The Tornado Twins are a duo of superheroes operating in 2968. They are twin siblings, Don and Dawn.


In 2968, the Tornado Twins discovered Barry Allen/The Flash when he accidentally time-traveled to their era from the year 2016. Since Barry didn't understand their language, Don and Dawn gave him a translator so that they could talk to one another. The siblings introduced themselves and explained where Barry is, teaching him some few thing about the future. Barry revealed he needed to travel to the 64th century and discovered he was stuck in 2968, with his suit almost completely burnt from the speed he used. The Tornado Twins agreed to help him.

The Tornado Twins brought Barry to their base and asked their friends, Charles Taine and Dr Giffitz, for help. They gave Barry a Flash ring, which would allow his suit to materialize whenever used. Suddenly, a mysterious earthquake occurred. The Tornado Twins discovered that Roxxas, a space pirate, was attacking the city. Barry ordered the Twins to evacuate the civilians while he dealt with Roxxas. The Twins managed to save everyone with no casualties and thanked Barry for his help. Later, at their lair, the Tornado Twins showed Barry a treadmill to help him adjust his time travel to the right year. Barry thanked the Twins and used their treadmill to travel to the 64th century.[1]

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Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Tornado Twins are comprised of Don and Dawn Allen, twin children of Barry Allen and Iris West who exist in the 30th century.


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