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"The bull is not the enemy of the bullfighter. He is his partner. They are dancers locked in a dance of death. Whichever dies, man or bull, the dance is a thing of beauty."
Ernest Hemingway to Hank Heywood on the Minotaur[src]

An unnamed Minotaur is a magical fugitive from Mallus's realm. After Mallus was freed and his escape opened the door for other banished mystical beings, he escaped.



According to Charlie, this particular Minotaur's father rejected his son for his monstrous appearance. Feeling that he had no place left in the world, he hid in a maze.

According to the book titled Magical Treatise of Solomon, the Minotaur's mother would play a lullaby with a lute built by Daedalus to ease her son's rage.

At some point in the past, the Minotaur was banished to Mallus's realm, along with other magical beings, where Charlie presumably learned of him.[1]

Hiding in the maze once more

After Mallus gained freedom from his imprisonment, the Minotaur, along with other magical beings, escaped as well, and became displaced in the catacombs of Paris in the year 1927.

Dalí's interpretation of the Minotaur.

At some point, Salvador Dalí ran into and was attacked by the Minotaur. He escaped and lived to tell the tale of his encounter in the Café du Dôme, where he drew Nate Heywood an abstract art of the monster.

When Sara Lance, Mick Rory, and Hank Heywood joined Ernest Hemingway in hunting the Minotaur in the catacombs with rifles, they failed to do so, and Hank sustained an injury to the chest by the monster's battleaxe, to which they made their escape.

Hank lulls the Minotaur to sleep.

Aberrant timeline: The Minotaur tracked Hemingway's scent to the Café du Dôme and slaughtered everyone inside.

Current timeline: The Legends arrived at the restaurant, just in time for John Constantine to distract the Minotaur with a thurible containing an artificial musk of a female Minotaur, and for Nate to play the lute. Hemingway attempted to shoot the Minotaur, to which Sara intercepted. The monster woke from his trance, and threw Nate and John across the room, destroying the lute in the process. Sara and Nate then continued to distract the Minotaur from the civilians. Seeing Nate in a pinch, Hank picked up a guitar and started singing a James Taylor song. To Hank's surprise, the Minotaur was lured in by the music and was successfully put to sleep. Presumably, the Minotaur was brought to the Time Bureau headquarters and detained there.[1]


The Minotaur's head displayed by the Custodians in the parlour.

Aberrant timeline: In an alternate timeline where Sara Lance was struck down by the unicorn in Woodstock 1969, the Custodians of the Chronology killed the Minotaur and kept his head as their trophy. This event was erased when Charlie killed the unicorn in Woodstock 1969.[2]

Prison break

Neron planned for the Minotaur to go on a rampage in Washington, D.C.. When the Legends learned of his plot for the magical creatures, Charlie initiated a prison break and brought the creatures, including the Minotaur, onto the Waverider.[3]

To avoid chaos within the ship, they were all told to stay inside the lab, where Mona Wu and Gary Green brought them food and immediately left. Later, Mona announced Heyworld to the creatures and asked what talent they could contribute for the show. She asked the Minotaur if he was willing to play guitar in front of an audience, when "Mike the Spike" told the Minotaur not to tell her anything. When Mona denied Frederic freedom for their safety, Mike concluded that they wouldn't be helping the Legends in return. Charlie overheard the conversation, went into the room, and talked to them, giving hope to her fellow magical creatures.

The Legends, the Magical Fugitives and the visitors sing Sweet Baby James to revive Nate.

The show was pretty bad because people wanted to see superheroes. When Wickstable attacked the humans, Minotaur joined the creatures to save the people. After the Legends defeated Neron, the Minotaur played his guitar as a cue for everyone to sing James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James", in order to revive Nate, which ended successfully.[4]

Powers and abilities


  • Minotaur physiology: As a magical creature, the Minotaur can perform superhuman feats.[1]
    • Super strength: The Minotaur possesses superhuman strength to even overpower Nate Heywood in his Steel form,[1] who was strong enough to stop a speeding train carrying dwarf star alloy.[5]
    • Superhuman reflexes: The Minotaur has demonstrated to react quick enough to deflect a shotgun blast.
    • Animal senses: John Constantine explained that the Minotaur possesses a keen sense of smell.[1]


The Minotaur using his battleaxe to deflect Hemingway's bullets.

  • Expert battleaxe wielder: The Minotaur is skilled in using his battleaxe, precisely hitting where his opponent is and deflecting bullets with it.[1]
  • Musician: The Minotaur is skilled in playing music.[4]
    • Guitarist: The Minotaur was able to play James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" with his guitar on cue.[4]


  • Music: Any music played by a guitar or lute seems to put the Minotaur to sleep.[1]


  • Battleaxe: The Minotaur wields a giant battleaxe, utilizing it both for offense and defense.[1]


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