Tori Whale (August 24, 1947 - November 10, 2018)[1] was the younger sister of Tobias Whale, and the daughter of the late Eldridge and an unnamed woman.


Early life

Tori in her childhood.

Tori Whale was born to Eldridge and an unnamed woman. In her childhood, she and her brother Tobias were abused by their father. Their mother soon left, leaving them to be raised by their father.[2]

The 100

In 2018, leaving her home bases in Florida, Tori visited Tobias after Black Lightning returned to crime fighting. She came up with a plot to kill him.[3]

After Tobias visited Peter Gambi, Tori expressed her displeasure and cautioning patience. To ease his impatience, Tori told him that she'd found their father, his first enemy. They went to visit him, where Tobias pretended to embrace him, before crushing his back, killing him.[2]

After a threat from Lady Eve, Tobias had a protection team assigned to keep Tori safe.[4]


Sometime later, Tori went to Tobias with news of Joey Toledo's death. Shortly following, they both attended the inauguration of Toledo's club, but Tori was caught in the crossfire after Black Lightning showed up. Despite Black Lightning's effort to ask her to breathe, Tori died of a bullet wound.[5]


Original multiverse

Tobias keeps a painting of Tori in his office to which he converses when he contemplates a problem.[6]

New multiverse

Tobias told Jefferson that he has not forgiven him for the death of Tori and will have his revenge.[7]

Tori was diagnosed with ALS, which through nefarious means was cured but she suffered side effects. Tobias promised a true cure for ALS. Despite her death, Tobias kept his word and hired Lynn Stewart to find the cure with a promise to fund her research for a decade.[8]

Tobias quotes Tori by saying that Val Seong should triple-check all information she obtains.[9]

Calling Tori "the love of his life", Tobias has a stained glass painting of his sister, as if she were a saint in the Catholic Church, where he genuflects before depriving Black Lightning's team of their powers.[1]


Black Lightning

Season 1

Season 2

Season 4


  • Tori likely took the anti-aging serum alongside Tobias, as she died at over 70-years-old despite looking physically younger.


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