"I am well aware that the world outside our walls is descending into chaos, but causing chaos cannot be a proper response."
—Tor Degaton on the "solution" to the population crisis[src]

Tor Degaton (died 2147) was the ruler of the Kasnia Conglomerate until his death at the hands of his son, Per.


Tor sat on a council, many of whom suggested that population control should be implemented outside of the Kasnia Conglomerate due to riotous conditions. The Armageddon virus was proposed as a "solution" for this population crisis by one of the advisors, Vandal Savage. However, Tor Degaton reasoned that creating more chaos would not help solve the problems at hand, refusing to pass the motion. Later, after his son, Per, had been kidnapped by Rip Hunter's team, Tor attempted to track them, but discovered that they had not given blood samples as per Conglomerate regulation, being told by Vandal Savage that they were not even remotely from the Conglomerate. They located the Waverider, having robots attack it, before Rip Hunter arrived with Per. They offered a trade between Per and Sara Lance, with Tor promising safe passage out of the Kasnia Conglomerate so long as he was released. Days later, having seen this as an act of weakness, Per stabbed his father in his sleep, killing him.[1]


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