The University of Oxford is a university located in Oxford, England.


By 1990, Martin Stein had written many research papers for the university press on various scientific subjects, including time travel.[1]

Julian Albert gained a PhD in History at the University of Oxford, where he wrote a dissertation on the mythology of the Brahmastra.[2]

Clifford DeVoe was a history teacher at the university, specializing in the history of warfare and military strategy, focusing largely on the early Middle Ages.

Marlize was a doctoral student at the University of Oxford, studying robotics, engineering, and physics. She graduated with two doctorates in Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Robotics. Afterwards, Marlize became an engineering professor at the university.[3]

Marlize frequently spoke about the potential for technological advancements to help humankind.[4] During a seminar at the university in 2010, she met and had a debate with Clifford.[5]

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