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"I didn't kill that teacher. I wouldn't take a life. You know, not every meta uses their powers to hurt people. Some use them to help, others to protect people. Our powers don't decide who we are. We do."
Barry Allen to Becky Sharpe

"True Colors" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the eighty-second episode overall. It aired on February 6, 2018.



"True Colors" starts with Warden Wolfe talking with Amunet. He's brought her into an exceptional sanctuary in the cellar of Iron Heights, and starts to show her the distinctive metahumans he's caught so far this season.

Ralph enters his office to locate an old associate — Earl Cox — that needs his assistance relaxing on his sofa. Ralph cautions him that he's left the obscure private investigator game behind, and Earl says if that changes, to call him.

Iris and Cecile enter the meeting zone at Iron Heights, and Warden Wolfe strolls in to reveal to them that they're not able to see Barry today. Wolfe takes a stab at revealing to them that Barry got into a battle. Cecile's ready to utilize her forces to guess what Wolfe might be thinking and discovers that he's dealing metahumans. She returns to STAR Labs to disclose to Team Flash.

Ralph strolls into STAR Labs and starts venting to his associates about Earl's visit prior. In the wake of griping about him enough, Ralph's shapeshifts into Earl. In the wake of seeing Dibny's new force, Iris acknowledges he can utilize it to get Barry out of the metahuman jail at Iron Heights before Amunet plans something for him.

The Thinker and Mechanic are viewing the metahuman jail through cameras they have set up in their sanctuary.

Inside his cell, Barry's attempting to think of an arrangement to get away. Barry utilizes a napkin to obstruct the latrine, and when an upkeep laborer comes in to fix it, Barry takes a couple of batteries.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco and Caitlin are attempting to prepare Ralph on the most proficient method to shapeshift into Warden Wolfe. In the wake of attempting enough, Ralph can move into Wolfe however loses control of his engine abilities.

Inside Iron Heights, Barry's ready to devise a blend that permits him to open his prison cell. He expeditiously opens the different metahumans and the gathering starts to escape through a sewer vent in their wing of the jail.

The gathering proceeds with their getaway through the Iron Heights sewers.

Ralph — acting like Warden Wolfe — strolls into a bar searching for Amunet's go-to person. Her go-to person exits and attempts "intense guying" Ralph just for Joe to give him a motivational speech over the comms framework. Ralph faces Amunet's associate and can get the gathering he needed with Amunet.

In the sewage line, the gathering of metahumans runs into the support laborer that was fixing Barry's stopped up latrine. Barry takes the specialist out, persuading the others that they don't have to slaughter him.

Dibny, as yet acting like Wolfe, meets Amunet and attempts to convince her to delay the arrangement since he thinks cops know about it. Amunet shares that she thinks something isn't right with Wolfe. Sooner rather than later, Ralph's ear begins going limp and he loses his spread, changing back to his ordinary self. Ralph can get away.

Ralph returns to STAR Labs and confesses to messing the mission up. He tells the gathering that he wouldn't like to assist them with Barry any longer and apologizes for wrecking things.

The metahuman bunch gets again into the old Iron Heights jail and is near moving beyond the hindrance that would permit them to get their forces back. Kilgore says he'll hack the entryway so they can traverse, and keeping in mind that he does that, Barry has a speedy sincere with Hazard.

Caitlin goes to Ralph's place to talk about the day's occasions. With an end goal to unnerve him straight, Caitlin transforms into Killer Frost. The two talk, and Ralph chooses to help Team Flash all things considered.

The metahuman group recaptures their forces as they at long last break the entryway and get outside. In the yard, notwithstanding, they're welcomed by Warden Wolfe and a SWAT group.

Outside, Warden Wolfe advises the different metahumans that Barry is, indeed, The Flash. Utilizing the new data, the gathering begins the betray Barry, yet Hazard agrees with his stance and the two fight off the metahumans' assault.

Amunet shows up on the scene to face Wolfe, and she's before long impacted away DeVoe, who's shown up in another seat that The Mechanic made. DeVoe assumes control over Hazard's body and murders the remainder of the metahuman bunch just as Warden Wolfe.

Cisco and Killer Frost vibe into the patio to attempt to spare Barry, yet the speedster discloses to them he needs to stay in jail and get out the correct way.

Cecile's showing up in court for Barry's benefit in an intrigue hearing. The appointed authority orders Cecile to introduce the proof she said she had, in any case the intrigue would be denied. As the adjudicator is going to make his decision, DeVoe's old body walks around on his bike.

Cecile utilizes her forces to decide it's Ralph acting like DeVoe's unique body. Under the suspicion that DeVoe is as yet alive, the appointed authority clears all charges and requests Barry's quick discharge from Iron Heights.

Group Flash, Barry included, are hosting a get-together at the West family. They consent to have a great time at the time before attempting to make sense of how to stop DeVoe. Barry uncovers that DeVoe could have taken the forces from all metahumans in Iron Heights, yet just picked those metas that were on the transport toward the start of the period.

DeVoe, presently in Hazard's body, is chatting with Mechanic at their refuge. The last is becoming progressively disappointed with her significant other's arrangements.



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  • This title is a reference to the Cyndi Lauper song "True Colors".
    • It may also be a reference to Gregory Wolfe's secret willingness to try to sell meta-human inmates for profit coming to light, as well as Barry's belief that a meta-human's true self is defined by their choices, not powers.
  • When Ralph shape-shifts into Earl Cox, Iris refers to him as "Braveheart", referencing the 1995 film of the same name and its main character, William Wallace, in regards to Earl's Scottish accent.
  • Becky mentions that "Orange isn't the new anything", subtly referencing the TV series Orange Is the New Black.
  • Thanking Killer Frost for the pep talk, Ralph calls her a "frosty Oprah", referring to the famous talk show host.
  • Cecile mentions that in the past, Central City has had reports of people being dead, only for them to later emerge alive. Examples of these cases include Tony Woodward and Ronnie Raymond, who were both thought to have died in some way or another the night of the particle accelerator explosion, only to be found to be alive sometime afterwards.[1][2][3]
  • Ralph refers to Norvock as "Snakes on the Brain", possibly referring to the 2006 film Snakes on a Plane.
  • Cisco tells Ralph that his face looks like the painting that came back to life from the 2017 film It.
  • While disguised as Wolfe in the bar, Ralph asks for Gingold and is later seen drinking some in his office. In the comics, Gingold was a soft drink made from rare Gingo fruit, from which Ralph got his powers.
  • By this episode, Barry has been in prison for 20 days.


  • When Ralph arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs, he says he ran into an "old business partner" and starts describing him, but never mentions Earl's name. Shortly after, Caitlin refers to him by name as Earl.
  • While Ralph can shapeshift in a literal sense, nothing about his ability allows him to change his skin tone, so impersonating Wolfe would have been impossible.