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The Totems of Zambesi are six magical totems created by the Gods for the tribes of Zambesi. Each totem represents a different elemental power and grants its user control over that element.


Five of the great Zambesi tribes presented with mystical totems.

Hundreds of years ago, the six tribes of Zambesi were being attacked by the demon Mallus, so they prayed to the Gods for help and their prayers were answered. Each tribe was given a totem to protect it, each with a different elemental power to aid in the defense of the tribes; Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Spirit, and Death. When combined, the totems' powers can be used to create a powerful weapon, "something pure. They used the totems and trapped Mallus in a cage of time.

Eventually, the Spirit and Air totems were inherited by the Jiwe and Tarazi families, with them being used by the vigilantes Vixen, Zari, and Behrad Tarazi respectively.

With the totems being the Mallus' weakness, his disciples tried to steal them, but were stopped by the Legends, who ended up using the totems to turn into a giant Beebo and destroy the demon.[1]

List of Totems

  • Spirit Totem: This totem allows the user to summon the ashe (or spirit) of any animal that's ever lived and wield the abilities of the summoned animal (such as the speed of cheetah, or strength of a gorilla). At one point, Damien Darhk stole it from Amaya Jiwe,[2] the twentieth-century version of the hero Vixen, although she later got it back. In the twenty-first century, it's in the possession of Mari and Kuasa, Amaya's granddaughters.
  • Air Totem: This totem allows the user to generate and manipulate wind. Through unknown circumstances, the totem was lost to the Zambezi tribes and ended up in possession of the Tomaz family. It is currently in the possession of Behrad Tarazi, though in a previous timeline, it was used by his sister, Zari after he'd been killed. Zari used it to help defeat Mallus and kept it with her afterwards. The necklace the totem was embedded in was destroyed during one of the Legends' later missions. The totem is now embedded in a fit-bit built by Ray Palmer.
  • Water Totem: This totem allows the user generate and manipulate water. It was incinerated along with Kuasa's body the first time she died and is the only totem whose physical form is known to have ever been completely destroyed. However, on her resurrection, the totem's powers were bonded to Kuasa by Mallus, allowing her to use the powers the totem grants without wearing the totem itself.[3] After Kuasa betrayed the Darhks and helped the Legends; reclaiming the Spirit Totem from Nora and returning it to Amaya; Nora used her magic to draw the Water Totem's powers out of Kuasa's body, re-forming the totem, killing Kuasa in the process.[4] It was initially used by Ray Palmer in the Legends' (failed) first attempt to use all six of the totems against Mallus individually after the demon broke free of his temporal prison. Wally West used it later during the team's two attempts (the first of which was unsuccessful) to combine the powers of all six of the totems to conjure something capable of defeating Mallus. It's currently in Kuasa's possession.
  • Fire Totem: This totem allows the user to generate and control fire. The totem was lost to the Zambezi tribes and ended up in Detroit where it was claimed by Benatu Eshu until he was defeated by Vixen. The totem was shattered but was repaired by Ray Palmer using a cold fusion reactor. It was used by Mick Rory, first to combat the Mallus-possessed Death Totem-powered Sara Lance, and again when combining its powers with those of the other five totems (wielded by other members of the Legends' team) to take down Mallus. It's currently in Kuasa’s possession.
  • Earth Totem: This totem allows the user to control the earth. The totem somehow ended up in the Caribbean where it was discovered by pirate Blackbeard before the Legends took possession of it. It was used by Nate Heywood in the Legends' battle against Mallus after the demon assumed his true form. It is currently in Kuasa’s possession.
  • Death Totem: This totem allows the user to have dominion over the dead. The tribe which originally had possession of this totem allied themselves with Mallus when the other five tribes worked to imprison him; for that reason, that tribe, and the Death Totem itself, were long since lost to history.[5] It got attached to a guitar that was used by Elvis Presley before the Legends took possession of the totem. It was used by Sara Lance when the Legends combined the totems' powers to destroy Mallus. It's currently in Kuasa's possession.


  • Elemental control: Each totem gives the user dominion over the element the totem controls. With training, a person's control over their element becomes stronger.
  • Totem bond: The totems have the ability to bond with their owners. The Spirit Totem bonded with Mari McCabe to the point where it couldn't be removed without a specific spider bite. The Air Totem bonded with Zari to the point she could summon it even if someone else is using it.
  • Totem connection: All the Totems can link together and allow bearers to communicate with each other, also a Totem bearer to know when a fellow Totem bear has died.
    • Avatar creation: The totems are capable of banding together to create a being of pure light to vanquish the darkness. The Earth totem gives it flesh, the Water totem gives it blood, the Air totem gives it breath, the Fire totem provides the spark of life, and the Spirit totem gives it a soul. These elements can combine their powers to create a being powerful enough to imprison a being as powerful as Mallus. When the power of the Death Totem is added, the totems can create a being powerful enough to kill an immortal being like Mallus.

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