Tyson is the son of Patty, the brother of Chris, the grandson of Rich, and Nate Heywood's first cousin once removed.


Tyson visited the Heywood house with his mother Patty and his brother Chris on Thanksgiving 2018. Most of the time, he was seen playing and running around the house with his brother, breaking things along the way. Tyson and his brother then went to the basement, where Chris picked up and loaded Nate's old air rifle and accidentally shot Tyson with it, screaming loudly.[1]

The family was about to eat dinner when they noticed Nate was missing and decided to wait for him. Tyson, who expressed frustration, then listened on as Ava Sharpe listed all the things she was thankful for to cover for Nate.[1]

In Tyson's perspective, he then saw Hank Heywood and Ava successfully find and call Nate from the bathroom, and the family finally ate their Thanksgiving meal.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4


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