"This is just one portal. Don't we need one on the other side?"
"No. Apparently, the other portal acts as more of a beacon."
"So, as long as you have the
exact coordinates of where you wanna transmat, you only need one gate?"
"Mmm-hmm. Yes. One gate... and one, you know,
flawless calculation of the ship's location as it hurls through space relative to us as we spin on the Earth's axis at about 1,000 miles per hour."
"And if the calculation's wrong?"
"You'll transmat directly into the cold vacuum of space."
"Let's hope it's not wrong.
Kara Danvers, J'onn J'onzz, Alex Danvers and Winn Schott discuss using a transmatter portal to reach Mon-El[src]

A transmatter portal is a machine that enables immediate transportation between any two points in the universe. When coupled with breach technology, a transmatter portal can also be used to travel to any other universe in the multiverse. Portals can vary in size, though building larger ones is more difficult.


Original multiverse

Slavers' Moon

Alex leads a D.E.O. strike team on Maaldoria.

Roulette began working with Maaldorian slavers to kidnap human subjects. They used a transmatter portal located under a fake health clinic to transport humans from Earth to Maaldoria (also known as Slavers' Moon) in order to sell them into the galactic slave market. Kara Danvers and Mon-El investigated a string of reported missing persons and discovered the plot. They both went through the portal to rescue the kidnapped humans. When Alex Danvers led a D.E.O. strike-force to the portal, Director J'onn J'onzz recognized it as a transmatter portal and tasked Agent Winn Schott to get the portal working. He activated it, allowing Alex to lead the D.E.O.'s team on a rescue mission to Slavers' Moon. When they returned with the rescued human captives, Winn reactivated the portal, allowing everyone to get back to Earth. Jo Gunraf; a Maaldorian who'd helped them rescue the captives, fled Slavers' Moon with them. Kara then used her heat vision to fry the control panel on the portal located on Earth to keep anyone on Maaldoria from following them.[1]

Daxamite invasion

The D.E.O. kept the Maaldorians' portal on Earth and later repaired and reconfigured it to transport J'onn, Kara and Winn onto Lar Gand and Rhea's spaceship. Once aboard the ship, they rescued Mon-El, and after tangling with Rhea and her guards, contacted Alex; telling her to reactivate the portal at the D.E.O.; forming a gateway at their location, enabling them to transmat back to headquarters. After Lar Gand allowed Mon-El to stay on Earth, Rhea murdered the former and vowed to finish what she'd started.[2]

A short time later, Rhea went to Lena Luthor with a proposal to build their own transmatter portal. Lena thought the portal's potential benefits would greatly help the Earth and Rhea claimed that she wanted to use it to return home. Lena and L-Corp built a huge prototype outside National City but they were having problems stabilizing it. Whenever they turned it on, it reacted with the resident Phorians; causing them to uncontrollably unleash their psychic powers out on everything and everyone around them.

Kara watches the Daxamite army come to Earth through Rhea and Lena's portal.

When Lena managed to get it working properly, Rhea revealed that the portal was being used to bring all the scattered Daxamite ships across the universe to Earth. Supergirl tried to destroy it, but it was self-sufficient and had a barrier to protect it as hundreds of ships came through it into National City (as part of Rhea's plans to take over Earth; turning it into "New Daxam" in retaliation against the Superfriends).[3]

Fighting the Children of Juru

Mon-El, Kara and Alura arrive from Argo City through the D.E.O.'s transmatter portal.

After Reign was supposedly defeated (with Lena having successfully used Harun-El to isolate Reign from the aforementioned Worldkiller's host body; Samantha Arias— seemingly putting an end to Reign), the Children of Juru (who'd created Reign, and also hid in plain sight in Argo City) stole the ship Mon-El had used to take Kara to Argo after she decided to move there; using the ship to get to Earth (intending to resurrect Reign and turn Earth into "New Krypton"). Alura then took Kara and Mon-El to Zor-El's lab in Argo, where they found a transmatter portal Zor-El had built. Using the holo-Alura on Earth, Kara sent a message to Winn to help get the D.E.O.'s portal linked to Zor-El's. Before Winn could activate the portal on Earth, the Kryptonian witches attacked the D.E.O.; wanting the blood of two other Worldkillers who'd been defeated prior to Reign's demise, which they could use to restore Reign. Kara then used the holo-Alura on Earth to trick one of the dark Kryptonians into activating the portal. Once the portal on Earth went online, Kara, Mon-El and Alura rushed through it from Argo to join in the fight.[4] After the Superfriends emerged victorious in the battle, Alura presumably used the D.E.O.'s portal in order to return to Argo (bringing the Kryptonian witches back with her to stand trial for their actions), while Kara ultimately chose to stay on Earth.[5]

