Unicorns are an evil breed of magical horses that feed on human hearts. One such unicorn was encountered by the Legends after it was released from its magical prison and subsequent rampage though Woodstock. It is unknown whether the same exact species also exists on Earth-35 or is just a similar one.



Woodstock Festival, 1969

Due to the Legends releasing Mallus from the dimension in which he was trapped in, many magical creatures also escaped from where they were held. One of these creatures included a unicorn, who appeared during the Woodstock Festival in 1969. This unicorn murdered and preyed upon several of the attendees of the festival.[1]

Original timeline: The festival of '69 at Woodstock became known as the Woodstock Massacre. Hank learnt of this and felt pity for the hipsters who died.[1]

Current timeline: The Legends found and were in awe of the unicorn in the middle of the festival, until it killed a woman, and tried to shoot it with fire, to no avail. The Legends then used Gary Green as the virgin to lure the unicorn out, and using ingredients stated in King Solomon's Original Grimoire, Constantine cast a spell that revealed its true form and doomed it to Hell, along with Gary's nipple.[1]

Alternate timeline

After Constantine prevented Desmond's demise from Neron, the timeline changed. Charlie discovered that the reason the remaining Legends members shot the Fugitives with an intention to kill was that Sara was struck down by a unicorn during that mission, because John wasn't there to help. Later, she and Constantine went back in time to that point and destroyed the unicorn by shooting him from the jump ship, saving Sara. Ultimately, when the pair decided to restore the original timeline, the unicorn's fate presumably reverted to being banished to Hell.[2]


People go to Earth-35 to ride unicorns, presumably as part of the tourism.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Hallucinogenic glitter: The horn of a unicorn can produce a magical, rainbow-like "glitter cloud" hallucinogen that produces hallucinations upon a short time after contact. This allows unicorns to easily and swiftly kill their victims.[1]
  • Heat resistance: Unicorns are resistant to fire, as seen Mick Rory’s heat gun inflicted no damage on it.[1]
  • Sensing: Unicorns have the ability to sense where hearts are, which is seen when a unicorn was able to sense the location of Gary Green's heart.[1]
  • Shapeshifting: The true form of a unicorn is that of a deadly monster, but they seem to have the ability to change their form to look friendly and "magical".[1]


  • Animal strength: Unicorns are strong enough to use their horn to toss full-grown humans high into the air.[1]


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Behind the scenes

  • Historically, unicorns are beautiful horses from the myth, legendary creatures described since antiquity.


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