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The United States Army, formerly known as American Continental Army, is the warfare service branch of the United States of America on Earth-38.


In the past, George Washington led the American Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.[1]

In 1991, the Army participated in Operation Desert Storm.[2]

Years after Kal-El, one of the few surviving Kryptonians of the planet Krypton, came to the planet Earth, he revealed his powers to the public under the guise of Superman, despite his heroic acts, most of the public are opinion or secretly terrified of Superman, not because he has god-like powers, but because they are afraid what he might do if the latter ever lost control of his temper.[3]

In 2015, The United States army tried to devise a way to protect the nation from alien threats, particularly Kryptonians, as they began working on an android (Red Tornado) for the next 11 years, that would be able to kill Kryptonians, but this investment of theirs proved to be a failure, as Red Tornado's physical attributes didn't come anywhere close to matching a Kryptonian in combat.[3] Later, Sam Lane and the army returned to National City to stop Astra and Non's army.[4][5]

In 2017, the army allied again with D.E.O. to stop an ex-military named Robert DuBois, who was trying to drop a bomb in National City.[6]

In 2018, Lauren Haley led the army to protect National City from Children of Liberty.[7][8]

In 2019, the army returned to National City to help the city during a Leviathan attack.[9]

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