"You guys want to know how Turnbull went from being a cattle rustler to running his own country?"
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Turnbull Country was a country founded by Quentin Turnbull in an aberration timeline due to his acquisition of dwarf star ore.


In 1874, Quentin Turnbull killed a time pirate and took his futuristic tracker that could detect dwarf star ore. This set off a time aberration that was detected by Nate Heywood's time seismograph prompting the Legends to travel to 1874. Nate noticed a new map of 1876 that wasn't supposed to be in one his books showing that the entire western half of the United States was labeled Turnbull Country. Nate, Ray Palmer, and Jefferson Jackson disguised themselves as tax collectors and discovered Turnbull was stockpiling dwarf star ore. The Legends figured out that Turnbull's plan was to use a train full of dwarf star ore to blow up Summit Pass, the only railroad that connected the eastern and western United States. Using his steel powers, Nate Heywood stopped the train before it could get to the pass, while Amaya Jiwe and Mick Rory destroyed Turnbull's dwarf star mine. Jonah Hex later took Turnbull into custody, thus preventing Turnbull Country from existing.[1]

Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline, Turnbull was successful in destroying Summit Pass thereby cutting off the United States Army from the West and by 1876, had established Turnbull Country as a lawless nation of outlaws.[1]


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