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For the eponymous character, see Rip Hunter.
"There's no rhyme nor reason to any of this, Jax. History is war and slavery and holding a dead son in your arms. There's no point in protecting history, so we might as well just burn it all down."
Rip Hunter to Jefferson Jackson

"Turncoat" is the eleventh episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It aired on February 7, 2017.




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The scene starts with Rip Hunter driving a unit of British troopers in 1776 America, Christmas Day. He clarifies that he murdered George Washington, and that they have to battle the 'defiance' of American troopers, and gives them all rifles.

Thawne converses with Rip. Their arrangement is that the time variation of killing Washington will lead the Legends to him, and afterward he kills the group and takes the Spear of Destiny piece for Thawne.

On the Waverider, Sara and Jax find out about the time distortion from Gideon. Beam goes up against Mick, saying that he believes there's a rat on the boat that was brought about by Mick's wreck.

Nate and Amaya talk about becoming acclimated to life on the Waverider, and how they wish they had the opportunity to be outside. They feel a timequake that pushes them two together.

Gideon educates the gathering about the distortion regarding Washington's passing. Nate clarifies the effect that deviation will have on history, and Sara hesitantly consents to help fix history - yet that they should be cautious when going there. Sara allots the group their jobs on the mission.

An extravagant gathering happens in a manor in 1776 Pennsylvania. Sara, Nate, Amaya, Mick, and Ray (contracted down and situated on the head of Mick's cap). They blend at the gathering, and Sara inadvertently runs into George Washington.

Stein and Jax reveal to Sara they have to get Washington out of the gathering. Redcoats show up at the gathering, and the group fends them off while Sara escapes with Washington.

Outside the house, Rip sets off a light that stop all power in the zone, including Ray's suit and the Waverider.

Mick and Sara go out with Washington, yet run into Rip and his men. Rip shoots Sara and disregards her draining and in the day off.

Sara, Jax, and Stein take Sara into the Waverider's medications cove. Jax proposes converging into Firestorm to walk out on, however they can't combine. Sara discloses to Jax that Rip was the one to shoot him. Sara puts Jax responsible for the strategic drops. Jax comments that he doesn't have the foggiest idea how to be a skipper, yet Stein accepts he can.

Jax discover Nate and Amaya in the Waverider and reveals to them they have to go out and discover Washington to spare the mission.

Mick and Washington stroll with the Redcoats, them two stuck in binds. Washington recommends a detainee exchange, yet Mick thinks its inept.

Nate and Amaya follow Mick's path of nibble coverings in the day off. The two bond over their encounters watching Wizard of Oz, and quickly address Amaya's life before dating Rex Tyler.

Jax, Ray, and Stein hear a noisy commotion outside the Waverider. It's Rip and his men, attempting to physically get into the boat.

Nate and Amaya keep on looking at dating. They hear a noisy commotion and are directed to the edge of a waterway. They are assaulted by two men, yet Amaya and Nate ward them off. Nate is driven into the waterway, and Amaya bridles her symbol's forces to bounce in after him.

Nate and Amaya, presently out of the water, locate a close by tent. Nate begins to create hypothermia, yet Amaya starts to disrobe so she can give him her glow.

Stein, encompassed by candles, starts to work on Sara. Ray wanders around the air pipe of the boat. Jax manufactures a smoke bomb close to the passage of the Waverider. Rip and his men enter the Waverider and a few of them drop from the smoke. Rip looks for the Spear of Destiny inside the commander's quarters, however can't discover it. He understands that Jax is the one retaliating against Rip's men, and Rip chases around for him.

The Redcoats lead Washington and Mick to General Cornwallis, the pioneer of the British Army. He tells Washington and Mick that they will be slaughtered for conspiracy toward the beginning of the day. Washington arranges a lighter sentence for Mick.

Nate awakens and asks where his garments are. Amaya says that they'll hold up until the garments are finished drying and afterward they'll discover Washington. Nate recommends she remain inside the tent with him, and the two start to make out.

Jax keeps on beating Rip in the Waverider. Jax questions why Rip turned into a deceiver against the Legends. Rip proposes that in the event that they get the Spear of Destiny, they could rework history and rejuvenate Jax's dad back. Jax says no, and Rip shoots him.

Mick and Washington sit inside a tent. Mick attempts to locate a simple path for them to get away, yet Washington would prefer to pass on honorably. He gives Mick an adoration letter to provide for his better half, Martha.

Nate and Amaya wake up. Nate recommends they engage in sexual relations once more, yet Amaya says they have to spare Washington and Mick.

Jax surpasses Rip in the weapon room and in the end reveals to him he knows where the Spear of Destiny is.

Ray, still Atom-sized, runs into a huge rodent in the rafters.

Jax drives Rip to the Captains Quarters, however sets off a smoke bomb to get away. Rip detects Jax's path of blood and starts to tail it.

