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Trevor "Trev" is the ex-boyfriend of Bianca Bertinelli who took up the mantle of Deathstroke in 2040.


Trevor dated Bianca Bertinelli, though she eventually broke up with him. During this time, he fell in with an unspecified crowd, taking up the mantle of Deathstroke. Following this, he had Bianca kidnapped due to her notoriety and socialite status.[1]

Trevor attended Mia Queen's graduation party. He and some thugs later transported a chemical across the city, but they were halted by a masked Mia and her Canary friends. The following night, Trevor's plans were interrupted by Green Arrow and the Canaries. They made their way to the roof with the kidnapped Bianca, but Trevor caused a large section of the building to explode.[1]




Season 8


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