An unnamed female Morae was a member of Leviathan.


Working for Leviathan

At some point, she was classified by Gamemnae as her most trusted operative; she was loaned to Lex Luthor to use her invisibility to infiltrate the Fortress of Solitude and release a sun-eater. Lex had her stay invisible and follow Lena Luthor to the Fortress when she used his Transmatter portal; upon arrival, the Morae fulfilled her assignment.

However, she was sensed by Supergirl, who, after an argument with Lena, was no longer distracted, and was captured. Later, the Leviathan operative was interrogated by M'gann M'orzz.[1]

Brainy would not allow the Superfriends to interrogate her any further, after she was placed in D.E.O. custody. Prior to the destruction of the D.E.O. headquarters, the female Morae was moved from the building when it was evacuated.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Morae physiology: As an alien, she has special abilities.[1]
    • Invisibility: The individual had the ability to turn herself completely invisible to the naked eye.[1]



Season 5


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