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"I don't... know... how to fight this one. And I should be able to stop her, but—but then she makes her way into my mind and... and forces me to relive the scariest moment of my life. It's... it's torture. How am I supposed to deal with that?"
"Well, by remembering that... your fears don't define you. You know who you are is Supergirl. Who you are is Kara.
That's what defines you and she's got nothing on that."
Alex Danvers and Kara Danvers about Psi

"Triggers" is the second episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the forty-fourth episode overall. It aired on October 16, 2017.




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The scene starts with different characters preparing for their day — Alex and Maggie, Kara, Samantha and Ruby.

Samantha is holding back to drop Ruby off at school and Ruby starts interrogating her mother regarding her gigantic impressive accomplishment at the attack on the waterfront. Samantha clarifies it similarly as a surge of adrenaline.

Lena strolls into CatCo and starts conversing with James about the every day activities. Lena says she'll be at the media aggregate each day, a reality that annoys James.

At the DEO, Alex and Maggie are having a gigantic contention which J'onn needs to separate — and they uncover that can't settle on whether to have a live band or DJ at their wedding.

Kara flies in on the grounds that she's gotten an alarm. Winn and J'onn uncover that a criminal has been breaking into manages an account with no weapons at all, and those in the bank despite everything fall down in dread at her quality. Winn shares that a quiet caution has been stumbled and Kara takes off to stand up to the crook.

At the DEO, the gathering attempts to settle on the most proficient method to stop Psi. Kara says she was taken by surprise the first run through and Psi's forces won't take a shot at her once more.

Samantha's grinding away and she gets a call — Ruby got into a battle at school.

Inside the vault, the crook, who we know from giving news a role as Psi, starts utilizing her forces — which are to make individuals see their most noticeably awful feelings of dread — on Kara and she's ready to escape.

Kara hustles into CatCo, where she illuminates James they have a newsroom meeting that Lena called without educating him. When drawn closer, Lena and James have a strained communication.

Kara finds Psi, who starts utilizing her forces on the Kryptonian. J'onn can defer the forces remotely, yet just for such a long time until Psi can fight him off. Psi proceeds with her assault on Kara, who's having a dream of being propelled off Krypton as a youngster.

J'onn educates the gathering that Psi is the most grounded mystic he's at any point experienced — he teaches Winn to begin building up some tech to stop the psch assaults.

Kara pulls Winn out of the way, and educates him that Psi's utilizing her forces to make her casualties live their most noticeably terrible feelings of trepidation. Kara reveals to him that he should be the one to unravel it, and J'onn and Alex can discover. Kara gets a message from Lena and needs to surge off.

Samantha goes up against Ruby about the battle. Ruby discloses to her mother that she got into a battle in light of the fact that a harasser called her a liar after she said her mother had superpowers. Samantha gets annoyed and reminds her little girl that she doesn't have superpowers and she needs to release the issue.

Lena converses with Kara at CatCo, she doesn't appear to be too excited about Kara's expanded nonattendance. Lena educates her that she realizes when individuals are lying, and we should her realized that if it's about Mon-El, she can take anyway much time off she needs. Kara reveals to her she wouldn't like to discuss her own life at work, to which Lena gets furious and begins "putting on her supervisor cap."

Alex calls Kara and reveals to her that Psi has looted another bank. Kara's going to leave CatCo when she begins having a fit of anxiety in the lift. She busts through the roof and flies out the rooftop before somebody on their comm framework illuminates her that Psi has escaped.

Subsequent to running her through some symptomatic tests, Winn tells her that Kara just had a fit of anxiety and there's no enduring harm. Alex goes into the room and Kara leaves, a touchy Winn begins pushing his foot in his mouth as Alex approaches him about what's happening.

Samantha has pizza conveyed and when she calls Ruby down for supper, the last is mysteriously absent. We see Ruby at a pizza shop disregarding her mother's instant messages.

Kara is in her loft doing Kryptonian contemplation rehearses when Alex strolls in. Alex tells her that Winn informed her regarding the dread prompting assaults. The sisters show at least a bit of kindness to-heart about Supergirl's place on the planet and Kara continues discussing her own vulnerabilities.

Two security monitors are strolling to a defensively covered truck when they immediately tumble to the ground, being assaulted by nonexistent honey bees. Psi strolls up and takes a few packs of cash.

Cops speed to the scene and Psi begins demonstrating them their feelings of trepidation; the pizza joint that Ruby is at happens to be directly by the upheaval and she messages her mother to come spare her.

Back at the scene, disorder has broken out as Psi's striking apprehension into the laborers at a close by building site, permitting their cranes and destroying balls to go out of control.

Ruby outings on some solid and as the destroying ball severs the crane, Kara flies in the divert it. The Girl of Steel stands up to Psi with some new tech created at the DEO, yet Psi can in any case utilize her forces, overwhelming Kara from the location of the burglary. This time, Kara sees Mon-El's unit breaking down in space.

Alex runs up and consoles Kara that Mon-El is as yet alive and after a motivational speech, Kara flies back to Psi. Kara can forget about Psi's following assaults and renders the criminal oblivious with a headbutt.

Alex approaches Samantha and Ruby in the rear of an emergency vehicle and recollects that them from the waterfront in a week ago's scene. Samantha asks Ruby for what valid reason it's critical to such an extent that she has superpowers, telling her that on the off chance that she had super powers, she would have been the one to spare Ruby and not Supergirl.

At CatCo, Kara approaches Lena about her task, she's composing a story on Morgan Edge and his financier. Kara apologizes for her conduct prior in the day, conceding she has more stuff than she suspected and the two embrace. Lena acquaints Kara with Samantha.

Samantha's watching Ruby rest at their home, at that point she plunks down with a glass of wine. As she goes to turn a light on, the light gleams out. She goes out to the carport to locate a light when she sees a crowbar on the workbench. She gets it, attempting to twist it — implying that she figures she may have superpowers, despite the fact that disclosing to Ruby in any case.

Kara and Alex are watching Wizard of Oz. J'onn is having a brew alone at a bar when M'gann appears and cautions him that he should come back to Mars right away.