Lex Luthor's plot

While trying to stop Lex Luthor and the Children of Liberty, J'onn, Nia Nal, and Brainiac 5 traveled to a black site Lex's underlings had been using as part of Lex's schemes. Lex planned to drain the aliens' powers (thereby killing them) to convert into energy, the majority of which would be used to power a weapon to destroy Argo City, where Superman was at the time.[6] When Brainy and Nia were captured while attempting to sneak inside, J'onn, having separated from them for a moment to do recon, saw that the many other abducted aliens that had been brought to the site were being transported to another location[7] (which they later learned to be an AmerTek energy refinery at Shelley Island)[6] via a transmatter portal set up in a building they'd been brought to upon capture. While at the black site, Brainy was electrocuted while being tortured by Lex's lackeys, which caused Brainy's mind to reboot; making him more like his emotionless ancestors. As a result, he betrayed Nia and J'onn; allowing them to both be captured and sent through the portal with little regard for their safety, though he claimed to have a plan to free all the alien captives once they knew where they were being sent to be used as batteries for Lex's weapon.[7] His idea was for Nia to astral project when she got to the other side, alerting the rest of the Superfriends to the location where the captives were being sent. This proved a problem at first, due to the fact that Shelley Island is surrounded by alien power-dampening pylons, which J'onn and their alien friends had to disable before Nia could astral project to send Brainy, Kara, Alex and Lena a message.[6]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

"The president is in; he's speaking with other world leaders. We'll coordinate the effort from National City. But J'onn... even if we did manage to get enough ships for everyone, we can't just fly off Earth. I mean, space itself is being erased."
"Earth-1 is the last stop on the antimatter trajectory; we can try and get everybody there."
"Well, one little extrapolator is
not gonna do the job."
"Transmatter portal?"
"Who could build one big enough? I mean, not even Brainy has."
"Lena. She built an enormous one for the Daxamites; I'm
sure she could build one twice as big."
—Alex Danvers and J'onn J'onzz discuss using a transmatter portal to evacuate Earth-38[src]

When a wave of antimatter was detected moving through Earth-38's universe, it was decided that the best thing to do for the time being was to try to get all of the denizens of Earth-38 to Earth-1; as the wave was projected to hit Earth-1 last. Being fully aware that an interdimensional extrapolator wouldn't fill their need, on J'onn J'onzz's urging, Alex Danvers reached out to Lena; asking her to construct a gigantic transmatter portal (interfacing with an extrapolator) to send as many people from Earth-38 to Earth-1 as possible, which the latter agreed to despite their differences.

Earth-38 being evacuated during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.

To pull this off, J'onn contacted every alien refugee he knew; knowing that they'd all come to Earth on some type of ship, and that the ships could be loaded up with residents of their universe to transport them all to Earth-1 more quickly. Meanwhile Superman and Supergirl, along with several of their allies from Earth-1 (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Barry Allen/The Flash, Kate Kane/Batwoman, Ray Palmer/The Atom and Mia Smoak), fought to protect the quantum tower that had risen to the surface in National City from the shadow demons that had come to destroy the tower, as it had stopped the antimatter wave; causing the wave to disperse. Ultimately, three billion citizens of Earth-38 made it to Earth-1, with one billion making it to safety due to Oliver's refusal to give up even when the Monitor told him the battle was lost and that they needed to retreat. However, this ultimately resulted in Oliver being killed fighting to buy more time to evacuate the Earth's residents.[8]

Transmatter portal watches

At some point, Lex Luthor invented transmatter portal watches. These gadgets serve a purpose similar to interdimensional extrapolators and time couriers; with the device creating a small portal for the user on the spot, allowing instantaneous travel between different locations[6] (however, not through time).

Original multiverse

When Lex expected a weapon he'd built that harnessed aliens' powers as energy (killing those aliens in the process) to fire upon Argo City in order to kill Superman (who was off-world there), and the satellite failed to activate (due to J'onn using his powers to overload the machine in an effort to stop it), Eve Teschmacher informed Lex that there was a problem at Shelley Island (from which the weapon was being powered). When he learned that this was the reason for the inactive weapon, Lex donned his Lexosuit and used his transmatter portal watch to create a gateway to go there.[6] A short time later, after being bested in a fight against Supergirl, Lex began having problems while trying to fly using his Lexosuit due to Kara damaging an important component with her heat vision. As he began to fall out of the sky, Supergirl caught Lex and tried to save him. Refusing to be saved by a Kryptonian, Lex detached the gauntlet of his suit by which Kara had grabbed him and fell to the ground in an explosion. However, this didn't kill him (likely due to the fact that he had Lena's Harun-El drug in his bloodstream, which granted him several powers akin to those of a Kryptonian; including enhanced durability), as he was able to use his watch to transmat to a secret location he and Lena knew of from their childhood. Once there, he was confronted by Lena, who took the Harun-El out of his system (stripping him of the powers it granted him) and then fatally shot him. Lena stated that the world would never be safe with him in it, but Lex told her that when he was gone, there'd be no one left to be proud of her; going on to reveal that her friends had been lying to her, because Kara (who was supposed to be Lena's best friend) was Supergirl.[6]

