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For the EARTH-PRIME comic issue, see "Training Day".
"Our partnership with the force is not working."
"Then we have to find a way to make it work. Compromise, do whatever you have to do because if you want a new future for this baby of yours, it won't be come by doing the same thing we used to do. We have to - We have to be something else... Something better."
Oliver Queen and John Diggle

"Training Day" is the fifteenth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fifty-third episode overall. It aired on March 11, 2019.



Another crime syndicate is clearly trying new medications out on clueless individuals, which winds up executing them. The SCPD gets expression of the killings and starts to research. Insofar as Team Arrow is working for the police office, Mayor Pollard doesn't need them wearing their vigilante attire so they're relegated an uncommon SWAT-like suit.

The group finds intel on the gathering and they bust them during the middle of an arms/synthetic arrangement. After Dinah and Oliver quarrel over how to handle the circumstance, the entirety of the trouble makers wind up escaping. Back at the region, Oliver battles with the official that took lead in the field.

They discover the pioneer of the gathering is James Midas, the owner of a nearby pharmaceutical organization. Oliver ignores requests and approaches Midas soon thereafter dressed as the Green Arrow. After Midas confesses to utilizing synthetic concoctions in slugs he at that point offers to equal posses, Oliver places him apprehended.

Pollard arranges the police office to discharge Midas the following day after Oliver confesses to draping the person over a tank of hydrochloric corrosive. This causes Dinah to get resentful about Oliver's disobedience.

Oliver and Felicity meet with Diggle at the recently reestablished Team Arrow nest. The entire group collects there — while Oliver and Dinah apologize to one another — presently and Felicity uncovers she's been following Midas' DNA all through the city utilizing lawful methods.

The group unites on a distribution center take out the entirety of Midas' men. With plentiful proof, the remainder of the SCPD plunge in and capture him. After the fruitful crucial, transforms Team Arrow into an uncommon team that can legitimately administrator outside of the police office.

Oliver and Felicity at first consent to not enlighten anybody concerning the pregnancy but slip up and wind up telling Diggle.

Bronze Tiger/Ben Turner called Laurel to the jail, saying that Ricardo Diaz has been murdered. He says he realizes who did it, but won't uncover the data until Laurel gets him out of jail. After Laurel won't, Ben requests to see his child rather and she masterminds a meetup between the two in the prison. Turner uncovers the new Green Arrow is the person who murdered Diaz. Shrubs track down Emiko and defies her about Diaz's demise.

Dinah's sonic powers just work discontinuously after her past neck injury.

In the flashforwards, William and Mia have a go at buying recording device for $500 from an obscure back-rear entryway seller however they can't manage the cost of it. In the end, they take the player and play the tape abandoned. It's a lot of directions that Felicity needs them to give the remainder of the group. The two ignore Felicity's orders to leave Star City and instead follow the coordinates to the Glades.


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  • Rene compares four Los Halcones gang members being found dead in a warehouse to the 1997 film Face/Off.
  • Felicity likens the skin melting from the chlormethine bullets to the Wicked Witch of the West from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, specifically in relation to her death when she screams "I'm melting" after having water thrown on her.
  • The coordinates Felicity gives William and Mia in the flashforward at the end of the episode (47.6119 N, 122.3301 W) point to Washington State Convention Center in Seattle (Washington in the real world).
    • Oliver, Roy, and Emiko once relocated to Seattle in the comics.