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"Adrian Chase didn't make me a killer."
"No, five years in hell did that. Five years dealing with this city's worst did that. You've spent a decade dealing with horrors that most people don't even realize exist, and the fact that that didn't turn you into a monster proves exactly the kind of person that you are."
Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

"Underneath" is the twentieth episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twelfth episode overall. It aired on May 3, 2017.



The scene opens with the Oliver laying on the floor in the Arrowcave, briefly shocked from the blast toward the finish of the last scene. In the wake of keeping an eye on Felicity, he gets a firearm and attempts to discover Chase, who set the blast off. Notably, Chase utilized an EMP to broil each circuit in the Arrowcave...including the embed that enables Felicity to walk.

Notably, Chase's arrangement was to trap Oliver and Felicity in the Arrowcave, which was his arrangement from the start. He even welded shut the crisis exit, to guarantee that Oliver dies in some horrible, nightmarish way inside his nest.

In a flashback to 11 months, Felicity and Oliver contend about whether they ought to grow the group and offer some mellow being a tease while searching for another wrongdoing ruler in Star City.

In the current day, Quentin is managing his own emergency: each protection lawyer in the city is requesting of to topple the entirety of Chase's feelings since he's a sequential executioner. Rene sends Curtis to check the fortification for Oliver or Felicity, since he can't get it together of both of them. Curtis finds that the Arrowcave is closed down, despite the fact that he hears a few blasts from Oliver attempting to shoot the entryway of the fortification down.

Oliver makes sense of that Chase is following William (Oliver's on) and reveals to Felicity that Chase thinks about William's presence. Felicity promptly advises Oliver to take a gander at Cisco's unique designs for an exit plan.

Back at the Diggle family, Lyla and Diggle contend over whose profound quality is more undermined. They get hindered by Rene, Dinah, and Curtis, who educate the Diggles concerning the Bunker going down.

Oliver chooses to move up the deep opening, despite the fact that Felicity brings up that Chase most likely booby caught it. Oliver attempts to do it at any rate, sets off a booby trap and winds up with a bolt in his back for his difficulties.

Felicity lines Oliver up and addresses him for not confiding in her, incorporating with Felix. Oliver concedes that Felicity was correct and advises her to make sense of an arrangement and he'll bolster it.

The remainder of the group sorts out that Oliver and Felicity are caught in the fortification, and Curtis predicts they just have a couple of long stretches of air left.

In the interim, Felicity proposes they utilize Oliver's old cruiser to produce enough power to control up a cell connect in the centralized server, so they can get a message out.

In a flashback, Curtis brings up that Felicity and Oliver are being a tease like insane once more, however Felicity says that Oliver despite everything doesn't confide in her. Curtis says they should attempt to work it out and uncovers that he set up an off the cuff date between the pair that night.

Rene and Curtis rappel onto the top of the fortification so they can attempt to weld through it. In the interim, Dinah attempts to get Diggle to open up about his relationship issues, and says that her relationship with her covert accomplice sometimes expected to keep things from one another for their own rational soundness.

Back in the Arrowcave, Oliver says that he just didn't back Felicity's play not on the grounds that he doesn't confide in her, but since he didn't need her to wind up like him. In any case, their discussion gets cut off when the centralized computer turns on and instantly detonates, causing a methane gas channel to break.

Oliver takes a stab at fixing the channel with conduit tape, yet it pops. Felicity they have merely minutes before they choke, yet Oliver acknowledges they can escape by means of a steam pipe under the dugout. Be that as it may, they'll have to tear open a steel door...which may be troublesome given all the methane noticeable all around.

Rene and Curtis attempts to dissolve the top of the fortification, yet they cause a blast from all the methane.

Felicity rigs one of Oliver's bolts with explosives, and Oliver shoots a bullseye to blow the entryway open. They find it's a two story drop to get into the steam pipe.

In a flashback, Oliver and Felicity become inebriated and mess about with the salmon stepping stool and make out for a piece before they begin stripping and getting occupied in the dugout.

