Trevor Shinick is a prison guard at Iron Heights Prison in 2049. He was in charge of Eobard Thawne's cell in the meta-human wing.


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One day, in 2049, a CSI from the Central City Police Department named Nora West-Allen came to Iron Heights in order to interview Eobard Thawne. As he walked her to his cell, Trevor told her that she's the second person to visit him in 15 years. He then asked Nora if she's sure she wants to interview Eobard alone, to which she answered that she has already been with criminals before. He accepted, opened the cell, and said she's got 5 minutes to interview him.

5 minutes later, Trevor entered the cell with another worker and told Nora that her time is up, she quickly asked Eobard one more thing before the other worker insisted that she will leave. Trevor then told Eobard that it's "time to repent", before delivering a painful shock at him.

Later, Trevor turned off the shock and exited the cell, unknown to him, Nora returned to the cell in order to talk to Eobard again. Suddenly, he heard Thawne screaming to him, so he aggressively entered the room, commanding Nora to leave right away.[1]

About an hour later, Trevor was greeted by Ralph Dibny, who was disguised and tried to talk like another guard in the prison. However, due to his poor acting, Trevor suspected him, Ralph then asked to talk to Eobard, but Trevor told him that he needs to get a signed shift change order (due to him being in charge of Eobard's cell at the moment) or else only he can get inside. Ralph then used his meta-human powers and changed his appearance to Trevor right in front of him. Trevor then realized what's gonna happen, and Ralph proceeded to knock him out and put him in a cell. He was later found.[2]

Later, the time for Thawne's execution has come. Trevor entered the cell, contemplated the fifteen years Thawne was locked up, and asked him how does he feel knowing that he's about to die. Thawne silently said that only time will tell that, and Trevor told him that he'll miss his presence, especially due to the times he got to torture him. He then sarcastically asked him if he wants another shock attack as a "taste for what's to come", before delivering the shock while Thawne screamed in agony. Trevor then commented on the irony that the thing that's giving Eobard his powers is what's gonna kill him at the end.

After Thawne was placed inside a special chamber for his execution, Trevor removed the speedster's chest plate, which revealed Cicada's lightning dagger (which dempers Eobard's powers) behind it.[3] Before starting the execution, Trevor gave Thawne a necklace with the Reverse-Flash ring on it, claiming that he got it from the Flash Museum because he figured it deserves to get buried along with his owner, and asked him to consider it as a "parting gift". Trevor then activated a switch, which sent lethal lightning strikes for Thawne which were supposed to kill him for good. However, unknown to the guards, Team Flash destroyed the power dampening dagger in 2019, which changed the timeline and made the dagger disappear in 2049 and allow Thawne to get his powers back.

Using his powers, Thawne vibrated his body at super speed, thus making the lightning strikes pass through him and destroy the chamber. With Thawne finally being free, the guards surrounded him, but he easily killed them all in a second, except for Trevor. As the evil speedster walked to him, Trevor surrendered, terrified by his presence, and tried to convince him that he can help him. However Thawne simply found his offer ironic and told him it's "time to repent" (the same thing Trevor used to tell him before torture), before delivering painful lightning shocks from his hand as revenge for all the torture, which made Trevor scream in agony. After he stopped, Thawne asked him to consider what he's about to do as a "parting gift" (the same thing Trevor asked him moments ago), before phasing his arm through Trevor's chest, killing him instantly.

However, luckily for him, as Thawne was about to put on his suit and escape, The Flash and XS (who traveled from 2019) reversed time, thus reversing the deaths of Trevor and the other guards. Before Thawne could hurt them again, the two heroes ran Trevor and the others outside of the scene, thus saving them from their demise.[4]


Trevor is a focused guard in Iron Heights as he refused to allow anyone to enter into Eobard's cell unless they have permission to. Underneath his strict focus attitude though, Trevor is a sadistic man, as he enjoys torturing Eobard in his cell, considering it repentance for his crimes against Central City. However, when Eobard escaped and was about to kill Trevor for revenge he was on his knees begging to Eobard not to kill him in exchange he would help him with anything he desired, showing that he is actually a coward and would do anything to survive, even if it meant serving one of the worst criminals in Central City. This is what lead to his painful yet deserved/justified death at the hands of Eobard before Barry and Nora reversed time.


The Flash

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • Trevor's name was never revealed on-screen, only in the credits.
  • His actor, Everick Golding, also played an Iron Heights corrections officer in "Things You Can't Outrun". It's possible that this is the same character, but it isn't confirmed.


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