"Unfinished Business" is the ???th episode of Arrow. It aired on April 3, 2013.

"Unfinished Business" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Arrow, and the nineteenth episode overall. It aired on April 3, 2013.


When a young woman meets a violent death after partying at Verdant, Detective Lance and his partner, Detective Lucas inform Oliver and Tommy that she was on the drug Vertigo. Oliver, immediately, pays a visit to the mental institution where The Count is locked up, but finds that he is in no condition to deal drugs. However, when The Count escapes and Starling City is flooded with even more Vertigo-related violence, Oliver and John make it their mission to track him down. After Detective Lance uncovers incriminating evidence against him, Tommy goes to great lengths to clear his name, and the fallout from his actions leads Tommy down a new, unexpected path. In a flashback to the island, Oliver recalls the lessons he learned from Slade and Shado.


A woman named Veronica Sparks is run over by a car due to an overdose of Vertigo. After a recent party, Quentin comes in to question Oliver and Tommy concerning Veronica. Oliver decides to pay the Count a visit but gets nothing and leaves. Quentin is informed that Veronica was texting someone before her death, and that someone was Tommy. Message. "Can you hook me up?" Tommy says he receives many messages like that and Veronica was only a client.

When Quentin came to search the club, Tommy told him he will only search when there is a search warrant, which Quentin actually gets later. When Quentin wanted the locked door to the basement opened, Oliver was reluctant but still opened it and realized Tommy had covered it for him by filling items filled with what was supposed to be at the club's storage room, though later, Tommy expressed his unhappiness with Oliver about not trusting him and thinks that he became a killer, which is why he had not been telling him things.

Meanwhile, Oliver is about to uncover the new Vertigo. Oliver arrives and finds a strapped up Count and is knocked out. He is soon strapped up. Dr. Webb reveals he took the original formula and wrapped up something new. The Hood reveals that's how he realized that the drug's home base had to be the asylum, because of the large doses of a medical drug in the new batch of Vertigo. When he realized that people would come looking for the Count if Vertigo was in play again, he faked the Count's escape. He takes the new Vertigo, turns it into liquid form, and forces Oliver to drink it. But Oliver detonates an incendiary arrow, destroying the rest of the Vertigo and managing to free his hand and inject himself with an antidote he developed in his lab directly into his heart. John comes in and takes down the last two guards. Oliver heads out to finish Dr. Webb off by drawing three arrows at once. Dr. Webb arrogantly taunts Oliver, telling him that he'll miss for sure. Oliver fires three arrows. Two miss but one lands straight in Dr. Webb's heart.

Later, Oliver revealed their next target will be Deadshot.

Quentin goes to a bar and Laurel meets him there. Quentin reveals that Veronica got her Vertigo from a co-worker, and acknowledges that he owes Tommy an apology. 

Tommy later visits a mystery man saying he wants a new job. The mystery man is later revealed to be Malcolm.

Featured Music

  • Union by Deptford Goth
  • Nothing Can Change This Love by Lisa Creahan
  • The Wake Up by Little Children
  • Blow the Roof by Flux Pavilion


  • The title's episode is a reference to Oliver and The Count's past together, though Oliver himself uses it later in the episode when referring to John Diggle and Floyd Lawton.
  • The coordinates that Felicity gives Oliver (47.6097°N, 122.3331°W) are actually located within Seattle, Washington.
  • Thea Queen and Moira Queen do not appear in this episode. 
  • The episode's plot is in many ways similar to an episode of the animated series Batman Beyond, entitled "The Winning Edge," in which the Venom formula that gave the Batman villain, Bane, his super strength, was being passed off as a steroid, sold to teenagers and manufactured by Bane's doctor, Chapel. Bane himself is found to be terrible health and in a near-vegetative state, similar to the way Oliver discovers the Count.
  • When the Count appears, he is mumbling dialog from the classic Hitchcock film Vertigo.
  • After Dig kills the medical stuff grunt with the defibrillator he says "clear". This is likely a tongue-in-cheek reference to an earlier episode where Dig saves Oliver's life using a defibrillator and Felicity tells him he has to say "clear" when using the machine. 


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