Lyla brings Curtis one of his T-Spheres, as ARGUS monitors fascinating tech. Diggle is vexed, yet Lyla figures they can utilize the T-Sphere to break Oliver out of the shelter.

Oliver and Felicity discover the steam pipe is an impasse and Oliver drops from blood misfortune, methane inward breath and conveying Felicity on his back for some time. Felicity awakens Oliver, and Oliver admits to Felicity that he appreciates murdering individuals and that is the reason he didn't need Felicity to turn out like him. Oliver at that point takes a break.

In another flashback, Oliver and Felicity have some pillow talk, however Felicity reveals to Oliver that she's not reuniting with him. She concedes that she can't move beyond that, despite the fact that she cherishes him.

In the current day, Lyla gives Diggle a rundown of each dark operation she's approved, however says that she merits Diggle's trust... just as Diggle confides in Oliver notwithstanding the entirety of his ethically undermined choices. Diggle doesn't have a counter for that (since SHE'S RIGHT) yet Curtis intrudes on saying he's made sense of how to protect Oliver and Felicity.

Oliver awakens once more, and Felicity reveals to Oliver that Adrian Chase isn't right about him. All things considered, Oliver persevered through 5 years of damnation and 5 years of self-delivered vigilantism confronting the most exceedingly terrible hoodlums Star City brings to the table, he despite everything hasn't transformed into a beast. In this way, Felicity recommends that possibly Chase's torment just got into Oliver's head and that he's not really the unrepentant sociopath that Oliver thinks he is.

Simply at that point, Curtis' T-Sphere punctures the divider, sparing them. Tragically, Curtis uncovers they have another issue: the centralized server is set to betray, which will make all the methane detonate and cause a monstrous blast. Be that as it may, Curtis has an arrangement to get the vents back online before the centralized server returns on: physically turning the vents on while Team Arrow recovers Oliver and Felicity. Things get a little bushy when Oliver drops and Diggle acknowledges they need more rope to move down to the dugout, yet a T-Sphere stacked with adrenaline and Oliver's crazy chest area quality winds up making all the difference.


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Preparation ran from February 23 until March 3, 2017. Shooting ran from March 6 until March 15, 2017.[1]


  • In Southern California, this episode along with The 100 episode "Die All, Die Merrily" were both postponed to May 6 due to coverage of the Giants/Dodgers game.
  • The flashbacks in this episode takes place between "Schism" and "Legacy".
  • This is the first episode of Arrow to not feature a main (human or otherwise) villain, nor does it involve other villains (although Adrian Chase appears at the end interacting with Oliver's son, William). Instead, Team Arrow faces the Arrowcave, which acts metaphorically as a "villain"; an EMP set off by Chase disabled the base where Oliver and Felicity are trapped, so Diggle and the rest of the team must rescue them before the air in the Arrowcave runs out.
  • Curtis refers to his T-Spheres as Kodo and Podo, naming them after "Dar's thieving ferrets on The Beastmaster".
    • Curtis also mentions former Arrow recurring actor Marc Singer, who portrayed Dar in the film.
  • Curtis refers to an "Earth-shattering kaboom", quoting the catchphrase of the Looney Tunes character Marvin the Martian.
  • Curtis says that it will take "10 seasons of The Bachelor" for the hydrochloric acid to melt through the titanium hinges of the elevator.
  • When Curtis' T-Sphere opens for Felicity to reveal a needle, she quips that it looks like the "Death Star interrogation droid" from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.


  • When Felicity plans to use the motorcycle to power up the computer, she states that everything with an electronic circuit was fried by the EMP, but being an internal combustion engine, the motorcycle still has power. However, the motorcycle has an electronic ignition system so after an EMP, it would not run either. If the motorcycle was from the 1970s, only then there would be a chance it still used mechanical ignition points and ignition coil to generate sparks.
    • Also, the alternator on the motorcycle would be fried due to the electronic voltage regulator and diode pack. But even if it wasn't damaged, the power of the motorcycle alternator would be insufficient to power the computer.
  • Running the motorcycle to power the computer would reduce the available oxygen even more and fill the bunker with carbon monoxide.