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"Who's she?"
"Isn't it obvious? She's Batwoman!"
Kate Kane and Mary Hamilton on the Batwoman copycat[src]

An unnamed woman is a citizen of Gotham City who posed as Batwoman when the original one went on a one-week hiatus.


When Batwoman disappeared for a week, the woman sewed her own batsuit and began posing as the female bat vigilante, trying to help her community. Due to her actions, she was injured at one point and had to be brought to Mary Hamilton's secret clinic for treatment. Later that week after the Detonator had Gotham International Bank explode, the woman helped free some victims from the rubble, but her ribs were hurt when the ceiling fell on top of her. At the clinic, Mary tended to her wounds and scolded the woman for her actions, though recognized her heart was in the right place.

Later during the bomb crisis on Bennett Ave., the woman helped Mary evacuate her clinic. She first transported Whittaker to the police checkpoint and chose to return in order to help Mary protect the patients who were too weak to be moved. After the bomb detonated, the woman was buried in some rubble as the clinic was damaged. Mary and Kate Kane quickly helped her and Mary commented on the woman's heroism, stating that she really was Batwoman.[1]


  • Expert tailor: The woman was a highly trained tailor, having created her Batwoman suit on her own.[1]


  • Faux-Batwoman suit: The woman wore a protective suit while posing as Batwoman. However, being homemade, this suit isn't nearly as durable as the real Batwoman suit.[1]
    • Red wig: The woman wore a fake red wig while posing as Batwoman.[1]
    • Bat-Belt: The woman carried a utility belt while posing as Batwoman.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • The episode's credits call her "Faux-Batwoman".