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"Oliver, sometimes the greatest act of love is no action at all."
Malcolm Merlyn to Oliver on Thea's bloodlust

"Unchained" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-first episode overall. It aired on February 3, 2016.



Thea passes out during a mission, worrying everyone.

Felicity learns that her injury is ruining the company when she goes through a dry run of her presentation. Her dry run is awkward and she knocks into things as she rolls around in the wheelchair.

Oliver shows up at Thea's and learns that Malcolm is there talking about fixing Thea. Oliver doesn't like what Malcolm has to say. Oliver then receives a call about a mission but didn't want to go. Thea told him to so he headed out but not in his gear. Oliver chases after the guy and manages to catch him. It is Roy, something that surprises him. Roy then punches him and runs off.

Oliver heads to the Arrowcave and filled the others in. Oliver then receives a message from Alex, his campaign manager. Oliver learns that Damian's wife Ruvé Adams has put her name in the ring for mayor.

In the past, Oliver is being tortured by the leader for the reason he got the maps. As Oliver is tortured, someone shoots at them, and then greets Oliver.

In the present, Oliver dresses as the green Arrow and approaches Ruvé wanting a meeting with Damian Darhk.

Felicity learns about what Roy had been taking. Felicity tries calling Curtis but Roy is already there. Curtis and Roy begin to fight and Curtis holds his own for a time. Felicity realizes something so Oliver shoots Roy. It knocks him out, but not before Roy sent the tech he stole out the window. Oliver removes a camera from Roy's eye before waking him up. He then fills them in on how he was being blackmailed.

In the past, Oliver is set free and he is very confused as the woman who had freed him is Shado, but she is dead. She tells him that he needs to forgive himself and return home.

In the present, Nyssa heads to Japan to a temple. They bow before the entrance before Nyssa heads inside. She greets Tatsu, who has joined the crescent order. Nyssa and Tatsu then fight due to the fact that Nyssa was there for something that Tatsu was guarding: the lotus. Tatsu removes her mask and Nyssa tells her that she has something that is a matter for Oliver.

In the Arrowcave, Oliver and Roy are talking and as a result, Roy heads to see Thea. She is very happy to see him but she starts coughing and suddenly her wound opens before it closes again.

Oliver heads to talk to Felicity and the guy catches her. They talk together and Felicity learns that he is going to take down a city. He then locks Felicity out. She then realizes how bad the guy is: that he could shut down the hospitals. Felicity then remembers something that Ray had made the year before for Palmer tech and races off.

In the past, Oliver is hallucinating talking to Shado about how he is lying to Taiana.

Felicity heads to Palmer tech and Curtis is amazed that Felicity was kick ass now versus the one from the dry run. He tells her that the company needs the kick ass Felicity.

Oliver goes to see Thea and she learns that he has a meeting with Damian. She is not impressed and tells him that he can't fix this. He then heads to the other room where Malcolm is. He knew that Oliver is meeting Damian due to overhearing the conversation.

Felicity finds out about the bad guy and so they head out. All except Oliver who is about to meet Darhk. He receives the message.

The bad guy's employees break in and learn that a worm has invaded the tech. At the same time, Dig, Roy and Canary are on site and learn that the man hired mercenaries. Oliver then arrives and knocks out the mercenaries. The group all realize that they need to detonate the bomb manually so Roy volunteers to stay as it was his fault the guy was there. Roy warns the mercenaries. Roy goes to shoot and then he is able to get away in time. They head to the arrowcave and Roy talks about heading back out. Oliver decides to back Thea's play.

In the past, Oliver wakes up and Taiana is happy. Oliver stops her and he tells her that he was the one who killed her brother. Oliver opens his hand and saw that the rock his hallucination had given him was there.

Felicity presents her presentation to the board and Oliver Queen. She ends with how the battery is powering the building. What Oliver didn't know was that the Calculator was sitting next to him.

Roy is with Thea and they talk about how he should go get married and be normal. She cries and Roy tells her that he would do everything with her if he could. He then tells her he loves her. They hug.

At the end of the presentation, Felicity and Oliver are together when Oliver heads out. She then turns around is brought face to face with the Calculator, also known as her father.

Oliver heads to the apartment and talks with Malcolm in the hallway. Laurel interrupts and says that Thea is now in a coma, so Thea is brought to the hospital. He sits by her side when Nyssa shows up. She tells him that she will give him the Lotus if he kills Malcolm.


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Preparation ran from November 10 until November 19, 2015. Shooting ran from November 20 until December 3, 2015.[1]



  • Dr. Schwartz says Thea is "barely a 3 on the Glasgow scale". The minimum score on the Glasgow Coma Scale is 3, which is completely unresponsive; it's impossible for Thea to score lower.
  • In the opening scene during Nyssa's escape there is a visual anomaly where is apears they tried to superimpose Katrina Law's face over the stunt woman's face or tried to mask the stuntwoman's face entirely.