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"Photos can be doctored. They could have put Bruce Wayne's head on that body. Has Bruce Wayne left Gotham to hang out in Star City recently? No. Now, if I was running around the city during the day and managing it as mayor while running around at night frightening criminals as a vigilante, that really would make me a superhero. But I'm not. I'm just the mayor."
Oliver Queen's response to the allegations against him

"Tribute" is the second episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-seventeenth episode overall. It aired on October 19, 2017.



Strolling into his office, Oliver is barraged by journalists inquisitive for his reaction to the photos of him in the Green Arrow. Subsequent to offering a snappy expression — one in which he name drops the Caped Crusader himself, Bruce Wayne — Oliver teaches Rene to find who sent the image to the media.

Inside his office, Oliver and Lance are drawn nearer by FBI Special Agent Watson. She uncovers the FBI is exploring Oliver for his supposed association with the Green Arrow.

At Team Arrow HQ, Felicity, Curtis, Dinah, and Diggle are chipping away at making sense of where the image originated from.

Rene advises Oliver that the image wasn't sent into the news station, rather it was created from somebody inside the station.

While on a site with a type of financial improvement gathering, Oliver and the gathering is trapped by a gathering of shooters. Arrow and Oliver can get away from just to get halted outside of the distribution center they were visiting — it's evident the gathering of shooters are a piece of the Bratva drove by Anatoly.

Diggle and Dinah are having a conversation — it's despite everything tense after the occasions of a week ago's scene.

Felicity and Curtis are working diligently attempting to figure where the Bratva took the individuals from the gathering with Oliver and Lance. Curtis reveals an approach to follow the path of digital currency.

In Oliver's office, Rene runs in and turns on the TV, the Bratva has made an impression on New Channel 52, mentioning a payment of $20 million in return for the prisoners. Oliver's telephone rings — William has gotten into a battle at school. Menaces beat him up due to the updates on his father being the Green Arrow.

In the rear of the limo, Oliver advises William to punch the domineering jerks back next time. Felicity calls and reveals to him they've found Anatoly.

Group Arrow joins on the area and they start to battle with the gatekeepers. Subsequent to taking the greater part of the gatekeepers out, they understand not all the prisoners are at the area they thought.

Rene and Lance are sitting in a meeting room with Special Agent Watson trusting that Oliver will show up. Oliver winds up messaging Lance saying he can't make it to the meeting, he has a family crisis. Specialist Watson is naturally disturbed and says that Rene and Lance could be on the snare for impediment of equity.

Oliver is conversing with William about the harasser circumstance at school. His telephone begins ringing and it's Anatoly. The last uncovers he needs cash and that is the reason he took the prisoners.

Utilizing the video of Anatoly and Oliver's discussion, Team Arrow can utilize the face rash of the prisoner to get him the correct remedy to fix the harming by Anatoly.

Dinah and Diggle go to the emergency clinic to get the counteractant and after the specialist leaves the room, Diggle uncovers that he got hit by some shrapnel in the blasts on Lian Yu giving him nerve harm — that is the reason he's not, at this point a consistent fired with his firearm.

After one stroke, you are at expanded hazard for another. Ensure you have the realities on strokes of obscure reason.

At Oliver's office, Rene reveals to him that Special Agent Watson has discharged an individual of intrigue rundown and William is recorded as one of the individuals she needs to question. Oliver vows to do his best to ensure she doesn't grill his child. While talking with Rene about having William lie to a FBI specialist, Felicity sends him a message saying they have Anatoly's area once more.

Group Arrow combines on a surrendered transport yard.

At the shipyard, the group starts to battle the Bratva hooligans when Dinah begins to get gagged from behind. Diggle pulls out his proceeded to keep on delaying, making Dinah spare herself.

Oliver's ready to get to Anatoly and the prisoner and shoots the hostage with the antitoxin. Once Anatoly gets some answers concerning the cure, he shoots the hostage through the chest, slaughtering him.

At the point when drawn closer about his change to a scalawag, Anatoly discloses to Oliver he's as yet a decent man saying how he had each chance to bomb William's school or take William prisoner.

Oliver blames him for releasing the image of him as Green Arrow to the press and Anatoly pairs down a being a good man.

Subsequent to letting Anatoly escape, Oliver consents to meet with Agent Watson. Oliver tells her that he will open up as long as he can remember to her — with the solitary exemption of disregarding William.

Sincerely busy addressing, another specialist flies in and turns on the TV. On the report, the stay uncovers that they've gotten affirmation that the spilled photograph was carefully doctored.

At Felicity's place, her and Curtis continue examining who could have encircled Oliver. They're likewise looking at beginning a business for coding and tech improvement.

At HQ, Diggle approaches Dinah about the shipyard. Diggle admits to her that he's undermined, saying he'll tell Oliver and see where it goes.

Oliver strolls into William's room as he's playing computer games. He is sorry for a making a guarantee he was unable to continue, conceding his child was correct. Oliver repeats that he'll make every effort to ensure William never winds up as a vagrant on account of his vigilantism. The two wind up playing the computer game.

At Arrow HQ, Oliver's seeing his uniform on a mannequin. Diggle strolls in and Oliver requests that he fire getting ready as the Green Arrow, referring to the longing to ensure his child.


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Preparation ran from July 10 until July 18, 2017. Shooting ran from July 19 until August 1, 2017, with a break on July 21.[1]


  • Oliver name-drops Bruce Wayne at a press conference regarding him dressing up as a superhero at night. In the DC comics, Bruce Wayne is the iconic hero known as Batman, the protector of Gotham City and a vigilante dressed like a bat who fights against evil and strikes terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere. Batman is also a founding member of the Justice League and a teammate of Oliver as Green Arrow.
    • The title of the episode possibly refers to the reference, which is the brainchild of Stephen Amell. Amell was surprised that it made into the final cut of the episode even though the original script was supposed to have him mention another famous individual. Amell originally reached out to Greg Berlanti about getting a Batman reference on the show. Berlanti then suggested that he should get permission from current DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. It was only during a conversation at the 2017 DC Comics’ Comic-Con meeting in San Diego between Amell, Johns, Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Bros. Television President Peter Roth, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment President Diane Nelson that Tsujihara finally gave the permission to the Johns, Berlanti and eventually, to Amell.[citation needed]
  • After hearing "Python", Curtis Holt asks whether Felicity Smoak is referring to a supervillain while she talks about the programming language Python. In the DC comics, Python is a supervillain and the enemy of Sandman.
  • Like the previous episode, "Fallout", this episode contains another Injustice 2 easter egg, which includes Oliver and William making references to the game while DLC characters like Black Manta and Mortal Kombat character Sub-Zero (also known as Kuai Liang) were heard performing their respective moves off-screen.
  • Quentin's quip to Oliver, "I didn't have a photograph of you in flagrante de-Arrow", is a play on the Latin phrase "in flagrante delicto", which translates to "in blazing offense"; it refers to when a perpetrator is caught in the act during the commission of a crime.
  • Tetrodotoxin is the poison in fugu (pufferfish) that makes it toxic to humans unless prepared a specific way.
  • This is the first episode of Arrow to not feature a flashback storyline in any capacity.


  • When Oliver refuses to allow Samanda Watson to question William, she replies, "You're aware that telling an FBI agent how to conduct their investigation is obstruction of justice?" In reality, it is not; Oliver is not required to allow his son to be interviewed unless a subpoena has been issued. If anything, an FBI agent in this context would threaten a subpoena rather than an obstruction of justice charge.
  • A photo does not need to be created with a digital camera to be printed with an ink-jet printer; it merely needs to have been converted into a digital file.