Tony D'urso (died 2010) was a drug dealer and an associate of Frank Bertinelli. He was the first victim of Helena Bertinelli's vendetta against her father.


In 2009, Tony D'urso supplied a student at Michael Staton's school with ecstasy pills, which the boy overdosed on during school.

Following Michael death, Tony appeared at his funeral and offered Michael's fiancée, Helena Bertinelli, some of his pills to cope with the pain. As he left, Tony also subtly offered her company if she got lonely.

Over a year later, Helena tracked Tony down and stopped him from dealing ecstasy pills to another teenager. She shot Tony three times in the leg, incapacitating him. Upon realizing Helena's intentions, Tony tried to plead for his life, stating he had nothing to do with her fiancé's death, only to be shot dead.[1]





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