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"A piece of advice from one Green Arrow to another: cooperate. Because right now, most of the people in this city think you're a killer. Are you?"
—Oliver Queen to the new Green Arrow

"Unmasked" is the eighth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-forty-sixth episode overall. It aired on December 3, 2018.



Presently liberated from jail, Oliver attempts to straighten out to outside life. At the point when a homicide happens at a gathering regarding Oliver, the new Green Arrow is suspected and Oliver, Dinah, and Rene set out to demonstrate the vigilante's honesty. In the interim, Oliver and Felicity battle to acclimate to the progressions Oliver's imprisonment dispensed upon their lives and relationship. After she assists Oliver with capturing Max Fuller for organizing Frank Cassady's homicides of Sam Hutchinson and Clayton Ford, Dinah approves Oliver to work with the SCPD as an exceptional appointee so as to keep away from the counter vigilante law, a lot to the disturbance of Mayor Emily Pollard. Diggle and Lyla associate the Dante painting and the Zürich funds to a person who has an exchange history with numerous psychological militant cells, including both the Longbow Hunters and Diaz. Unbeknownst to Team Arrow, they visit Diaz in jail to demand his help. In the interim, the new Green Arrow is uncovered as Robert Queen's girl. In flashforwards, Dinah, William, and Zoe track down a lady known as Blackstar, who had connections to Felicity's arrangements. Dinah uncovers the importance of the Mark of Four; it was a sign Oliver made up to unite the group back if necessary.


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  • The title possibly references Oliver being a vigilante for the first time since his release where he does not wear his hood and mask, plus Diggle and Lyla's investigation into the Dante painting that revealed the names of the Longbow Hunters, and the reveal of the Emiko Adachi's identity as the Green Arrow. It also mostly comes from a line that Felicity said to Oliver when she asks about fighting crime unmasked.
  • This is the first episode of Arrow to feature Sea Shimooka (Emiko Adachi) as a series regular.
  • Two old locations from past seasons of Arrow make a return:
  • According to Oliver and Felicity, the beginning of the episode takes place during their anniversary. Interestingly, this episode aired almost exactly 1 year after the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4"​, which is the episode in which they got married.
  • This episode marks the return of Max Fuller, who last appeared in "Lone Gunmen".
    • Oliver even mentions the event of that episode when he says that Fuller had his guards beat him and Tommy at his club.
  • At the very beginning of the episode, Felicity says that she really misses William and Oliver replies that Christmas vacation seems like it's "20 years away". This is possibly an inside reference to the fact that the flashforwards take place roughly 20 years in the future where William has a role in them.
  • This is the first eighth episode of an Arrow season to not feature Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) since "Vendetta".
  • In this first episode following Oliver's release from prison, the sound of a prison door closing is no longer heard in the opening credits as the arrow symbol appears.


  • When Dinah radios and says, "All units, stand by", she is holding her radio backwards.