A transmatter portal is a construct that is capable of immediate transportation between any two points in the universe. With the usage of breach technology, a transmatter portal can also be used to travel to any other universe in the multiverse.


Slaver's moon

Roulette began working with Maaldorian slavers to kidnap human subjects. They used a transmatter portal located under a fake health clinic to transport humans from Earth to Slavers' Moon in order to sell them into the galactic slave market. Kara Danvers and Mon-El investigated a string of missing persons and discovered their plot. They both went through the portal to rescue the kidnapped humans. When Alex Danvers led a D.E.O. strikeforce to the portal, J'onn J'onzz recognized that it was a transmatter portal and tasked Agent Winn Schott to get the portal working. He activated it allowing Alex to lead the D.E.O. on a rescue mission to Slavers' Moon. When they returned with the rescued human captives, Winn reactivated the portal allowing everyone back to Earth.[1]

Daxamite invasion

The D.E.O. kept the Maaldorians' portal on Earth and later reconfigured it to transport them onto Lar Gand and Rhea's spaceship. J'onn, Kara, and Winn used it to rescue Mon-El and used it again to transport themselves back down to Earth.[2]

Rhea went to Lena Luthor with a proposal to build their own transmatter portal. Lena thought the portal's possible benefits would greatly help the Earth and Rhea claimed that she wanted to use it to return home. Lena and L-Corp built a giant prototype outside National City but there were having problems stabilizing it. Whenever they turned it on, it caused Phorians in National City to go berserk and unleash their psychic powers out on everything and everyone around them.
Kara witnesses the arrival of the Daxamite army

Kara watches as the Daxamites' ships come to Earth through the portal.

When Lena managed to stabilize the power, Rhea revealed that the portal was being used to bring all the scattered Daxamite ships across the universe to Earth. Supergirl tried to destroy it but it was self-sufficient and had a barrier to protect it as hundreds of ships came through it into National City.[3]

Battle for Earth

When Alura takes Kara to Zor-El's lab where she finds a transmatter portal. Using the holo-Alura on Earth, Kara sends a message to Winn to help get the D.E.O.'s portal linked to theirs. Before Winn can activate his portal, the dark Kryptonians attack the D.E.O. wanting Purity and Pestilence's blood to restore Reign with. Kara uses the holo-Alura to trick a dark Kryptonian into activating the portal. Kara, Mon-El and Alura rush through to join the fight.[4]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

When an antimatter wave was detected moving through Earth-38's universe, it was decided that the best thing to do for the time being was to try to get all of the denizens of Earth-38 to Earth-1; knowing that Earth-1 would be the last Earth that the antimatter wave would reach. Being fully aware that an interdimensional extrapolator wouldn't be able to fill their need, on J'onn Jonzz's urging, Alex reached out to Lena Luthor, asking her to construct an enormous transmatter portal to get as many people from Earth-38 to Earth-1 as possible.
Evacuation of Earth-38

Earth-38 being evacuated during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.

To pull this off, J'onn contacted every alien refugee he knew, knowing that they'd all come to Earth on some type of ship, and that the ships could be loaded up with residents of their universe to transport them all to Earth-1 more quickly. Meanwhile Superman and Supergirl, along with several of their allies from Earth-1 (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Barry Allen/The Flash, Kate Kane/Batwoman, Ray Palmer/The Atom and Mia Smoak), fought to protect the quantum tower that had risen to the surface in National City from the shadow demons that had come to destroy the tower, as it had stopped the antimatter wave; causing it to disperse. Ultimately, of the 7.53 billion citizens of Earth-38, three billion made it to Earth-1, with one billion making it to safety due to Oliver's refusal to give up; even when the Monitor told him the battle was lost and that they needed to retreat, though this ultimately resulted in Oliver being killed fighting to buy more time to evacuate the Earth's residents.[5]

Transmatter portal watches

At some point, Lex Luthor invented transmatter portal watches. These gadgets serve a similar purpose to interdimensional extrapolators and time couriers, with the device creating a small portal for the user on the spot, allowing instantaneous travel between different locations.[6] Lexosuits, which Lex also created, have a feature that serves the same purpose, allowing the wearer to create small transmatter portals for immediate transportation.[7]

Lex uses his teleportation watch to mock Stryker's inmates

Lex uses a transmatter portal watch to mock Stryker's inmates.

When James Olsen took his sister Kelly to Calvintown to keep her safe from Malefic J'onzz, before James left with Kelly, Kara gave him one of Lex's transmatter portal watches to allow James to instantly get back to National City if he needed to.[6]

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  • Zor-El had been working on a transmat portral - a teleportation device that could work across interstellar distances to send the people of Krypton to another planet.
  • Winn is able to track the Transmat's terminus by following the ionization trail.
  • The transmatter portal works by synthesizing polyelectronic anions.If the energy levels aren't properly set when interfacing with a breach device to allow the portal to be used to travel to another universe, something that tries to move through it will disintegrate when it makes contact with the portal rather than being teleported.[5]

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, the Transmatter Portal is a device utilized in the 31st century by a great many species throughout the universe, as well as the coalition of the United Planets.

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