"Once he awoke her desire, he was hers to explore...willingly."
—The synopsis for Uncaged Desire[src]

Uncaged Desire is a novel written by Mick Rory under the pen name Rebecca Silver.




In 2018, Mick Rory wrote and released a book titled "Uncaged Desire" under the pen name Rebecca Silver, presumably of the romance genre. Mona bought and read a copy of it, and gave it to Nora Darhk for her to read as well. Mona then accidentally spoiled the ending (the correctional officer, presumably the protagonist, convinced the judge to send herself to prison in exchange for her lover's freedom) to Nora.[1]

After an encounter with a woman wielding meta-tech caused Barry to begin phasing uncontrollably, Team Flash decided to let him phase him down into a cell in the pipeline where the cell's meta-dampeners would negate his powers. Sherloque brought Barry a copy of Uncaged Desire, stating that the Legends had dropped it off. Barry later stated that it was surprisingly well written.[2]


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