The USS Faterider, is a spaceship utilized by an unnamed crew captained by Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe.


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Compartments in the USS Faterider

  • Bridge: The bridge is where the ship is piloted from, usually from the captain's chairs in the center. Located at the front of the ship, the bridge has viewports that allow the crew to see the outside. As well as several control stations manned by the crew to control and maintain ship functions.

Ship systems


  • Hailing: The USS Faterider can hail other spaceships to communicate.

Internal systems

  • Life support: The USS Faterider has its own Life support so the crew can breathe during space travel, the ship was said to be losing oxygen after the "Gromelons" fired on the ship without shields.


  • Laser cannons/Blasters: The USS Faterider is equipped with laser cannons as mentioned by Captain Lance
  • Photon torpedoes: The USS Faterider is said to have a number of photon torpedoes in its armament, all of which was destroyed when the "Gromelons" fired on them.
  • Shields

Known occupants


Former crew


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5


  • The entire crew were androids.
  • The USS Faterider is a parody of the original USS Enterprise from the 1960s television show.
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