Unidac Industries is a subsidiary of Queen Consolidated. It focuses on research and production of developmental technology, particularly that specializing in seismic infringement. Under Malcolm Merlyn, Unidac Industries created the Markov Device for the Undertaking.


Unidac Industries was a highly sought-after business, with recent forays into alternative energy. In late 2012, the company went into receivership and many prominent businessmen, including Warren Patel, James Holder, and Carl Rasmussen, all wanted to acquire it. At a liquidation auction, Unidac Industries was sold to Walter Steele, the CEO of Queen Consolidated, and became a subsidiary company.[1]

Unidac Industries' building was attacked by the Dark Archer, who killed all of the scientists inside and burned all the research notes to prevent information about the Markov Device, a man-made earthquake machine, from being traced back to Queen Consolidated.[2]

Known employees

Former employees

  • Brion Markov (scientist; deceased)
  • Six unnamed scientists (deceased)
  • Three unnamed security personnel (deceased)



Season 1

Season 5




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