Triumvirate of Hell is a system in Hell formed by Satan, Beelzebub and Belial. The three share their power among themselves in order to bring balance to Hell.


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After John Constantine travelled to Hell, he attempted to make a deal with the Triumvirate to retrieve the soul of Ray Palmer. However, they tempted him with Astra Logue's, which he ultimately accepted. However, they in fact tricked him, fooling him into believing she'd want to leave, which she didn't.[1]

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Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, the Triumvirate of Hell, also known as the Satanic Triumvirate was a system formed by Lucifer Morningstar where he was forced to share power with two other powerful demon lords. The members of the Triumvirate has varied over time, especially after Lucifer abandoned Hell and retired to Earth.


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