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"I believe in my men, and I believe in the good that we're doing."
—General Grant telling Sara Lance of his commitment to his cause[src]

General Ulysses S. Grant is a general of the Union Army active in 1863 during the Civil War.


In 1863, Ulysses S. Grant was the commanding general of Union troops in Mississippi. He gave orders to Henry Scott, a spy for the Union army, to infiltrate the Collins Plantation to steal the Confederacy's troop movement plans.[1]

When the Legends touched down in 1863 to resolve a time aberration, Union soldiers captured Sara Lance and Nate Heywood and took them to Gen. Grant who was suspicious that they were Confederate spies after they tried to warn him of impending zombie attacks. Sara later returned with a Confederate zombie head to show that they were serious. Later Grant, Sara, and Nate devised a plan to take out the zombies. Nate used a flare to lure the zombies away from the Union camp to a crate of nitroglycerin. Nate then detonated the crate taking out the remaining zombies.[1]

Due to the Legends' successful completion of Henry Scott's mission, Grant later went on to win the Battle of Champion Hill, which was instrumental in his efforts to take Vicksburg and achieve control of the Mississippi River, and a key part of ultimately the Union winning the war.[1]


Grant is a strong leader, devoted to his troops and the cause he fought for. He never regretted putting his troops in harm's way and the hard decisions he had to make as long as they believed in the good they were doing.


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