampage in Gotham University's library.[2]
    • Skilled knife wielder: Tommy has some skill at using knives, as he managed to stab and seriously injure Alice while in Arkham.[4]
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: Tommy is a driven and determined individual, displaying a remarkable resilience to pain as he stood with very little discomfort at the removal of his face[5] or even after having a Batarang embedded into his leg.[2]
  • Stealth: Tommy is skilled in stealth, he was able to quietly take out individuals in Gotham University's library and sneak up on his kidnapping victims. He also managed to get the drop on Luke Fox and Julia Pennyworth.[2]


  • Handguns: Tommy uses two handguns with silencers attached as his main weapons of choice when operating as Hush.[2]
  • Shotgun: Tommy used a shotgun with a kryptonite bullet that can pierce the bat suit.
  • Sticky bomb launcher: Tommy used a gun that shoots stick bombs to uncover the Batmoblie's hidden location.

Former equipment

  • Bandages: Tommy wore facial bandages to cover up his face after it was cut off in surgery from Alice.[5]
  • Trenchcoat: Tommy wears a trenchcoat with a padded collar while operating as Hush.[2]
  • Handgun: Tommy used a handgun when confronted by Kate Kane.[3]
  • Rail gun: Tommy stole the rail gun from Wayne Enterprises Research & Development in order to use it to kill Batman. After he was arrested, the weapon was retrieved by Wayne Security.
  • Explosives: Tommy planted explosives on elevators for his plan to lure out and kill Batman, linking their detonation to his personal smartphone's signal.
  • Shiv: Tommy kept a homemade knife hidden in his shoe while in Arkham, but lost it after using it to stab Alice and being sent into solitary.[4]
  • Knife: Tommy pulled a knife during a brief confrontation with Mouse.[2]




Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Tommy Elliot is Bruce Wayne's former childhood best friend and a famous neurosurgeon who masquerades as the villain "Hush". He is a master manipulator and prominent enemy of Batman who often uses other villains in his schemes but refuses to let anyone but himself kill Batman. Tommy uses his skills to make his face identical to Bruce's, although he still uses bandages to hide his face when he is Hush.
    • Tommy quoting Aristotle's maxim about friendship in "Down Down Down" is a reference to the comics, where Hush has a penchant for quoting the philosopher.
  • Tommy refers to Kate Kane as "Candy," much to her annoyance. In the DC comics, that was her cadet nickname while at West Point.