"Two-Bits" is a former drug dealer and an old friend of Jefferson Pierce. He mainly dealt Green Light all around Freeland.


Two-Bits grew up around Jefferson Pierce, several years his junior.[1]

In 2018, Two-Bits was visited by Jefferson at Tanner's Taphouse, where he was told to stop selling the drugs by the latter. Two-Bits did not agree to him and replied that he has a family to look after. Jefferson later assaulted him as Black Lightning and left him unconscious.[1]

Sometime later, while selling DVDs on a street corner, Two-Bits spotted Lashawn selling Green Light to Neema Summers, who when consuming it showed extraordinary powers. Neema was shortly kidnapped by some A.S.A. agents a few minutes later. Two-Bits visited Jefferson the following day, informing him of Neema's kidnapping. Jefferson later visited Two-Bits as Black Lightning and stopped him from consuming drugs. Two-Bits claimed he had a license for it, but Jefferson asked him not to do it. He then proceeded to ask him to keep track of delivery trucks in Freeland.[2]

After the reported death of Peter Gambi, Two-Bits found Jefferson drinking in his bar and offered his condolences.[3]

Joining Freeland's resistance

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  • He has been tracking the comings and goings of every delivery truck in Freeland ever since he and Jefferson were teenagers.[2]

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