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The United States Army is the warfare service branch of the United States on Earth-Prime.


U.S. army in the 1940s.

In 1944, the United States Army participated in World War II.[1]

In adulthood, Jacob Kane joined the United States Army Special Forces as a field agent, earning a decorated career and eventually rising through the USSOCOM ranks to become a colonel.[2]

At some point, John Stewart dropped out of college and joined the army.[3]

At some point, Kristen Kramer joined the United States Army and served as an intelligence officer. Half of her file in the DOD database was redacted.[4]

Before 2013, Millie Rawlins enlisted in the United States Army, rising to the rank of First Lieutenant. Returning from the Army, Rawlins became a meta-human and was hired by Black Hole.[5]

Superman and Sam Lane.

In 2021, General Sam Lane and some members of the army were called in to investigate the situation of a nuclear power plant in critical condition, but the situation was resolved by the Superman.[6] Soon afterwards, an automaton sent by John Henry Irons attacked an army base, but Superman destroyed it. During the attack, General Lane was given an object bearing the number "7734" by Irons, spelling out hell upside-down. Irons told Lane not to trust Superman.[7] Lane later called Lieutenant Reno Rosetti about Project 7734.[8]

Superman and John Henry Irons at the military base.

When Irons was apprehended by Superman, he was interrogated to find answers on his secretive background. General Lane then informed Superman that he'd use Lieutenant Jason Trask to torture Irons for information if he couldn't force him to talk. During the interrogation, Superman heard Lois Lane's ELT go off and left the base to investigate. Later, Irons was about to return to his cell, escorted by Lieutenant Rosetti, when Trask tried to force Rosetti to hand over Irons. Instead, Rosetti revealed himself as having Kryptonian powers and killed Trask, taking Irons with him. When Lane learned that Rosetti was accessing Project 7734, a secret operation to create Kryptonite-imbued weapons, he tried to convince the returning Superman to let his men apprehend Rosetti; Superman instead rushed to the location to confront the traitor.

Lois and Sam arrive as John is about to stab Superman.

Upon arriving, Superman told Irons to leave and began battling the empowered Rosetti, armed with an assortment of Kryptonite weapons. Despite Rosetti being unacquainted with his powers his Superman, he was able to overpower the hero until Irons returned and killed Rosetti, saving his life. Lane then reunited with Superman and noticed that he was already healing from his wounds.[9]

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