"You know what they say, detective? The family that slays together stays together."
"Yeah, in prison."
Zoey Clark and Joe West[src]

The Trickster family, related by blood but lacking a common surname, was made by James Jesse and his partner in crime, Zoey Clark, heavily related to the Trickster legacy, with all of its known members being part of the villainous activities of the Trickster at one point or another.


Newspaper clippings on Zoey Clark

Newspaper clippings on James Jesse and Zoey Clark.

During the 1990s James Jesse, the Trickster, was joined by a partner in crime, Zoey Clark, the heiress to Bob Clark and his Clarx Toys toy-selling empire. With Zoey joining the Trickster as Prank and using her newly acquired resources, the Trickster's team wreaked havoc upon Central City. The criminal couple became enamoured with each other and had a son together, who'd grow up under the name of Axel Walker. After Zoey escaped being incarcerated, she had to take care of their son on her own using faked names to protect their identities.[1]

Meanwhile, James plotted his escape and started a correspondence of letters with Axel, who was a fan of the original Trickster and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Eventually revealing that he is Axel's father, Jesse got Axel's absolute loyalty and resurrected the Trickster team together with his son, pulling a deadly prank on the Flash. However, he did not share said loyalty, as both times he escaped from Iron Heights Prison he didn't help Axel to do the same.[1][2][3] In James's stead, Zoey broke her son out of prison and tried to convince him to live his life peacefully, but when Axel refused, she decided to go back to her old Prank identity and help her son become a better Trickster than even his father.[1]

Known family members

CCPD reports on Prank and Trickster

CCPD reports on Prank and Trickster.





  • Mr. Clark (Zoey's father, Bob's doppelgänger; deceased)
  • James Jesse (James's doppelgänger)
  • Zoey Clark (Mr. Clark's daughter, Zoey's doppelgänger)


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