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For the Superman & Lois episode, see "Truth and Consequences".
"To see things as they truly are, you must reveal the truth within yourself."
Totem Oracle

"Truth or Consequences" is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-twenty-fourth episode overall. It aired on November 2, 2021.



At the Tower, William informs Supergirl, J'onn, Alex, Lena and Dreamer that he received word from Otis that Lex has built Nyxly a Lexosuit. Although they're suspicious, Lena offers to write a programme to track them, while Dreamer offers to try and use the Dream Totem. Alex gets a text from Kelly saying there's a problem with Esme at school. Their attention is drawn to a news programme where the presenters, Derek and Dana, make fun of some love poetry Lex wrote to Nyxly, supposedly published by William. The programme is also viewed by Lex, Nyxly and Mitch: Lex is particularly unamused.

William confronts Andrea about using his name to authenticate the story, stolen from Lex's journals. Andrea argues that William wanted proof but William feels that by turning Lex and Nyxly into figures of fun, she is risking people forgetting how dangerous they are. He also accuses her of not caring about anything other than being number one, rather than using CatCo as a force for good.

Brainiac communicates with the Legion via his ship. He is evasive about the news he receives but tells Supergirl and the others about Lex and Nyxly using the All Stone to rule the universe in the future and how Nyxly was killed in a battle with the Legion. Meanwhile, Lex and Nyxly track down the Truth Totem, while Lena detects their position. Nyxly enters the totem's gauntlet and attempts to speak truths to pass the test: First that she wants justice on all those who have hurt her, then that she fears the parts of her that resemble her father. Finally, she admits she doesn't like being alone and wishes she had someone she could trust. As she passes the gauntlet, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Brainiac and Dreamer arrive and Supergirl is shocked to see the duo have the Hope Totem. Nyxly opens up a portal to the Dream Realm but Brainiac manages to grab the Dream Totem off her before they're sucked through, with Dreamer then portalling them back to the Tower.

The group are forced to acknowledge that the Totems can't be destroyed and just reconstitute in a different form. They suggest Brainiac contact the Legion for help. Brainiac instead speaks to his counterpart and explains he is needed to return to the 31st century in order to merge with the Big Brain, an act that will cause him to cease to exist. Dreamer also learns this while using the Dream Totem. Brainiac explains his species will die out if he doesn't go back, and Dreamer can't go with him because history needs her there.

Kelly and Alex clean up Esme, who relates how a classmate mocked her chocolate roulade during baking, causing her powers to go wild and blow paint everywhere. They notice the love symbol on her neck and take her to the Tower for tests. Supergirl briefly chats with Esme, before suggesting to Alex that something similar to the power-dampening glasses she wore as a child might help Esme feel more comfortable. Alex says things are different now and the world is more accepting of aliens; Esme needs to learn to control her powers but shouldn't have to hide who she is to fit in. When Supergirl presses the point, Alex firmly insists that she doesn't want parenting advice.

Nyxly uses the Truth Totem on Lex, who reiterates that he wants to rule by her side, not betray her. Supergirl talks with J'onn about her fight with Alex and is reminded that she has to let Alex and Kelly parent Esme how she wants. William finds Esme playing hide and seek in J'onn's office. Andrea contacts Lena and asks if she is a narcissistic monster. Lena says using William's name to publish Lex's journal wasn't her finest hour but she can change.

Alex hasn't got Esme's test results but Kelly offers an explanation: A new alien at the school has tattoo powers which Esme could have mimicked. Lena detects Nyxly's ship in orbit and Supergirl and Martian Manhunter head up there. Supergirl is attacked by Lex and Nyxly wearing Lexosuits, with Lex using 31st century nanites to destroy her Kryptosuit. Martian Manhunter battles Mitch and an empty suit. Supergirl grabs the Truth Totem from Nyxly and triggers the ship's self-destruct. Lex portals out with Nyxly. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter follow after Supergirl has grabbed the Hope Totem.

At the Tower, J'onn gives William a positive account of the day's events: Lex and Nyxly's ship has been destroyed and the Superfriends now have five totems safe. Kelly, Lena and Alex arrive with Esme, who won the baking contest. Kelly says she'll have to miss the party because there's no babysitter but William volunteers to look after Esme. At a bunker in Italy, Mitch ruminates on being free now he has no ship. Lex sends him away. Nyxly asks Lex to stay with her, saying she's tired of being alone and running out of reasons not to trust him. Her crystal ball shows her where the Love Totem is and she ponders if it's because she's starting to love Lex.

Kara, J'onn, Kelly, Alex, Lena, Nia and Brainy are relaxing at a private club. Kelly and Alex head onto the dance floor and, after some words of reassurance from J'onn, Kara and Lena join them. Brainy is in a despondent mood about having to leave once the current crisis is over but Nia convinces him to enjoy the moment.

William notices that the Tower's defences are down and sends Esme to hide in the office. Lex and Nyxly enter and Lex holds William at gunpoint while Nyxly searches for Esme. William surreptitiously sets up his phone to record Lex taunting him. Nyxly finds Esme and tells her she's a friend of her mums, convincing her to come with her. She lets Lex know and he turns to go...then shoots William in the chest, saying that's for leaking his journal. He also reveals he set up William's meeting with Otis, and Lena tracking the Lexosuits allowed him to place a trojan programme in their computers that stopped them getting Esme's test results. He leaves and a dying William sends a message to Andrea.

Alex gets Esme's test results, which show her blood is full of Fifth Dimensional energy. She and Kelly work out that the Love Totem has reconstituted itself in Esme. In her office, Andrea gets a message showing William being shot. Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Alex and Kelly race back to the Tower and find William dead and Esme gone.



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