Sara awakens from Stein's temporary medical procedure. Rip interferes with them and starts to stifle Sara. Jax shows up and Rip focuses his weapon at him. He asks Jax to damnation him where the Spear is, and Jax discloses to him it's inside Rip's telescope. Jax reminds Rip that he's going to slaughter Sara, and Rip doesn't recognize her name. He pounds her throat and flees. Jax races to her side.

Rip glimpses inside the telescope for the Spear of Destiny.

Stein awakens and Jax discloses what happened to Sara. Stein asks Ray - any place he is inside the boat - to turn on the primary force.

Ray beats the goliath rodent and finds the force for the Waverider. He turns it on. Gideon controls on and starts to fix Sara's deadly wounds.

Washington is going to be executed, however Rory dives in and battles different redcoats. Washington, Nate, and Amaya participate, and the four run when the redcoats are vanquished.

Jax pursues Rip and focuses a firearm at him. Rip obliges it, yet Jax doesn't shoot him. Sara appears and attempts to prevail upon them two. Jax tunes in to her and brings down the firearm, and Rip leaves to the close by British soldiers.

Washington and Mick toast a beverage to their triumph. Nate and Amaya show up with the firearms the British had been given by Rip. Mick gives Washington his adoration letter back, and Washington uncovers it was truly fight plans.

Sara inquires as to whether history has been reestablished, and she reports that it is - with the exception of there's currently a sculpture of Mick in the US state house. Jax comes in, and the pair talk about being a skipper.

The gathering arrange a Christmas celebration in the lounge area. Ray gives Mick the rodent that was in the conduits as a pet. Nate and Amaya examine their relationship, and Amaya lean towards they keep it easygoing. Nate gives her a blessing, which winds up being ruby red shoes like in The Wizard of Oz. The pair grin.

Sara gives a toast to the gathering, saying that the group will at last thrashing the Legion of Doom, on the grounds that the Legends are a family.


Preparation ran from November 7 until November 16, 2016 with a break on November 11 for Remembrance Day. Shooting ran from November 17 until November 30, 2016.[1]


  • "Turncoat" is a military term for someone who shifts allegiance from one loyalty/cause to another, often betraying their original party. Rip Hunter becomes a turncoat when he betrays the Legends and joins the Legion of Doom (albeit brainwashed).
  • Mick broke the fourth wall when he addressed the audience at the end of his opening monologue.
  • Ray mentions how without George Washington, America wouldn't have the musical Hamilton.
  • Nate states that he and Amaya are "not in Kansas anymore", a reference to the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, which Amaya notes.
    • Nate also mentions how he was afraid of the flying monkeys in the film.
    • Nate later gives Amaya ruby slippers as a Christmas gift, referencing those worn by the film's protagonist Dorothy Gale.
  • Nate describes the mechanics of the dating app Tinder to Amaya.
  • When Ray is walking through Waverider's pipes, the tune he was whistling is the theme of the show.
  • The CW broadcasting of this episode featured special LEGO end cards to coincide the release of The LEGO Batman Movie.
    • Unlike the other three Arrowverse shows however, the DC/Warner Bros. variant does not have a minifigure that represents one of the DC's Legends of Tomorrow characters and is instead recreated in LEGO form.
  • During the Christmas party, the Legends are playing with Christmas crackers in the background. While much more popular in Commonwealth countries such as Canada, where the show is filmed, the tradition of Christmas crackers is not widely practiced by Americans.
  • Rip says, "The British are Coming" when the British army was approaching. This was the line that Paul Revere shouted out to warn American colonists when the British were coming to attack.
  • Martin Stein says, "Damn it, Jefferson. I'm a physicist, not a doctor." Jax counters, "And I'm a mechanic, not a captain." This is a reference to Dr. Leonard McCoy from Star Trek: TOS, who would say "I'm a doctor, not a..." in various episodes.
  • When Jax and Sara are talking in the Waverider's office, a glass skull can be seen on the desk beside Sara, which resembles the crystal skull in the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • Mick's advice to Washington on fighting dirty references the historical opinion that the American Revolutionary War was won more through the use of hit-and-run guerrilla tactics than traditional or "gentlemanly" forms of warfare.
  • A helmet similar to the one of Doctor Fate can be seen for a bot in Rip's office.


  • Washington asks Sara, "Now tell me, from which of our 13 fair colonies do you come from?" A colonial gentleman with a proper education in the 18th century would never say that redundant second "from".
  • While Nate was suffering from hypothermia, he could've simply assumed his steel form.
    • It's possible Nate's condition prevented him from mustering up the energy/concentration needed to access his powers.
  • After Ray restores main power to the Waverider, Martin reveals to Gideon that Sara is dead. Gideon replies, "Luckily, her brain cells are still functioning." She then scans Sara to determine how to help her. Gideon could not have known Sara's brain cells were still active before taking the scan.
  • Neither officers nor enlisted soldiers of the British Army of the 1700s were permitted to have beards.
  • No soldier of the Revolution or even today would wear a hat indoors.