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"Look, you wanted to believe that the Army had straightened me out. Look, I'm your brother, but I'm not built like you. I didn't take to the military like you did. You saw the world as something to be fixed. I only saw it as broken, so I made sure I had enough to survive in it."
Andy Diggle to John Diggle[src]

The United States Army, formerly known as American Continental Army, is the warfare service branch of the United States of America on Earth-1.


In 1776, George Washington led the American Continental Army during the American Revolution.[1][2]

The Army fought in World War II against Nazi Germany.[3]

The Dominators attack the U.S

The Dominators attack the U.S. Army in Redmond, Oregon.

In 1951, the United States Army engaged the Dominators in Redmond, Oregon, and was quickly and easily defeated by the alien force.[4]

In 1993, Jefferson Jackson's father, private first class James Jackson, was killed in action during the Battle of Mogadishu, two weeks after Jax's birth.[5]

In the 2000s, John Diggle served in the army as a member of special forces,[6] and completed three tours of duty in Afghanistan during the War on Terror.[7] In 2005, while a sergeant, he convinced his younger brother Andy to enlist. By 2010, both John and Andy, had mustered out as a master sergeant and sergeant respectively.

In 2010, the Alpha-Omega super-virus eventually heralded the attention of the United States Army, after a debrief with Oliver Queen, the Alpha-Omega bio-weapons problem became a United States Army operation. General Matthew Shrieve removed Amanda Waller's authority as the director of A.R.G.U.S. for conducting an unauthorized operation without authorization from the United States government and for committing unspeakable acts.[8]

In 2014, major general Wade Eiling began investigating meta-humans, attempting to recruit or blackmail them into working for the US military as weapons as well as experiment on them in order to give their powers to other soldiers, which made him an enemy to Team Flash. Years before, Eiling worked with Dr. "Harrison Wells" at S.T.A.R. Labs on other experiments intending to create super-soldiers.[9]

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