A few months later, Kara, feeling guilty, revealed her secret identity to Lena. Lena pretended to forgive her; asserting that everything was fine between them. A short time afterwards, while talking with Kara, Lena claimed to be having nightmares involving being tortured by Lex. She stated that reading his journals was the only thing that helped calm her, and that if she read all of his journals, it would help her overcome her trauma (though the real reason she wanted them was to use their contents to help with Project Non Nocere; a program she was working on to make humanity less violent), but that all of his things were locked up at Fort Summit. Kara then offered to go there to get them; when she grabbed the books, she also took one of Lex's transmatter portal watches from amongst his confiscated possessions.[9]

James and Kelly transmat back to National City.

When James Olsen took his sister Kelly to Calvintown to keep her safe from Malefic J'onzz (due to the fact that Kelly had accidentally gained the ability to identify Malefic even when he's shape-shifted to look like somebody else; putting Kelly in danger as this meant that she posed a threat to Malefic), Kara gave him the transmatter portal watch she'd stolen from Fort Summit; allowing James to instantly return to National City if needed.[9] A short time later, after seeing visions of things Malefic was doing back in National City, Kelly realized she's actually connected to him. Knowing that Alex and the others were in danger, she made James use the watch to get them to National City to aid the Superfriends in their fight against Malefic.[10]

Later, after Supergirl first encountered Rama Khan; an alien with the power of geokinesis, needing to research what she was up against, Kara went to the Fortress of Solitude, with Lena accompanying her, to find out what she was dealing with, and how she could stop him. While they were there, feeling betrayed that Kara had held the truth from Lena about Kara's identity as Supergirl for so long, Lena secretly turned the Fortress's defense mechanisms against Kara, trapping her. This enabled Lena to steal Myriad to use with Project Non Nochere. Against Kara's objections, Lena took the machine, using a transmatter portal watch to leave the Fortress.[11]

New multiverse

Evil Brainiac 5 uses a transmatter portal watch to retreat.

After the multiverse was destroyed and reborn in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, various refugees from miscellaneous universes in the old multiverse found their way to Earth-Prime. After Nia tried to stop Brainiac 5 of an unnamed universe from trying to release his Earth, which he'd bottled to save its inhabitants from antimatter (with Nia attempting to keep him from getting a hold of a tool he needed to open the bottle), as releasing his Earth would likely destroy both his Earth and Earth-Prime, she called out to her Brainiac 5 for help. Brainy and Supergirl then arrived on the scene, with the latter using her heat vision to destroy the device the other Brainiac 5 was trying to use to open the bottle. Forced to retreat, the alternate Brainiac 5 grabbed a transmatter portal watch that had been lying nearby, using the watch to teleport himself away.[12]

Lex learns the location of the Fortress of Solitude.

After users of Obsidian Platinum's virtual reality contacts ended up getting pulled into comas, Alex contacted Brainy, believing Lex Luthor (who, shortly after being killed by Lena,[6] had been resurrected by the Monitor as part of the latter's preparations for the Crisis)[13] to be behind the users going missing. Lex insisted that Leviathan was behind those disappearances, as he'd been informed by Gemma Cooper. Lex suggested Brainy help Alex and the rest the Superfriends find the Obsidian Platinum users. Brainy then inquired how he could help them, as the D.E.O. didn't have any equipment capable of tracking Q-waves, which Obsidian Platinum utilizes. Lex then suggested Brainy ask Supergirl; confident that the Fortress of Solitude must have something that could be helpful in executing that task. Later, when J'onn used his powers to psychically scan for the missing users, he found them. However, he couldn't connect with them; like how he was unable to connect to his brother, Malefic's, mind, but J'onn wasn't sure why. Brainy then arrived and stated that the reason for that was because Obsidian Platinum lenses work by utilizing Q-waves to connect with the user's brain, which operate on a similar frequency to Malefic's Martian brain. Brainy then told them that it would be possible to connect with the Obsidian users by using Myriad. When Lena had taken Myriad, she'd wanted to use it to disperse her Q-wave mind control using Project Non Nocere. However, if it were to be turned on in reverse, it would compress the Q-wave signatures in the atmosphere; making it possible for J'onn to connect with the missing users. Kara agreed to do it, although she didn't like the idea. When Kara tried doing as Brainy suggested, it interfered with Lena's trials with Project Non Nocere. Lex claimed to know nothing about that, and offered to go to Fortress to turn Myriad off; Lena would just have to tell him where it was. Lena insisted on going there herself, so Lex handed her a transmatter portal watch, which she then used to go there. Unnoticed by Lena due to the creature's powers of invisibility, a Morae followed her through the portal. After a brief argument at the Fortress over whether or not it was okay to use Myriad, Lena used the watch to leave. The Morae, sent there on Leviathan's orders, then attacked Kara; releasing a Sun-Eater confined at the Fortress, per Lex Luthor's plans to distract Supergirl. A short time later, Lex used the same transmatter portal watch to trace the last destination it had been used to travel to; the Fortress, which the watch revealed to him was located in the Arctic. He then used the watch to go there.[14]

