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For the Arrow episode, see "Tremors".
"Supergirl, I'm not going to kill you. I'm not a villain. You shouldn't have treated me like one."
Lena Luthor to Kara Danvers on her "betrayal"

"Tremors" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the ninety-fourth episode overall. It aired on November 17, 2019.




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The scene opens with J'onn and Supergirl fighting to get ready for Leviathan, however they have no clue about who or what Leviathan is or when they will strike. Supergirl has an awful inclination about everything. J'onn out of nowhere crumples. At Lena's, the more seasoned Leviathan Lady requests the Medallion from Lena and she cannot. Lena reveals to Hope that she needs to go get the weapons held at the Fortress so she can utilize one of them for her huge plans - and doesn't fear Leviathan as Supergirl will spare her.

J'onn uncovers he's been having dreams of Malefic. Somewhere else, the Leviathan Lady talks with Rama Khan - Leviathan Lady's name is uncovered to be Margot - they're not excited about the Medallion circumstance. A riddle lady offers her help with his expect to deal with the planet. He won't. At the L Corps gathering, Rama Khan appears at gather the Medallion and Lena approaches Supergirl for help disclosing to her it was Leviathan.

At the DEO, Brainy gives them a little history exercise alluding to the Leviathan fellow - Rama Khan - as being exceptionally old outsider who has been around for innumerable significant occasions with obscure forces. Lena recommends that Lex would realize how to manage this and Supergirl uncovers that truly, a portion of Lex's most exceedingly terrible weapons are at the Fortress and Supergirl proposes Lena accompanies her.

J'onn ponders and attempts to make sense of what is new with him by connecting with his dad's soul. His dad uncovers that Malefic is, actually, truly close by and is across town, not the Phantom Zone. Brainy keeps on researching Rama Khan's assault and in doing as such, finds Rip Roar who has been transformed into a bomb or something to that affect, detonating and harming Alex and Brainy all the while, however Brainy can fix himself while Alex breakdown.

At the Fortress, Supergirl needs to rapidly debilitate security conventions to ensure against Luthors while back in National City, J'onn finds that Malefic is right now a detainee however J'onn should settle on a decision between banishing his sibling or sparing his spirit. At the DEO, Kelly sidelines Alex, who has a blackout. At the Fortress, Lena awkwardly reviews the Kasnia occurrence as she keeps on playing Lena. Somewhere else, Rama Khan is disappointed that he can't discover Lena and the Medallion, yet he makes sense of they are in the Fortress.

In the Fortress, Supergirl gets data about Rama Khan, uncovering he's from a sister planet to Krypton while Lena utilizes the quantum processor to make an impression on Brainy - aside from she's truly utilizing it for different purposes. They in the long run get to the weapons, including Myriad which is essentially the thing Lena needs. They choose a sonic gun to use against Rama Khan, however. Then, Brainy is having a few delayed consequences of the impact and assembles that Leviathan's home office are in National City. He surges up to tell Alex, similarly as Kelly says a final farewell to her.

Alex and Brainy examine the assumed area of Leviathan's central command and penetrate. Alex calls for Supergirl, yet Rama Khan appears at the Fortress so they battle, with Supergirl understanding that while Rama Khan can twist the earth, the Fortress isn't Earth - it's actually Krypton. Lena appears and hits him with the changed firearm, however Rama Khan get away. Lena vanishes and Supergirl then busts her taking Myriad and Lena admits.

She discloses to Supergirl that she slaughtered her sibling and that Lex uncovered her character, pouring her heart and her agony out at Supergirl and it's uncovered that Lena set up the Fortress to betray Supergirl and let her break with Myriad. In National City, J'onn finds his sibling at Lena's lab and state she won't send him back to the Phantom Zone. He asks for Malefic's pardoning and offers his brain for his sibling to see his reality. It works. Malefic sees and gets it. The siblings grasp. Alex visits Kelly and says she needs to support her the way Kelly helped her, their relationship is spared, and they likewise grasp. In the Fortress, a grief stricken Kara stays alone, caught.




  • This is the first episode not to feature Staz Nair (William Dey) after signing on as a series regular.
  • The D.E.O., more specifically Brainy, refers to Rama Khan as an "Earth-bender". This is a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra where one of the elemental benders is earth.
  • Arrow also has an episode titled "Tremors".
  • When Kara invites Lena to the Fortress of Solitude, Lena ponders the ramifications of a Luthor's presence there. Lex has previously found his way into the Fortress in Superman Returns and the seventh-season finale of Smallville.
  • Rama Khan is responsible for the following natural disasters:
    • Noah's Flood in chapters 6–9 in the Book of Genesis, God's floods the world for 40 days and 40 nights, to rid the world of sin, saving only 2-7 of every animal plus Noah and his extended family.
    • Starting in 1233 BC Antioch was destroyed by multiple earthquakes & war. For over 1500 years, it had immense power and "the cradle of Christianity" due to its role in Judaism and early Christianity.
    • 79 AD, Pompeii of Roman was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius under 13 to 20 ft of volcanic ash.
    • 1887 The Yellow River Flood in central China killed about 900,000 people.
    • 1970 The Bhola Cyclone devastating East Pakistan & India's West Bengal. It remains the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded and one of the deadliest natural disasters, killing 500,000 people.


  • Barney hit the left side of his head against the cement, but the right side of his head suffered a gash.
  • Alex Danvers apologized to Kelly Olsen for not calling her after her accident, despite being unconscious the entire time, and having just woken up.
    • However, Kelly could have meant that Alex should have called before going to check on Rip Roar.
  • Rama Khan is said to have been responsible for the Noah's Ark flood and the Yellow River flood; though this is likely via commanding another member of Leviathan, as he can only control the earth.
  • Kara refers to Rama Khan as an earth-bender to the Fortress'a database; rather than using term "dirt" or "soil". Unless the database was upgraded by herself or Clark to recognize Earth synonyms, this Is a grammatical goof.
  • Myriad was inside Fort Rozz when Supergirl launched it into space at the end of Season 1. She did not retrieve it when inside Fort Rozz in Season 3, making it impossible to be inside the Fortress of Solitude.
  • Lena Luthor is implied to have never seen the Fortress of Solitude before. However, she and her mother Lillian were in the Fortress of Solitude during "Nevertheless, She Persisted", and the "L-protocol" did not go off in that episode.
    • While Supergirl thinks it was Superman who made the program, it's possible Brainy did it instead; or Kelex after Henshaw broke in.