Lex uses a transmatter portal watch to mock Stryker's inmates.

When Lex worked with Lena to develop Project Non Nocere, they traveled to Stryker's Island Penitentiary and got permission to test it on willing inmates. Ultimately, the program ended up backfiring since the system couldn't impact a person's free will, thereby causing a riot in the prison. When the prisoners tried to break into the room Lena was operating the program out of, Lex used a transmatter portal watch to transport himself to different points in the hallway the inmates were rioting in to buy her time to fix the issue. After resolving the uproar she'd unintentionally caused, Lena decided to abandon the project all together. Lex then informed her that he knew it'd fail all along; but that she needed to personally see it fail to accept that fact. He then revealed to Lena that he intended to use Project Non Nocere for his own ends; he'd been using her the whole time. This prompted Lena to attempt to make amends with Kara and the Superfriends and seek to atone for her betrayal.[15]

Having learned that Eve kidnapped William Dey, after tracking Eve's location, Kara (as Supergirl) used super-speed to get there, blocking a bullet Eve had fired at William, with Eve having already shot him once in the shoulder. She then knocked the gun out of Eve's hand. Lena arrived on the scene a moment later to help Kara, having gotten there via a transmatter portal watch.[16]

After Brainy bottled Rama Khan, Sela and Tezumak (having snuck aboard the trio's ship and uploaded a code to shrink them in order to bottle them, so that he could eliminate the threat they posed without killing them), Brainy was left severely weakened due to the protective radioactive field he entered when he came aboard their ship. Lex then used his transmatter portal watch to go to Brainy, with the former shielded from the radiation by a special pin Gemma had given him when he "agreed" to work with Leviathan. Lex then scolded Brainy for not following through with the plan Lex had for defeating Leviathan; wait until Leviathan had killed Supergirl and her team, then kill Leviathan and "save" Earth from its alien residents. Brainy replied that he couldn't allow Lex to hurt the former's friends. Lex then took the bottle from Brainy that now contained Rama Khan, Sela and Tezumak; planning to kill Supergirl himself, leaving Brainy to die. Lex then used his transmatter portal watch to travel to an unknown location and meet up with his mother, Lillian, and give her the bottle.[16]


  • Interplanetary travel: The most common action that a transmatter portal performs is to enable immediate transportation between two points within a universe. This can be achieved by linking two portals in different locations, allowing someone to enter one portal and emerge through the other. Alternately, a portal can be programmed with specific coordinates to send a user somewhere; even without another portal at their desired destination.
"The quantum tower is keeping the wave at bay. Supergirl is fighting really hard to protect it, but we've got to get this portal up and running."
"I'm trying, but the transmat portal works by synthesizing polyelectronic anions, and if I don't get the energy levels right when I interface with the breach device, then the ships will
disintegrate when they fly right through it."
"Right. That is
not a good option."
"Have you thought about using an inverse variable to help calculate the differential? Galilean's theory?"
"That's smart. An inverse-beta-decay to figure a constituent quark;
that could work."
—Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor struggle to set up a portal to evacuate Earth-38[src]
  • Interdimensional travel: While transmatter portals aren't typically used to travel between universes, by combining a portal with technology meant for that purpose, a transmatter portal can be adapted to traverse dimensions.[8]



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  • Winn is able to track the transmat's terminus by following the ionization trail.[citation needed]
  • Transmatter portals work by synthesizing polyelectronic anions. If the energy levels aren't properly set when interfacing with a breach device to allow a portal to be used to travel to another universe, something that tries to move through it will disintegrate when it makes contact with the portal rather than being teleported.[8]

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, a transmatter portal is a device utilized in the 31st century by a great many species throughout the universe, as well as the coalition of the United Planets.
  • In Earth-One/Earth-Two continuity of DC comics, the JLA on Earth-One and JSA on Earth-Two each have a device called a transmatter cube. This enables the teams to cross between their two worlds, similar to the way a transmatter portal can be modified to transport users between universes.

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